There Are No Accidents... /r/Theyknow #80[REDDIT REVIEW]

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 23 सप्टेंबर, 2020
They Knew
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  • Who sounds worse Like= pewds saying negligable Comment= Ksi the fatneek saying mural

  • You set off my alexa

  • Me when I see a new pewdiepie video: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

  • p p m i c

  • I'm Danish and I can't say negligible either :(

  • 4:08 the origin of Dick Thunder

  • I remember reading snaps ejaculated slug horn it was in English and I just laughed so much

  • Say : negligee.

  • imagine circling 69 instead of yes or no 10:05

  • Loved it though

  • GAY

  • These comments r so fresh🍂

  • PewDiePie saying negligible is like KSI saying mural

  • Epic

  • I lost it at "negligible" part...

  • Imagine being called dick for no reason by everyone u know. Perks of being THE DICK THUNDER.

  • I dont know what us wrong with the Junior Dance Class one. Can someone please tell me

  • Through the years huh look at him he's a legend

  • Praying for you Pewds✨❤️ and Marzia🌸❤️

  • 8:46 they didn’t call him the man of steel for nothing

  • Is that jacks mic

  • the yes yes yes is from jjba please don't like this make this the most disliked comment on yt plz

  • "Popped your cherry" seems to be an expression coming from people who dont understand how the first time is supposed to work.

  • I just wonder why his mic quality is so bad

  • As a man called dick I approve this message

  • 15.000th comment

  • Pewds ur the best

  • *YES YES YES YES* is that a JOJO reference I hear?

  • 4:17 imagine his childhood trauma, whenever his mother told him that she loves him...

  • Pewdiepie mic audio: 👱🏻‍♂️ 🎤

  • That Jazz dance one really messed me up. I still don't see it correctly.

  • The audio is trash

  • 9:36 also looks like a specific organ.

  • I love the stream fails series

  • wtf felix what you doin under your desk 7:04

  • Thanks for making my Alexa go off Felix

  • not pewdiepie taking forever to get the "J.E.W" joke and then also not getting the dude made a "K.K.K" joke.. the true character development

  • the AMOUNT OF TIMES i had to rewind 10 secs cuz i hadn't got it at first

  • Pewdiepie knew that he will get more comments if he types "r/theyknow" in title, so everyone corrects him, and algorithm boosts his video more!

  • The second submission was rl pp tower

  • 4:02 this reminds of when inosuke tries to say tanjiro's name

  • In reference to the Tangled meme. Corona means crown in other languages and it’s been said that under a microscope covid-19 or corona has a similar shape to a crown.

  • This was honestly one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched on MRslow. Thanks Felix Edit: I think Felix knew what he was doing when he turned on those pink led lights while looking at this subreddit

  • what monitor does felix have?

  • Felix should do a quora video there’s some messed up stuff on there lol

  • 1:04 he kinda sounds like anakins owner in Star Wars 😂😂

  • "There are no accidents" -Master Oogway

  • Ok MRslow I finally watched it.

  • Pinned funniest parts Eh........... 9:16 Worth it. 10:55

  • almost as funny as a man turning himself into a pickle

  • Bro your mic quality is getting worse and worse

  • For those who didn’t get the mask u petah one I’m pretty sure putah is meant to be Spanish for Bitch (please excuse spelling)

  • I like how the mic makes pewds sound American when he’s deepthroating it

  • That intro tho-

  • 9:12 no Felix no those are not two eyes unfortunately

  • There are no accidents - Master Oogway

  • To be honest i still don't get the first one...

  • Pewdiepie gets coronavirus: STAY AWAY FROM THE MIC

  • pewds: what is the internet: WHAT IS THE REAL NAME OF AKSHAY KUMAR

    • Was looking for this comment

  • Don't eat the mic

  • 7:11 slughorn was a hogwarts professor that teached tom marvolo ridde (aka lord voldemort) what a horcruks is.

  • Whaaaaat? PewDiePie snusar???

  • Wow I left this on 21 seconds for one month

  • I don’t get 9:12 Can anyone explain?

    • B O B S

  • For people who did not understand the putah joke. Putah stands for whore in spanish

  • 4:15 My brother name is Willy long

  • The intro 😭 cocomelon

  • Get a new mic your current one sounds like shit.

  • 0:09 when i get minecraft mods

  • I thought that the IKEA one was funny because it said GÖ KÄRT

  • Hi

  • Ok. Listen! Being a Pakistani I must say that the politicians of the current government are really dumb and have no idea how to use technology. they must've accidently turned it on and noticed it was on but are so dumb to figure out how to turn it off that they let it be.

  • I had to watch this 4 times to get the Cunningham’s law joke

  • 11:00 yes I can confirm that was in our history books they had to print out new ones 😭😂

  • 10:57 as a saudi myself, I can approve of this mistake

  • omg millions ,:)fan here ,new sbscrbr pew


  • 5:16 murder case for coming closer......... :)

  • @Pewdiepie I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!! ❤ ❤💛 ❤💛💚 ❤💛💚💙 ❤💛💚💙💜

  • I think Sive knew what he was doing with the thumbnail.

  • Makes me sad that Pewds is so wholesome it took him a couple of seconds to get the Jazz Dance one, but it was the first thing I saw. I’m like 20 years younger than him too.

    • i dont get it ;/

    • why would it make u sad isn't that a good thing that he's more wholesome??

  • Как ты набрал 107 🍋🍋

  • Everywhere near me the prices in shops are $69.69c

  • PP thunder

  • K

  • Try r/tryagin


  • Poods: I have good English also Poods: negigible, nelglible, n-negilgible, nejjujujjble

  • yor microfon sucks

  • 69

  • The bit where Felix put the mic in his mouth and started talking had me feeling a bit funny downstairs

  • "i am the first person to review this" is anyone gonna tell him?

  • 5:15 Actually pretty genius.

  • I don't understand the J.E.W joke can anyone explain?

  • Mans said they knew every 10 seconds

  • i love how this guy has 107m subscribers and his content is kinda garbo

  • the clip looks mirrored so everyone could cover the same moves as felix

  • 10:47 FFFFFUUUUUUUCKK!!! Coffee and milk all over the damn keyboard, pants and monitors. Whoever made that - go to hell

  • Near me there is restaurant called Sa brura which is Norwegian for the term thats what she said

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