You Laugh You Donate - YLYL #0071

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 24 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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  • Oi hogar pola donate me . Toke vai er chokhe dekhi Ami🖤🖤🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • 0$ lol. Where is the funny?

  • Red dead redemption 2

  • I can’t stop laughing at this scene 1:37

  • donate me so i can buy pewdiepie keyboard :D

  • Ha simp !

  • I agree with Pewds

  • Bro we indians also laugh at these serials

  • Im from indonesia

  • Brad: you're not Pewdiepie, that's too much money. 😂

  • Unpopular opinion Mark does it better

  • He says that he will donate 1,000 botswanian dollars,which equals about 90 dollars and 17 cents

  • So funny

  • Sometimes, I feel like pewds just forgets to laugh...

  • I just love the intro of PewDiePie (cocomelon version) Who also love it?

  • : )

  • Pinteinngs 2:231:39

    • 6:24


  • Stop flashing yer cash yer beaut american gobbo

  • I did laugh

  • Temempik and peju, love that names, :) 0:46

  • Back then: "How's it going bros, my name is peeeeewdiepie!" Now: "HAH!"

  • 2014: 9 year olds donate to pewdiepie 2020: Pewdiepie donates to 9 year olds

  • Halo Pudidi

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  • “Mother fucker I donated 70% of your goal” killed me

  • t_s....

  • This is when you know you succeeded.

  • Pewds laughs straight at the 1st meme . . . Inner viking mode awakened

  • Ada yang orang indonesia

  • ViVa España

  • Xd

  • i am Indian and i am your big fan


  • Imagine first donation he just looks at it then says nice

  • man, your censor sound is really annoying. specialy for those who using headphones.

  • Hi pudidi

  • 4$

  • unanse a mi canal amigos fukers!!! 🤣🥰

  • That Paul Rudd clip wasn't even funny that was just cringe

  • mr beast : $100 000 to streamers jack : $10 000 to streamers pewds : $5 to streamers lol just kidding he donated millions to charity, good guy!

  • I get three lives THREE *holds up four fingers*

  • 1:23 first donation!!!

  • Mrbeast 2

  • man im an indian

  • Funny tho

  • One the 2nd laugh you are getting nenonitisied because of the sponsors on the Arsenal shirt

  • Jag tror han har en magnet i flaskan. Hejdå

  • Dony lauge

  • Amazing

  • imagen having more then 40 million and think 70 dollar is exspensive lmao

  • Yup!! I am from India I loved it actually so much, that it fails up our indian youtube also

  • PewDiePie❌ Pudidi✔️

  • new ylyl very epic

  • That intros cursed

  • Intro is lasagna version of cocomelon

  • 2 lives puts up three fingers

  • *He is just too generous. Laughs at everything to donate to people to make their day*

  • I just found out my brother watched T- Series and he is a hater of yours.... OMG OMG OMG I WAS CRYING AND SLAPPED HIM My mom: *YOUR GROUNDED YOUNG LADY* Me: ._. sAy wAt-

  • Naiesss

  • I pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life, can I Please get some support for my channel I just started not to long ago and I really need some help to just get started

  • Hejdå

  • When something very intresting happend Felix:That sweden right?

  • I’m so behind in life, what app/program was he donating to those people on?

    • Twitter

    • twitch

  • When PewDiePie’s Cam turns to full screen I instantly look at the almost empty pewdiepie bottle

  • Mr pew

    • This is for you when you got 1k subs Congrast for 1k subs!

  • so he donates 2 digit numbers before the '.' and mr beast donates 4-5 digit numbers before the '.' whos more generous?

    • It doesn't matter. Money is money. Felix also lives in a bigger house with nicer things and more expensive payments. Jimmy doesn't. He has a ton of extra money and he gives it away which I love but if Felix gave away 2 digit-numbered related amounts of money who cares. Its alright. Its the thought that counts. I see what u mean but still

  • U did laughted

  • 10:08 probably magnetism

  • 2:31 pewdiepie simp confirmed

  • 10:10 the bottle flip trick is just a magnet glued inside the bottle on the bottom lol

  • felix just don't know how to spend money god damn it

  • It's heartwarming to see Brad and Felix in one video again. I hope they recover their friendship.

  • 1$ i will donate Its a joke😂

  • 7:40 mother once made cannabis cream for back pain our dog got to it and ate half of it the sat before the wall and 2 our barked on white wall

  • After just coming from Jack’s donating to people to make them happy this feels just so harsh LMAO

  • jag pratar svenska ohcso jag pratar och svenska

  • Its funny for me because i've seen this man torture himself to spend out his own money for some random youtuber..

  • This guy is so rich but cheaps out to donate 680 dollars even when he laughed 4 times. He is an example of a real cheepo.

    • He donates 100k to charity every month, is that still cheap?

  • I g e t \I/ (2) l i v e s

  • 6:09

  • the first one is so wholesome.

  • were people seriously complaining about how much he was donating for this video? He literally gave $69 to a toddler, that's like, ten million dollars for a child.

    • @NORMIE 47 it was probably twitter bitchboys complaining

    • Not really

  • Felix is a SIMP

  • 1000 Batswana dollars is worth $87.20

  • I know that intro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • when he donated to that streamer 😭

  • chequen mi canalll

  • World best intro......

  • apparently felix doesn't know magnets exist

  • Skiiiirrrrrrrt ova here fam I just posted some hellfire heat called WHAT IT TAKES!!! On god y’all need to hear this 🙏🏽

  • I live in INDIA, and not all serials are dumb so please don't make fun of Indian shows!

  • You simp

  • All your fans donates so much more to YOUR streams in % of what they got than you do here.. And you clearly hate doing it. its fucking sad to watch this

    • He prob use 50% of the dono and yt money for the 100k to charity every month

  • 👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

    • No

  • A Ant-Man 🐜 🙇

  • Knock Knock who's there... boo who!

  • Help me grow my channel.. Hi mr Pwediepie✌️ thanks i love you all

  • Help me grow my channel.. Hi mr Pwediepie✌️ thanks i love you all

  • Help me grow my channel.. Hi mr Pwediepie✌️ thanks i love you all