What is Mark Zuckerberg DOING???? [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#83

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 जुलै, 2020
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  • dioooo!!!!!

  • Pudidi

  • the gun wiould shoot. lol how do you think rockets work in space...not to mention the chemical reaction takes place inside the shell pushing the bullet out the barrel....lol christ

  • Samus isn't a girl, she's a wahmen!

  • mark is actually classified as a lizard man

  • Pudidi?

  • I think Pewdiepie knows that the earth is flat

  • its not a cake, the cake is a lie. gamer memes, etc.

  • 0:04 Bottom left

  • I’m a cake decorater and those cakes r absolutely stunning!!

  • Pewds looks deep fried

  • Wait how did he get into NASA if he did not know that the earth was round!!!!

  • I’m realizing that if flat earthers were to go to space and see that the earth was round they would say that the suit was projecting a hologram.

  • Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi Pudidi P U DI DI

  • not gonna lie, that astronaut meme makes me want to rewatch Hunter x Hunter

  • What

  • Kang baned banyak gaya,cuma bisa asal banned orang aja Awokawokawok :v Hahahhahahah :v

  • *Me: Wait U are 14 yr old *14 year old: Always has been

  • Maybe if Mark Zuckerberg owns MRslow and he sees this joke He will say "Nice Joke, 30 days banned"

  • Pudidi😂

  • foreign people= pewdiepie Indonesian people= pudidi?

  • Pudidi ?

  • the sun is bakha blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

  • pewds: "I don't care what the author did as long as they didn't kill somebody" miyamoto musashi: "I'm at 66 you want me to make it 67?"

  • What if pewds "Always have been" meme's rating is the pi's last digits? Hmmmm

  • I know.

  • i thought it was from a game or something, imagine the min caracter wait it was x, it always has been..... i researched a little.. the meme is from a meme, there's no back story :( sad :(

  • Always hasbro

  • Intro was on point.


  • Oi the soup meme from geass actually comes from the parody of code geass - code ment

  • 5:02 it’s cause it’s a reference to the Code Geass abridged series. It’s the “I’m at soup” joke

  • I was bored now boredom has been cured

  • PewDiePie got rick rolled 4:33

  • is the theme song with the always has been from hxh???

  • 👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • Me seeing the intro: YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why is pewds still tellin us to subscribe?

    • What’s so bad about that lol?

    • U got a problem with that?

  • It's hard to find a cake shaped cake nowadays :'(

  • 12:10 was suuuuusssss

  • I want to subscribe another 900 million times, so he gets 1 billion subscribers ! !!✌

  • I'm

  • How much your sallary

  • Love from Bangladesh

  • One time the teacher calls me out in front of the class and asked me what my paper was saying and I literally didn’t know 😅😂

  • Teung ah

  • Pewds:"Wait I thought I killed you ages ago?" Rick Astley: "You never killed me" *gun cocks*

  • The tobuscus reference was cool

  • Zuc has to keep his reptilian face in pristine shape so it doesnt melt/wash off!

  • facebook promotes the sale of darkweb content by not allowing users to report accounts looking to transfer money over facebook soliciting the illegal material for sale on other sites around the web.

  • You can not kill Rick astley

  • The intro doe

  • Gun powder is self oxidizing. Guns would 100% work in space.

  • 8:35 bru didnt you get a sponser for origen and you promoted there laptops

  • fire = chemical reaction.... no oxygen... no burn burn. FACT

  • When he said “never has been I “died

  • He doin yo mama

  • .

  • The intro is ugly

  • Guns can still be fired in space I'm sure it still will kill point blank

  • Wait its all cakes? *ALWAYS HAS BEEN.*

  • **brisket and ribs**

  • pay sive you cheap ass millionaire.

    • N. Hill. It’s a joke lmao


  • MRslow KiNG


  • He is losing his humanity every year

  • my 24 yr old sister is trying to play cocomelon on the 70 inch 4 k tv. is there any way to block cocomelon?

  • AwokAwok gw gk ngerti tp tetep nonton

  • 3:33 hunter hunter music ???

  • What a nice video

  • Waits its all always has been Always has been

  • As a siege player I am offended

  • 4:26 pewds gets rick rolled

  • These cakes always messes with my mind xD how do they create them that they look like the real thing xD that is so amazing xD

  • Wait it's all ' Always has been ' Always has been !!! !!

  • When your girlfriend misses you her : 12:18

  • You caNt ShoOt iN space do To no oxygen Potassium nitrate: am I a joke to you Patasium nitrate has oxygen molecules so it does not need outside oxygen the 3 things gunpowder has is charcoal sulfur and patasium nitrate

  • i kinda thought those cakes were cool

  • Felix has some experience getting stuff into his mouth lmao

  • Wait it's t series T series -always have been

  • Me: Wait, through until 5:42 was just always has been memes? Pewdiepie: Always has been. Me: *Are you serious*

  • M u d a m u d a

  • Gunpowder doesn’t need oxygen to burn.

  • Wait, it’s all always has been memes? Always has been

  • Wish your videos has also persian subs :(

  • pewds has a thing to keep the spit away from his microphone. puts the mic in his mouth anyway

  • Pls stop with this intro

    • No.

  • Jojo reference xD

  • 46

  • Wait iits all cake!? Always had been

  • Why was the opps all berries one so funny to me- brain decrease 5% :(

  • 💘😍

  • Do you think that everyone tells anime girl earth that she's flat?

  • What is most liked comment in the pewdiepies channel.

  • which language in starting ?

  • Alaverga nose ingles