Top Airline Passenger Freakout Cringe

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 29 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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  • Live Laugh Luton

  • 10:06 Comment: *mob gangster* meeting Pewds : *mobster gang* meeting This always happens to me aswell

  • 3:40 bro u complaining about an hour wait, i’ve had to wait 3 before

  • cool intro

  • I have 500 pounds for one week. 🤔 good luck with that

  • This is one of the funniest videos EVER!!!!!

  • Pewds should react to the "worlds strictest parents" series

  • who had an ad right when he played the sad tamburine

  • 9:07 Imma Peaky fookin blinder, you know that mate

  • baby looks happy af on the counter

  • if I missed my flight id ask if there are any other flights from different airlines available or id ask for a connecting flight if I haD tO bE thERE oN thAT dAY

  • Holy shit Tomba I forgot about that game until now. The flashbacks ahhh

  • Its like a national geographic documentary

  • *Doesn't arrive at the advised 2-3 hours before international flight* *cries*


  • 16:01 bruh is that Toby from the office lol

  • announcer: and here in luton Willne fans: AYYYYYY

  • The second person was actually definitely in the right and those workers do not know how to deal with angry customers. Someone definitely told them there’s nothing we can do instead of hey I’m so sorry that happened let me see what I can do to fix this. Because they definitely should have been compensated for the airlines breaking that and they 100% could not have gone that whole time without a push chair.

  • pignhg me daddcy just ckistty poddidiididepie

  • Everyones responsible for their actions like when you dropped the n word playing pubg

  • Michael Jalaluddin subscribe

  • I just want to apologize to all service industry workers right now. I’ve flown a fuck ton in my life and have had shite happen to me enough to be upset almost every time but it’s not the fault of the workers’.


  • Instead of using the “IM PREGNANT” move you should use the “IM PEWDIEPIE” move

  • Damn imagine having that teacher as a teacher and then seeing her here hahahahahahaha

  • Why not mate. How he pronounces it Whay noh Maj. Sowwy mayt Im from Britain. Im from sweden actually hej är det någon annan från sverige här förutom felix då

  • TOMBA! loved that game

  • this willne's video idea

  • I was actually hoping someone saying "understandable have a great day"

  • Watching pews. I always get this ad "when was the last time you did nothing like reeeally nothing" siting at home doing literally nothing for months...

  • I like how the scream at the employees like they can do anything bruh they just work there they can’t change anything

  • When the girl was sobbing she made me think she would miss a dying family member

  • When the girl was sobbing she made me think she would miss a dying family member

  • Dont all airports suck for the economy class. ? Ya gotta be way early just to be safe

  • He decently saw willinys video

  • That's why my dad left for his flight 15 years ago

  • I missed my flight twice last year 🙃 fml

  • *The PREGNANT mother should have brought her own stroller. I've travelled from California to Virginia & everywhere in between several times with a baby & a toddler. I ALWAYS made sure I BROUGHT everything my child needed. Since it's MY CHOICE to bring them to the airport. Derp.*

  • Hell yea RuneScape!! Does pewds play runescape?

  • I don't get it... Don't people book their flights before coming to the airport? do they just come to the airport willy nilly and expect a place on the plane? It's not public transport. Unless they did book the flight and it was overbooked, then the airline really did fuck them over...


  • The first second pewds hit the tambourine an ad started and I was like *wHaT??*

  • People being idiots makes it legal to insult them

  • The big mafia man looks like Dudley from Harry Potter but as a man with the same attitude

  • Pretty sure that lady was having a lowkey panic attack

  • I like how the woman is yelling over having to wait one hour, meanwhile I was stuck at an airport for 16hrs and wasn't allowed a hotel because the airports was full and I wasn't allowed to leave because I didn't have a visa for that country just because the captain quit like 10 mins before the flight

  • Why not why not why not why not

  • I like how a happy the baby at 5:09 is

  • Felix sounding more and more like my mum in each video

  • One time, my plane got delayed 29 hours. Eventually, they decided to cut their losses and refund us and got another plane to take us.

  • Being an asshole shouldn't make it easier to solve your problems

  • Making fun of dumb people makes me laugh and depressed at the same time Slowly losing hope in humanity

  • Mafia boss: Why are there no more seats Planes cost 300 millon dollars and if you want to buy us another one than younl can

  • My girlfriend's flight back to Florida was cancelled due to Corona, and the airline told me I wasn't getting my money back for the seat I booked 6 months in advance, and was cancelled the day before she was meant to return. $1300 CAD and they wouldn't refund a penny. I get being frustrated with airlines. Some of these people, however... morons.

  • bruh

  • Shitty job . Like really who lives like this? dealing with that every single day.

  • You spelled your own name wrong? Lol

  • Isn’t it bad for the baby to fly while pregnant or am I crazy

  • bruh the airline company gave me 12 months for refund

  • that dude must have quit oml

  • People don't want to take responsibility for their own actions.

  • Ppl fr having beef with the staff

  • Is the final guy part of the polka polka band from home alone 1. 14:33

  • Bruh

  • 11:25 she sounds like sneekers on the gym floor 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The guy behind the mafia boss just tried to play along but failed

  • 8:27 hes like my little sister saying why

  • I don’t miss being a Flight Attendant- because of these people 🤣😂

  • I’m pregnant 🤚

  • It's so annoying how they get mad at the guy just doing his job..

  • Nah I hate airports, I had “fragile” on my 2,500 dollar trombone and they threw that fucker around like a baseball. It was distroyed.

  • Lady starts bawling her eyes out Felix: now this, this is comedy at its finest

  • "I'm pregnant. I can't carry my child" Okay then why tf are you pregnant with another one??

  • completely original idea never done before. WillNE? never heard of him.

  • I would have long called security on that mob of people if I was the guy behind the counter because they are just being unreasonable towards the guy behind the counter...

  • I honestly don't understand what they expect the person behind the counter to do because it's not like they have unlimited amount of planes at that airport and he can't do anything about their problem and yelling and insulting him about it will just get you kicked out of the airport without getting booked on the next plane and then you'll have to wait longer before you get where you want to go...

  • How does there just happen to be a camera there it’s fake man

  • Is the new galaxy fold on the desk ???

  • El español:Ya me lo pago yo coño!! Pewdiepie: parapacatachite

  • sorry pewds im late CUZ IM PREGNENT

  • ah yes my favorite

  • "You are in control of your own actions..." Buddhist Felix breaks through briefly 🤣🤣🤣😳😳😳

  • Can't relate coz never traveled in airplane

  • I traveled to England and France from America alone at 17, which was the first time I’ve ever traveled alone, let alone internationally. I made it because I had common sense 🤣

  • First guy has the attitude of a KAREN and TRUMP🎺

  • Everyone working at those airports is so nice. I'd probably be like "Missed your flight? Tough shit."

  • PewYipChai ex see!

  • Employee: "there are no more seats" Dumbass: "why not?" Me: "Cause there are no more seats you daft twat"

  • I swear these people are so fucking stupid. Imagine going to the airport, not having purchased a ticket before hand, and being that angry when it turns out there aren't any left. Jesus fucking christ help humanity please lol

  • Dude Pewdie pie never stop making videos 😂😂❤️🙌🏽

  • Thought this was a Willine vid

  • 11:18 someone shut that dog up.

  • Captain price: *Why not?!?*

  • that was a joke

  • oi mate I missed my flight pretty shtewpid innit?

  • I was just waiting for that mafia boss to take out that drum gun and shoot it to get to level 100... Because that’s how mafia works

  • people who work in the service industry regardless of what form that takes, im talking the employees that do all the grunt work of dealing with retarded people, should have the right to have a THICK ballistic proof glass window in between them and crazy people that is sound proof, so they can just BEEP turn off the intercom and not have to deal with people who behave like this.

  • 1:02 Fausto Silva lmao

  • Why are u rannin with ma money

  • that red head lady crying made my day