Try not to MIND BLOWN challenge! /r/im14andthisisdeep top all #50 [REDDIT REVIEW]

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im 14 and this is deep reddit top all voted
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  • From 16:44 to 17:21 I honestly disagree b/c The Milky Way Galaxy (and other galaxies) have their own tiny pocket of space so even if we try to escape our cluster even with lightspeed the universe would keep expanding meaning we won't be able to travel between pockets of space. We would just be stuck in darkness, and that's pretty deep

  • Felix: Did I say "my son is being scorched"? Yes, it's exactly what I meant to say

  • 18:21 you can hold onto the side of the ladder instead of the actual bars

  • It's 2021 comedy is still alive

  • Its more like S(he’s) (Broke)n

  • As a zoomer, I know how to do a lot of ‘handy-man’ work. Honestly I feel it has less to do with phones, and more to do with not having a knowledgeable and caring parent.

  • Especially love the saying "Sometimes a a woman" Bruh,we call those Queens

  • 21:46 pewds it "who abuse you" not "who are you"

  • Sbke

  • S(HE'S) (BROKE)N same

  • it's 2021 and idk if comedy is still alive

  • The thumbnails say sHEs bROkeN so I thought who is Ron

  • according to the CC your name is pippa hello pippa

  • (SHE's) (14)

  • Bro he ok?

  • even i have changed a tire and reset a breaker, and im 15.

  • Anyone else just sitting there in 2021 waiting for comedy to just vanish?

  • Pog

  • **Read backwards** And he actually does it wth, I would be done 😂😂.

  • The worst part about the ladder to uni and your education wasn't the pencils.. It's the fact that however would be climbing it could just turn it around and not climb on the sharp edges?

  • S(he’s) b(Ro)ke(n) You see a ginger shadow in the distance, and a voice from above cries, A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! An echo from the mist, you hear: “hello, m’ names Ron Weasley” O H N O I T ‘ S R O N *H E H A S C O M E .*

  • h2o means WATER

  • pewds needs to learn that millenials and zoomers are different eras

  • I am 19 and this is deep

  • 11:45 read backwards ...proceeds to read babe as ebab

  • 6:03 THE FUCK THEY SAY ABOUT 2021!!

  • comedy is dead apparently

  • Why doesnt he just turn the knife ladder upside down then climb up that way? The blades aren't sharp on both sides.

  • Comedy is now dead

  • 8:12 Actually the usual table salt doesn't even consist of pure sodium chloride. It's often iodized due to health benefits and also also contains small amounts of other trace elements and often anticaking agents such as Calcium silicate (CaSiO3), to prevent the formation of lumps(caking) and for easing packaging, transport, flowability, and consumption. So salt, even if it is a more general and wider substance classification in chemistry, would be the more scientifically accurate variant. Stupid Jimmy Newton...

    • 8:48 Damn, I should have watched the hole video first before making overly "smart"ish comments here, that where actually also thought by the common meme editors. Guess that makes me as ignorant and "smart ass"ish as the meme Jimmy Newton himself :P

  • Someone: in a coma 14 year old: damnnn that deep

  • BTWsss..... You can't drink H2O. It will literally dry you from the inside.

  • its 2021 now

  • r/imboomerandthisisdeep

  • The prophecy claims comedy will die this year. Brace for impact everyone.

  • Millenials had the wrong school system and most likely also the wrong parents, since they came out of a big crisis into a healthy economical world so instead of school and parents teaching them to work, they were taught to study all things theoretical, which is no shame and has it's use, but practical application of everyday life and learning how to be handy and "fix" simple stuff just isn't in the school system anymore, unless you choose 1 exact profession in high school.

  • 6:03 9 days into 2021 and can confirm this is true.

  • 5:25 yea or boomers are just idiots who break everything they use. I guese millennials are just smarter for knowing how to use things with out breaking them😉

  • Maybe the reason for reading decreasing is because e books exist and u can read stuff on Wikipedia or watch a MRslow vid

  • Mickie mouse is actually a rat.... that's deep..

  • the plot twist at the end tho

  • 14 years old kid: This says a lot about society 😔

  • 19:15 that’s either a pump or probably a guitar....

  • That 2021 museum joke is turning out to be awfully true.

  • I’m 14

  • billie made "sHE'S brOKen" when she was 13 and now she hates herself for it 😭😭

  • im14andthisisisdeep i see a spelling error there is 2 is

  • 6:02 it is now 2021 and this might actually happen. F***

  • I thought that the sHE's brOKen was HE'S RON and not HE 's OK to be honest song name is terrible just like her music

  • Here in 2021 ✨✨

  • 6:04 I agree too and i’m 13.

  • 2021:

  • billie didn't even realised that song

  • Pewdiepie stands while playing video games also pewdiepie sits while he watches videos. Well he did for a while

  • The "Comedy is Dead" boomer comic is true now

  • POV : ur playing minecraft while watching random vids of pewdiepie on auto play

  • 6:10 oops

  • Well actually AI is not as smart as humans. Its just a way of getting things done faster. It cant think for itself and invent new things or whatever. People have such wrong impressions of AI that its something thats gonna take over humans which is something thats never gonna happen because machines after all, are created by us to make our job easier, not to take over us or kill us.

  • 6:03 how did they know?!

  • b(i)bl(e)

  • 6:05 I have come from the year 2021 and can confirm that this is a fact

  • 16:41 and that is where my soulmate resides

  • 4:43 he must have the dad power

  • mmmm 2021 and comedy fuels our planet

  • True though restricting Comedy has never been this bad before cancel culture and some "minority" might get offended although comedy is meant to be comedy, what's the point of restricting language if the Intent behind the bad word will always exist as it did before no matter what words THEY decide we can use instead, Pathetic and I hope I die before THOSE people take over the world. 19.9 years old feeling like a boomer.

  • I saw HE,S RON in the thumbnail

  • me watching this while drinking dihydrogen my monoxide

  • Dang't why every video that has billie's picture on the thumbnail is always make me want to click'it

  • If you were 14 and deep you would understand

  • The boomer thing how many millinials haven't done those things I've done almost all and I'm 15

  • (S)he (BE)lie(VE)d

    • Ah yes... SBEVE

  • 6:01 kinda weird watching that comic in 2021

    • true

  • Why PewDiePie has 3 moniters *camera* *audio* *reacting to the memes*

  • I hate that I have blue hair and like skulls 😂

  • Ayyyy I’m in that sub Reddit

  • It is I technoblade

  • I hate the word deep tho bc ppl use it to describe actually really smart shit now. Like fucking George Orwell or Rumi quotes man. Pisses me off

  • Billie Eillish: *breathes* Everyone: im14andhisisdeeeeeeep

  • 18:10 just flip the ladder upside down Do what you do best than force yourself to do what you can't

  • I’m 14 and this is ACTUALLY deep like really deep

  • 6:05 it’s 2021😳

  • MRslow can't even get decent ads anymore it's all these dumb ass hentai games, what happened to car & dorito commercials..?

  • "if you were 14 and DEEP you would know Jamal"

  • Why dafaq do these 14 year olds keep thinking about what society thinks of them? If I saw you using a nokia or whatever is outdated, society probably wouldnt care. At least, me and everyone I know wouldnt.

  • wait, its 2021 6:00

  • 22:10 biggest PREACH moment of my life

  • r/im14andthisisdeep r/im29andnoitsnot

  • now, stuff like that ( 2:04 ) is clever

  • Dam today mark the day when jokes died out

  • I don’t know, comedy is going down the drain. Comedians are worried about how people think now. I was born in the 2000’s and still realize this is bullshit.

    • @DustyVids damn, you’re right

    • wait you were born in the 200’s?? YOU MEAN 200 BC?

  • when I find it hard to differentiate "I'm 14 and this is deep" and "dad jokes".

  • 6:03 we're in the year where comedy died

  • who is here in 2021?

    • Me

  • To the millennial dad thing: its almost as if the older dads have had more time to do all that stuff and therefore would have more of a chance to have done it. And also the chance for them to NEED to do it is higher. That survey is heavily flawed and doesnt take several other factors into account

  • Me on the 1st day of 2021 wondering why comedy isn’t dead yet

    • Why are you still making jokes if you wonder why comedy and dead yet

  • Regarding the comparisons to repairs millenials verses Boomers havent done, I think it's not a lack of information, it's more of a "if I try to fix it myself, there's the risk i fuck it up even more to a point of beyond repair, best to leave it in professional hands that know what they're doing."

  • 15:33 National Bookstore Philippines reference haha

  • It’s 2021 and comedy is still around r/whoosh

  • I do kinda like classical music but it always just ends up being another love song. It however is opinion-based and completely subjective.

  • a