The Ultimate Among Us Impostor Duo

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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  • it will be more challenging if you don't tell anyone you're an imposter.

  • How everyone is afraid to vote pewd

  • 12:28 me when I see bannana

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  • How did you go outside to get some pumpkins if it was raining out

  • beast is simp lol

  • Is Felix getting sponsored by a company who made a game ripping off Pokemon go

  • I saw the same in a MrBeast video... PS. Why does pEWds have a horror dog down in the center?

  • 12:16 best impostor duo

  • Felix is super convincing

  • is it me or do i have a bulldog at the bottom of the screen

  • The dog is very desturbing

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  • Pewdiepie in sponsor: It’s kinda cool actually x2 Me:Ok?


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  • so its basically a knock off pokemon go

  • Pewdiepie

  • Hi pews

  • “Choke me, Corpse, I’m sorry.” This man has done this to himself

  • Bro look at his ns it is at 109 ms

  • MrBeast simping is just too funny 😂

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  • Jimmy and Felix are the best dynamic duo. This is how many people agree 👇🏾

  • The game is a fully duplicate of pokemom go

  • Why does pewdiepie sound like crainer some times

  • Karl is a ape when pewds and beast are a duo

  • bad vid bro

  • MrBeasts and Karls reactions were the best part

  • Sykuno has spoken, Felix can’t get away for killing jack

  • I want Corps voice in my after life

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  • Yeet this was the best

  • Getting sponsored by a gamberling Pokemon go be like

  • i hate you

  • Its time for the war

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  • “There’s a war going on here, this is like Twilight”


  • Mr beasts reaction to being imposter with Felix was so funny😂

  • a b c d e f g h i j k lmnop q r s t u v w x y z

  • It has 100 million subs but less than 20 million views😂😂😂

  • felax its like pokemon but with a punkim which is fat as my brothers head

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  • 12:10 is the part🥊

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  • Copy of Pokemon go

  • I hate pews

  • *Me going to the hospital* 2:07

  • Hi I am from romanian

  • He speaks the language of impostor.

  • I hate fortnite

  • mr beast was freaked out at this

  • MrBeast is a better youtuder

  • Pewdiepie Sus🤔

  • Valkyrae be like : ahh shit here we go again 😂😂😂

  • 12:20-12:32 op reaction wtf

  • Love how jimmy fan girling pewdipie

  • Ставь лайк если ты русский)

  • sykkunos politeness is cute

  • hey uh may i be allowed to join ur among us gang...barely have any friends on steam and want more to play among us with. i'm also trying to get the hang of streaming but still confused by OBS software

  • I just realised that poki is always getting killed

  • good among us game pewdiepie

  • Me: wondering how so many people love PewDiePie Also me: *gets addicted*

  • Sykkuno’s voice is so satisfying to listen to.


  • I love how happy beast was when he was imp with pewds

  • White sus him not se you kill and vent no no no

  • White sus hem not se you kill and vent no no no

  • hi

  • Pew die pie pls forgive mr beast it's a game he struggle for you to be the first than t series pls forgive him

  • Who else wants pewds to start a new minecraft series. 👇

    • I'm literally waiting for it since his last minecraft vid :

  • Iguessimepic

  • *The people who disliked were jealous*.

  • I love your intro for among us

  • Fcfg

  • What was the dog on the bottom of the screen the whole video

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  • Get ready of covid its gone in december good luck