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रोजी प्रकाशित केले 2 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
marzia check your wassap pls
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  • bruh

  • The fact that Pewds might’ve effected the economy around the world by suggesting people buy billboards memeing😂 Not hating just saying🤷🏻

  • Cocomelon intro


  • На превью Игорь Войтенко)))

  • Hi from Russia

  • ur halloween costume looks like a middle aged lesbian woman named barb

  • You are 108 million and I am 105 people😎

  • He looks like Count Dankula.

  • 9 year old wear u guys @

  • I must say you look exquisitely American In the thumbnail

  • 16:10 Um...that goes for girls too...we don't hate everything 😂..at least I don't

  • Should of been "Pewdicey"

  • why does he look like my dad in the thumbnail...


  • 💕💕🙏Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare🙏💕💕

  • I am a pro player 😀

  • Randolph is thst u?!?!

  • I just realizing that pewdiepie did the meme 0:38


  • How to get number one??

  • Pudidi

  • maybe marzia got her ideas from filthy frank characters

  • His impression of an American was soooo accurate and I can confirm

  • my math teacher is american felix

  • Why is Randolph in the thumbnail

  • 100 million people like this channel? that explains alot.

  • me sub plis

  • happy late birthday felix!

  • 1:53

  • As a non American, I can say that they most likely shoot more than just cows.

  • На аве Wylsacom!

  • He be looking like Matty Matheson

  • American pewdiepie looks like kollegah

  • I want an infinite wedding blessing

  • American pewds looks like the music producer guy from big time rush

  • The thumbnail looks like Jessie Pinkman from braking bad lol

  • Ok....

  • 4:06 damn these spot the difference games get harder and harder

  • woahhhhh one million subscriber

  • You looked like king henry-8th in the thumbnail

  • Pewds- He knew I was joking Does it look like he knew that you were joking?

  • Deer poodlepie I just saw the thumbnail and me thought you had cancer we were so worried about that so pls no clickbait or put those thumbnails pece.


  • Really how do you become a mod on his subbreddit?

  • Pewds:Have you seen Martzia's Halloween costume. The sub the entire week: Perhaps

  • Why this nonsense channel is having soo many subscribers

    • You do know that this channel has been going for 10 years, started as one of the first gaming and funny channel, yes, he's one of the first people to upload video games on yt. So don't talk unless you get unique content like him. You don't know how many hard times he went through, so gtfooh.

  • As an American, I analyze his accent as either Hillbilly Appalachian, type no-shirt but overalls, or White Texan in the desert yet there a salon in town.

  • I thought it was Stephen Amell

  • POV: You thought the thumbnail was real.

  • Why did American pewds look like my uncle named Bubba

  • Commenting on every pewdiepie video until he notices

  • 👈press here and see what happens I dare you

  • 15:54 damn, it was the guy's anniversary and pewds didn't even stop to read.

  • Bruh you look like Jason dolley from Good Luck Charlie

  • Just 11 more days, NNN. Just 11 more.

  • 107m subs nice

  • American Pewdiepie looks like he would be my uncle

  • I'm sure 99% of the people will hang on to me next door to you sleeping, hearing news of your joys.

  • The thumbnail scared me

  • Ab bol na t series ke baare me

  • silly Felix making a joke about Maericans shooting cows... _cows are very expensive_

  • Mater to McQueen 1:39


  • everyone: kids cant be taller than grown adults. me: sees that i am taller than Marzia Also me: I am 5 inches taller than you

  • Count Dankiepie

  • The thumbnail looks like Bobby hill and pewds love child

  • Pewds: “I just need to get it with jack now and the circle will be complete, and I’ll never play the game again” Me:* waiting for him to play with markiplier* 👁👄👁

  • Fatt, it is tumblr

  • you should do phone cases next merch drop

  • That thumbnail look like eddie hall.

  • On your thumbnail you look like one Russian techno-blogger: Wylsacom

  • Стас, как ты оказался на превью?

  • Make a video with Markiplier, part 3

  • He looks alot like private Pyle from full metal jacket in thumbnail

  • Did anyone else realize that the total percentage of the people who are subscribed and are not is equal to 100.1%? Or am I just stupid? 17:26

  • 0:34 *Michael would be proud*

  • nah its more like: "sup... welp, imma go mow my lawn now, bye" *walks away* *gunshots in the distance* *walks back to you* "ok im back, you wanna go scroll through some memes?"

  • 13:20 simp

  • that guy went Hey PuBes happy birthday

  • POV: You have been promoted to Discord Mod

    • 93 likes'n ice

    • Marco Iván Carrillo montes 💂🏿‍♂️

    • NICE

    • @Doris Nabarro I do I just didn't pay any attention to the thumbnail lol

    • @Alex Greb someone does not know abt memes

  • dood what knife is that

  • I can't believe Pews was not in the "Top 10 Most Richest You Tuber" list


  • Happy birthday Pewdiepie

  • Marzo a is did from toy story

  • I swear I saw RAGNAR on the thumbnail...

  • leave your memes on the reddit 19 year olds and i'll measure your PPs on the next episode of LWIAY

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) brUh

  • Cade o gordo

  • this felt a bit racist, just me ?

  • American Pewdiepie = Vargskelethor Joel

  • How !!!!

  • For a moment there, rhat thumbnail look SO SIMILAR to Jake The Viking, one of MrBeast OG member

  • Wow here I am 42 and realizing that I've been watching you, Felix for 5 years. I think. 😬

  • Well thats neymar in the thumbnail

  • Felix.

  • Is this the youtuber who broke his ass or is this the one that doesn’t have legs?

  • wow...all the boys in the video are all really 19 year olds