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रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Arkade Blaster
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  • te odio we, no quiero ser tu amigo de hecho es más pero sin embargo ya no somos amigos.

  • @2:13 Why did he say puzzle like that, my gran says it that way and its the finniest thing

  • The voice from the game has a French accent

  • Man, for a russian game, this is pretty good!

  • Clickbait PewDiePie - art I have developed

  • I have dog musics on my channel

  • You are 108 million and I am 105 people😂

  • Yesss another of this one!!

  • Pewds: Couldn't care less about a man's sick wife and 12 kids Marzia and their 108M 9/19 year olds: O_O

  • We leaked his OBS.

  • Are you a lonely processor ? Find love now and become a multi-core ... found that so funny for some reason


  • im pretty sure this vid is just a walkthrough and he just watched a vid, or at least parts of it is

  • Michael Jalaluddin subscribe

  • Pewds is starting to look like a mean high class dad who has bushy hair on his arms, wears a white polo shirt, has 3 watches, and is from a mid 2000s 3D animated film

  • 15:53 Game: "I said don't touch mr. Glitch!" PewDiePie: Don't know anything and clicks casually "I did it" Lmaoo

  • definitely want too see pewds do more game play of this

  • "Hello, user" "Thank you"

  • 💕💕🙏Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare🙏💕💕

  • nice referecne to "papers please" at 16:40.

  • The summary of this video: “Bet Mark couldn’t solve this as fast as I did”

  • More terraria please

  • I'm romanian!

  • thderfeew is dncobow bwcisdweoi iu ageree lol letsg gogoooo i ,ove poodideipie

  • 50,000 Pewds under the Sea Vibes...

  • wait pewds knows that he is a 3D character in a youtube video that was made by the company cocomelon right ? , he knows that he's not real ?

  • "The NOGA!!" 4:03

  • who the f leaves a game mid-cutscene without pausing?

  • все ясно плагиат неканала гуфовики

  • I wish he makes part 2..

  • what was the scream called again? the blow WHAT? scream?

  • clickbait

  • There is no comment section

  • Better do a part 2🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • felix looks like chris hadfield lowkey

  • waits obs why ksi said bndicam

  • I bet mark thought there was actually no game

  • jse's famous bathroom break will never combat pewds's soon to be famous food break

  • there is no video. *gets a 10 minute video*

  • Anyone else just sitting there being like "What the absolute FUCK is going on?" ?

  • Part 2 please?

  • Felix: There is no video Video: 33 minutes

  • Title: There is no video Video: 30 minutes long

  • Felix: *memes Mark* actually watches his playthrough like a dumbboi

  • Who love PewDiePie subscribe carriminati 👍👍

  • T series is best he completed 160 up subs

  • “Pewds there is no video”me right away clicks it


  • Pewds did not enjoy this game at all, you can tell... lol

  • Do it more pewds more please

  • This has so many references to the original There Is No Game I love it

  • It was a video


  • There is no memes

  • 130 dollars? That's kinda ridiculous, for a controller/blaster...

  • what rick roll is like 29:26

  • what determination is like 9:16

  • this is secretly spider-man into the spiderverse spinoff

  • 4.6 million people watched no video, *illuminaty intensifies*

  • *there is no video* The video: 33:27

  • 26:52 placer for me

  • Yayyy another one pweaz

  • PewDiePie: there is no video Me: *opens video* Also me: L I A R

  • Pls don't Swear to God

  • Pls don't say Holy shit 😔

  • Pls don't say Goddamn felix

  • Yes

  • Clickbait, there is a video

  • Please do another one!

  • Felix.... I don't like your hairstyles and Beardsley because you look better in your wedding and 100mil sub reaction. Can you please change your hairstyles. For: Felix/PewDiePie

  • Can u use it with oculus

  • It’s been 5 years.

  • Pewds: There is no video MRslow: Well Yes, but yes

  • yes you know this does sound familiar its actually an old game this was a remake "DanTDM is still stuck on this part" DanTDM played the original years ago and beat it...

  • there is no game descirption: im about to end this whole man's caree- pewdiepie pixelings: gonna stop you right there

  • not him pronouncing Gigi as Geegee

  • 21:12 misto

  • Sub to me

  • Keep playing!

  • cocomalen sucks not pewdiepie his cool

  • 11:18 my Google Assistant popped up

  • EOG

  • Sp Boring hes just sittning and talking because there is no game

  • fun fact: at minute 19 there's a very famous recording of a scream, it has been used in over 400 movies and TV series, often times as a joke or reference. Sherlock/Watson say the scream must be from their neighbor Wilhelm, so that's a nice little reference there.

  • should've use the pause button.

  • Love you from India

  • Sad rage quit

  • pewds: big braaaaiiiinnnn me who already gave up: ye- yes i could’ve done it easily...

  • He’s so right tho why is the title of the game so familiar

  • When the game said my creator has got to eat a Domino's ad came up Lulz

  • You nightD

  • bruh where did you put the video

  • this is clickbait.


  • There is no comment

  • this game is just the embodiment of "You may have outsmarted me but i outsmarted your outsmarting"

  • Necesito mas por favor