Who is not Straight? Jubilee React #13

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • theres a gay among us

  • There's no way in he|| a muslim can be gay

  • jarod is the gay one he is wearing skinny jeans and Birkenstock's

  • Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  • I think the muslim guy is a gay who is not out of the closet. I'M JUST SAYIN!!

    • Muslims can't be gay It's against their religion

  • "cause a lot of the times what you're not paying attention to, it's easy to miss" ..yea no sht

  • evan

  • It like among us

  • Pewds in the first 10s: he looks gay he looks gay he looks gay EVERYBODY LOOKS GAY

  • I just copyright life.

  • ~>Gaymong Us

  • broooo I knew in my heart it was Evin.... damn wasn't expecting to be right tho

  • I knew nabeel was gay straight of the bat because he wears v-necks

  • omg my gaydar was right i was sus of him since the beginning

  • Pewdiepie's brain be like :"ok, this man looks a bit too gay...So he is not gay."

  • The coriander thing😂😂

  • everyone has to comment their oriantation, "i am straight"

  • "You cant be a simp if youre gay" 🤔

  • I called it

  • One straight among us 👀

  • Pewdiepie i can’t think of a good man Keanu reeves am i a joke to you

  • Evan

  • Basically Wesley: "If you have gay sex you're not gay"

  • 2:37 lol i think pweds thinks that everyone there is gay

  • crewmate there is one gay among us 👌

  • Your intro gave me anxiety

  • 9:31 did you guys here that kinda SUS if you ask me

  • I’ve been in the closet for 12 years and counting, I think the gay man here can do it for about half an hour (sorry)

  • i got it right

  • among us anyone?

  • I just wanna know if they actually went out and got beers 😔

  • they playing among us

  • If Nabeel isn't the gay one then he's just in the closet

  • They really should make "who is not a among us sweat" so they would win in 5 seconds

  • this really is like among us

  • the finger penetration thing made me inable to walk for 2 days thanks friend

  • There is one imposter among us

  • Whay are you guy 😂😂

  • Of course a bunch of straight guys and just one gay guy made the worst episode 🙄

  • 3:28 well imagine how i felt when i realised that Billy from scream 1 was an old man now, i was simping for himmmmm :c

  • Tip because I’m a nice person- Don’t eat while watching pewdiepie.

  • “It’s so gay that it’s straight”

  • Wears a key as a necklace Everyone: Collins key’s special necklace Pewds: IF YOU WHERE KEY NECKLACES YOU ARE GAY

  • Omg!! That’s Korbin from OSR FYI: He’s married and has a baby

  • saying being gay is more manly than being straight is like saying American sign language is more American than English. Its something undeniably true that we all know is true deep down but don't want to acknowledge.

  • first of all are we gonna talk about the guy wearing birkinstocks??😭

  • Its like saying I hate cocktail sauce but love ketchup

  • "The gayer you are with the bros, the straighter you are with the hoes." From Logan's Bible

  • Collins key watching this:👁👄👁

  • "theres an imposter among us"


  • I can just see this one question messing up the next among us game- Pewdiepie:corpse are you gay? Corpse:*making the little sound with his throat* uhhhhhhhhh- Corpse:no :) Pewdie:understandable let’s continue the game C:

  • Kinda sus...

  • Him: Look in my Eyes Me: Nah thats Gay


  • People are really dense

  • its evan i know it for sure

  • type in comments? i think it's Evan

  • i knew it was evan

  • Theres a gay among us...

  • Among usXfortnite

  • "No hes gay" "No ur gay" "No ur all gay"

  • umm.. im a Muslim and uhh dating and being gay isnt allowed- soo yea.. but some people think its ok tho .-.

  • you gay you gay youu gay all gay

  • funny how they all dress gay lmao

  • 18:19 Felix: He looked so obviously gay looking I thought it couldn't be him Me: So would you say...its so gay its straight?????

  • 7:38


  • ya it's defitnely korbin lol

  • 12:35 manz is talking bout 1000 years of death from Naruto. What a legend.

  • Lost kid in lego land

  • The whole video is just pewds saying being gay isn't bad 😂

  • look how the first guy is sitting

  • eren jeager from attack on titan wears a key he big gay

  • 12:13 1000 YEARS OF DEATH

  • Why did this remind me of among us

  • Such a funny episode

  • You guys didn't notice that lip bite? 11:30

  • Why are you gay I’m not gay you are gay

  • 1000 YEARS OF DEATH!!!

  • Ohmygod this is so funny

  • 17:40 Colins key be like: o_o

  • I've been around gay men too much by accident and I've realized that being a straight men is rare. There are too many men that are bi or gay and the same with women.

  • im gay is that a problem ?

  • In Russia this would be a life and death game!!!!

  • 12:32 is just kakashis move LMAO "1000 years of death"


  • Felix I am gonna tell you who is a Muslim Message me

  • I hated the intro

  • Nothing wrong with kissing your homies goodnight After a little rumble

  • Everyone is gay. Look under your chair. You get the gay, you get the gay, *inhales* AND YOU GET THR GAY!!

  • Nabeel

  • nothing gay in kissing the homies goodnight

  • Among gay!

  • Nabeel

  • Its true muslim are not excepting to a gay person

  • can we just apreicetiet how pewdiepie is SO unproblematic

  • pewdiepie thinks man with key necklace is gay *collins key has left the chat*

  • This is how many times PewDiePie said "gay" 👇