This Game Looks UNREAL (World Exclusive) Man of Medan Part 1

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 27 ऑगस्ट, 2019
Man of Medan:
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  • this is the best advice: pewds dont pick a fight on a boat its the number one rule of boats

  • why is this channel so popular, i mean its ok but he talks over everything it seems, and its pointless things he is a fan of tetraninja, he talks through a lot of stuff buts its not meaningless crap he is saying!....not trying to offend anyone just curious what makes this channel so big?

  • You can tell Pewdiepie hated this game.

  • 19:00

  • Totally missed this playthrough - first video I have watched in 2021, got a good feeling about this year.

  • Omg Pewds is always going to be on a honeymoon from now on

  • also 6:19 lol he had green g fuel

  • this is ww2 right? why are they in fucking china

  • This is so scary

  • this game looks fucking amazing, anyone who thinks it looks bad is actually so dumb.

  • Why are they diving into a rusty shredded hunk of metal with exposed skin lmao

  • conrad looks like michael from gta V

  • “there was definitely a child. we need to kick him. I’ve played enough Minecraft to know how to deal with this.” lmfao

  • does this get better?

  • You should play Unforgiving, a northern hymn. They talk Swedish which is very cool.


  • *another joke about how pewdiepies perception of realisticness is soiled by minecraft*

  • Gucci add

  • 23:26 unus annus flashbacks lol

  • *whatsapp sound* me: check my phone pewds: thats my whatsapp everyone no need to check ur phone 😃😃

  • There should be a movie about this game and also for Outlast and Resident Evil 7

  • This one soldier at the beginning looking like Bruce Willis

  • shet. Medan is my hometown in Indonesia lmao

  • Currently playing this in xbox one in 4k, im loving it so far, wayyyy better than Until Dawn lmao

  • When I was scrolling I was yawning then I saw that thumbnail and I stopped right away

  • i was eating while wtching this...........

  • damn is it even counted as a game anymore? it looks like a movie

  • the intro music so fire i had to dance too😂

  • The music sting looping over and over is scuffed

  • Aight video tomorrow

  • Hello Im from indonesian

  • 8gadsgdsa+9asddas

  • Are these the same characters from Little Hope?

  • yay great vid 👏🏻

  • 11:16 how did he know?

  • 7:28 pewds implyign I cant speak english

  • what about little hope? 😕

    • Ikr like is he gonna play it

  • you skipped over the cabinet 😩 12:06

  • Ah pewds women can’t be sinister. Feminists said so

  • I need to know the name of the song at the begining

  • pewds: this game looks unreal detroit become human: am i a joke to you?

  • the way I came from medan

  • 21:43 yk it’s going to be a good horror game when you see this guy was involved

  • Felicità!

  • Is there actually any 100M subs reward??

  • Okay

  • Here's the history

  • here at 107m lets go

  • loving the commentary a year later

  • "When you're watching this i'll be on my honeymoon" Honeymoon Location : Indonesia This game Location : Also Indonesia Yo......

    • why did u copy one of top comments, pretending it’s yours. that’s pathetic bruh

  • Just clicked here to reach your profile and block you. You are boring

  • I came here from Jack's playthrough, pretty late, I know. This is my second time watching this. I also just noticed that the song playing in the ship are different from Jack's. Idk why but its just a small thing I noticed. Carry on now :)

  • Medan is in Indonesia

  • OMG IT'S HIM! Lamplighter from The Boys: Season 2!!!

  • White people narrative, white people problem, white people graphics, the graphic part is a complement.

  • he has 107M subs?

  • this looks so good like i'm in a movie and a walkthrough

  • 8:41 "One dollar is twelve bucks" lmao.

  • IS THIS PEWDS PLAYING A HORROR GAME!?!?!?! Am I back in high school?

  • 52:16 trust the dumb blonde to damage a ww2 relic. old girl would have made it to 76 years old (give or take) and done in by a kid 1/3 it's age. ain't that some shit?

    • tho that moving in the first place would NEVER have been a thing. rust and all.

  • jesus i hate that he played minecraft a year ago and this game idk why this game sticked with me tbh i didnt even like the game it was kinda dumb but i just remember it

  • I hate wide screen things

  • O no cut out the melon’s are epic part for 2020 haha at 2:00 🤣

  • is this a jojo reference

  • 14:50 POV: you are attending a donald trump rally

  • its nice to see a more relaxed felix from time time

  • boats like a public execution

  • Pewdiepie subscribearee

  • OMG

  • Wo

  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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  • Is it Orang Medan? Or however that’s spelled, all the men were found with there faces in a contorted way and the ship sank when they tried to pull it or something to that effect

  • The graphics in this game are insane. At times, like Felix said, it's like watching a real movie. I have no idea why people bash the graphics, Uncharted and Detroit have got nothing on this.

  • 51:15 I literally farted and my dog looked at me funny

  • at 2:17 this is ben shapiro? or is it not

  • Cat felix

  • anyone know that song playing around 34:04?

  • so does it look real or unreal ?

  • 39:48 "Woah jibalibad sniba" LOL

    • @NOOB COVERS SauceAge LOL


  • "Medan" Its a city in Indonesia and located in "north Sumatra"

  • I wonder if they will use this playthrough to discover glitches and bugs, also what could be more refined

  • Maya hee

  • This is my first liked video I’m gonna watch this over again i don’t simp for press tho but man do I love your vids and the fact that this is my first liked vid is insane pls look at this pewds I am a true fan and would love if u liked this comment someday any day

  • The graphic is much better than PS4.

  • Daaaamn I just realised I can play it on xbox one noice

  • Play Little Hope!

  • Well, i just concern about the game and this being called Felixnesia. It's Indonesia or it's not Indonesia, it's a horror thriller game and not a Political issue border like an action game from your childhood. Grow up and be mature, fella.

  • Wish all this dialogue had more gameplay. soap opera game!! BORING/LAME WARNING....This whole video has about 3 mins of gameplay AND THE REST SOAP OPERA.

  • He seems a little different than usual .. look's like he's under the pressure of being the first one to play lol

  • This game is based on a true story on what happened to the medan ship that went shipwrecked after it mysteriously exploded after a haul crew was trying g to haul the ship to investigate why all the crew members and captain and even a dog mysteriously died or froze to death with expressions that looked as if they were defending themselves from something sinister the last man to survive the ship sent a SOS call but the man last words were "I die". And this was taken place on Japan not chyna.

  • Pewdiepie! I don't think the Conrad dude was in Until Dawn, he was in Quantum break, the time power dude.

  • Is this really pewds why is he reading the letters in the game

  • 47:52 Pewds: Eww don't pick a fight in the middle of the sea.. you're on a boat. 47:07 Also pewds: No second thought picking Angry choice instead of being Worried about the other boat xD

  • Huh.. apparently 50 cents is worth roughly 7 dollars in today's money

  • this dud lookin like the dude in the red shirt in little hope

  • Damn what's up with the music loop during the interview, so out of place

  • its Detroit but scary

  • I already knew everyone was gonna die the way Felix plays.

  • Did she pull a whole intact bullet out of the hull? Do the devs know how guns work?