THIS is the MOST INSANE couple.. TLC #12

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 2 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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  • I think their families were a little nuts, especially pedros...but pewds is kinda weird for not getting that the families should be involved tbh

  • Ah the latest military weapon the tactical flashlight 🔦

  • poor ikea lamp

  • 10/10 intro

  • These intros just keep getting better and better

  • The intro isn't it from the anime "The Misfit of Demon King Academy" reference

  • I'm like seeing her boo-boo makes me scream woo-woo

  • If you put the playback speed on 1.5x, Chantelle’s mom speaks like an actual human being

  • i love the intro xD

  • I have dog musics on my channel

  • Nani

  • In intro. First i thought that child said PewDiePie... hehehe.

  • Felix speaking with Marzia's parent is like every first conversation with italian parents

  • Chantels mom looks like a cucumber XD

  • 2:30 im done

  • Pweds when u made that one impression u sound like my uncle when he had too many drinks

  • Black Karen= blaren

  • Yes that is how it works, if you marry a citizen, then you get a visa and you can stay for a little bit and then you have to get another visa and you can become a citizen, I know this because it happened to my parents, my dad became a citizen in 2018, like 12 years after marriage lol.

  • bro this mom needs to be played a 2x speed

  • I re watched this videos 2 times and I still don't know what is going on

  • Chantel is toooo fiiine!

  • I would like to practice english w her mom she is talking so slow I can understand 100% of what she's saying

  • Speaking from experience if you are Hispanic your family will get involved. I hated dating another Spanish guy his family were so overbearing and overly involved, my parents too. That's one reason I married outside my culture. Want peace and quiet? Get a man who is older or doesn't have family.

  • You can't win against Latino & Asian moms

  • 2:30

  • PewDiePie: *Pews hits his fist on table and makes a light stop working* that’s fine that’s ok Me: * wheezes and coughed*

  • I'm sorry but I cant with the intro on this video, it's a masterpiece 👌

  • Chantel’s mom speaks so slow but her actions are so fast

  • That table smash tho😂😂

  • Pedro knocks girls brother down with almost no effort Brother when people break it up: wassup! WASSUP!

  • 2:00 why does his laugh sound like peanut from Jeff Dunham.

  • I love the intro! LOL

  • why is Chantel so thicc bruhhhhh

  • Not ikea lamp



  • 2:30 look at that, he proud of his dad jokes

  • Tactical nuke torchlight

  • Bruh. The intro was *spot on*

  • Yo pewds! Your American accent's getting really good!

  • 1:58

  • Yo that intro, ANOS VOLDIGOAD

  • THe intro was a remake of that one clip from the misfit of demon king academy, right?

  • Was that intro from the misfit of demon academy???

  • That Misfit of the Demon King Academy intro tho.

  • "People that lie consistently... Aaaare liiiarrrrsss..."

  • why does he look like romeo santos?

  • TLC 90 day fiance: Man:27 Woman:26 Boomers:wait thts illegal

  • When the taser was brought out, i died lool

  • R.I.P. the poor light

  • Haha I'm so here for this.

  • Don't touch the fucking ikea lamp

  • her mom looks like the sheep from kung fu panda


  • *W* *O* *R* *L* *D* *S* *T* *A* *R*

  • Pedro just let his family intervene because mans cannot fight his own battles but Chantel stood up and said she could handle this by herself. You can easily see who the 'villain' is here

  • I feel like Pedro and Chantel want to be together it’s just because of their parents

  • i love him reacting to fights

  • As a Dominican, I really want to know were was I when their families fighted in La zona colonial. Like, honestly

  • if you want to watch a bad acted soap you should watch coronation street

  • This makes me feel better about my family relationship

  • Even though i hate my bitch ass brothers if my finance tried fighting them then ✌️

  • She is so hot

  • I'm also curious to see tlc's nice couples tho. Are there any?


  • The intro was soo fucking sick

  • u can tell felix is a lil pumped up from gfuel in this video.. u can just tell

  • The way chantel’s mum talks just pisses me off 😭😭

  • Anos voldigoad 😅

  • What I really wanna know is how many times Pewds got tazed by Marzia’s parents and how long it took at the family dinner before Marzia’s brother floored pewds 🥴

  • Get me her @ she is so fineee dudeeee

  • A sign you are in a destructive relationship: TLC comes to film you.

  • The greatest intro I’ve ever seen…

  • You haven't even crossed the line if you didn't hear that girls mom dialogues at 0.25x speed

  • Me who understood what the mom of Pedro said:👁👄👁

  • She speaks like Obama if he were female

  • her mom sounds like hermaus mora from skyrim prove me wrong

  • As an spanish speaker I can tell Pedro and his family are the villains

  • The family Channel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Speaking for all floor gang: GIVE US MORE!!!

  • is it just or her brother looks hella attractive like calm down jamal

  • 9:40 @ arab boys :))) im soooo feeling it

  • Coño, van pa la zona a hacer desorden nama u.u

  • The reason why I sub to this channel is because it has it all. Drama, Action, Comedy. Just name it and it’s there.

  • the intro jus gets me every time

  • Lol that fight looks so fake

  • Ok, what is this anime in the beginnig? I have to watch it. Jojo can wait

  • This video is amazing lmfao

  • chantel mom : " people who lie consistenly are liars " also chantel mom : " its a flashlight a tactical one "

  • " Listen to your relationship, not your family relationship " - Felix 2020 -

  • Damn that was a huge fight.


  • Why do Chantele’s parents look like old Pedro and Chantelle?

  • Why did I think the intro was a Ad and I was waiting to hit skip 😂

  • I love how chantel’s parents always have matching outfits

  • The fight reminds me of among us meetings 😂

  • "I don't know why I was escorted out of IKEA" 8:09

  • 9:06 Why does pedro’s mom looks like the old brown fish in a wheelchair from spongebob 😂😂😂

    • LMAOO

  • 2:25 moments before disaster

  • The intro 😍😍😍