The LOUDEST Sound in the World.. w/ Jacksepticeye

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 1 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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  • there was an ad about how high your IQ is right after this video lmao

  • If unus annus was hosted by seán and felix

  • Jack looked so cute in that costume hahaha

  • Cute~~

  • i want this friendship..

  • The poor doggos

  • Felix playing pranks with Jack brings back minecraft memories ❤

  • Intro is good

  • After this video: Jack: "sees kid in green shirt" Also jack: LUIGI!

  • Just a reminder that these are grown men 😂

  • This feels like 2016 and I'm LIVING FOR IT

  • I love how they are basically just 12 year olds playing with their mom's camera and all of the new toys that they got

  • Mario. Thank you for playing as my favorite character

  • Me watching this at 4 am My brain: two loudass MRslowrs in Mario costumes funny.

  • “it kinda feels like when the water touches the- ... yea.”


  • This is what "boys being boys" means

  • Quick reminder, they are both 30 🤣

  • invite toby to do this with you guys that’d be hilarious

  • Y’all should hang out with mark more

  • There something so funny about two man children in Mario and Luigi costumes with raindeer antlers on playing with toilet paper guns

  • Its so cute when they get to the whistle. It's like asking ur friend to time how long you can hold your breath underwater lmao

  • *Is that a jojo reference..?* ゴゴゴゴ

  • Liugis revenge is complited

  • im surprised that the views is kinda low

  • bro, vanossgaming and h2odelirious's toilet paper gun actually got produced and was bought by pewds, wow HAHAHA

  • This is peak MRslow!

  • Imma tell my kids this was Unus Annus

  • They way their guns jammed and it was exactly like a game just sitting there trying to repair on the spot, hilarious

  • Legend has it......they are still annoying

  • Alternate title: *Two grown men playing with stupid toys while screaming japanese at each other*

  • The masks destroyed the voice quality

    • I think it's because they don't have a microphone near their face

  • press and twist.

  • Poor Marzia

  • 10:15 RIP headphone users

  • who else is waiting for jack and pewds to get signed for next season of glitter force

  • Its hard to think these guys are 30 YEAR OLD MEN

  • Grown men playing with toilet paper guns, moose ringtose and wearing costumes. I Respect you're possitive attatudes.

  • I love seeing Pewds and Jack doing stuff together because they have so much fun, you can see they're enjoying themselves and generally having a good time

  • This video is underated

  • Pewdiepie hasn’t do Five weird stuff online for a WHILE

  • En su intro. Pongan traductor por qe hablo español...:V

  • Efectivamente sacó una copia de una caricatura para bebes y niños..

  • So... my cousin has just passed away this morning and I was looking for something to cheer me up. This is the best video ever for that!

  • idk why I thought item #2 was gonna be a butt plug of some sort but I just totally felt like that fit 😅😂

  • 4:26 when you’re high-fiving always look at the elbow and you never miss

  • this video is too wholesome

  • Jack looks like he is smaller then pewds, he looks like a kid 😅. This is the funniest video ever. 😂

  • I can just see marzia around the corner trying to block the sound of them speaking Italian and using jojo phrases at the same time 😂🤣😂

  • the voice there talking in sounds like eduardo from fosters imaginary friends

  • Who else flinched when he shot at the camera-

  • the edgy era is cool. so glad they did this video

  • when I read the loudest sound in the world, I thought they meant themselves

  • 4:54 actual shriek of terror from Seán

  • Its not even 5 stuff ......

  • What if cocomelon decides to copyright strike all of pewdiepies videos with their intro in it because it has three seconds of their sound

  • Mark could've been princess peach

  • gotta contantly remind myself these are two adults😂

  • Wait the gun is actually cool

  • Pp

  • martzia be like: im done with this man!

  • Dont wear a mask in ur house bro

  • Ok so I am going to buy toilet paper think the scarcity of toilet paper is going to restart.

  • ##

  • Canadian plumber

  • 2 Male dominant moose on fight 7:34

  • 👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • Another Comment because yes MRslow in 2017: *Beefing left and right,* *Diss Tracks,* *Edgy Content.* MRslow in 2020: 8:25

  • Evolution of MRslow Fights: 2018: KSI vs Logan Paul (Boxing Match) 2020: 6:52 and 11:38

  • 4:45 i love how sive didnt even bother to edit that jump lol

  • As an Italian, the fact that Felix started talking in my language, makes me proud

  • 5:45 we really just got jebbated

  • My grandma can whistle louder then the loudest whistle- It’s honestly terrifying that she has that power

  • Marzia probably came in and was like, FELIX, A SURPRISE FAMILY REUNION! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  • Mom: You're already 15! Stop watching Those japanese cartoons, grow up. Me showing my mom this video with two men playing with sparkles in Mario outfits. Also me: Get NaeNaed

  • 12:41 I actually cried laughing 😭

  • 12:02 it's a good thing that toilet paper wasn't used otherwise he'd of ended up with a... Septic eye.

  • The real questions is , do they play a birthday parties ?

  • Alternate title for the video and the series:HOW TO WASTE YOUR MONEY BUT HAVE FUN

  • I've missed this

  • 5 weird stuff online is so chaotic I love it

  • Why does jack look like a child

  • wAs tHaT a jOJo rEfeRencE 0:40

  • Hello 👋

  • 1st min of the video and i'm like straight lmao. xD

  • Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie


  • *"MARIO-SAN"*

  • i love them sm, im so happy theyre being safe ugh MY 2015 PHASE IS BACK

  • how come i never watched this video

  • For 14 minutes I was taken back to 2015. For 14 minutes, I was 15 again, watching the newest 5 Weird Stuff Online during my spring break.

  • This is not Dope or nope???????????

  • The doggie's ears must've hurt during the whistle :(

  • We have five items. Twelve Items later

  • This mario and luigi thing remembered me of papa franku and everytime I think of him there's "ew" by joji sounding in the background

  • If sean ever starts a thing like meme time that is called "cringe time". I'm 420% sure this video will be on the first episode

  • guys how old are you hahaha

  • Poor Marzia, surrounded by 2 dummies 😂

  • I have to remind myself that they are already 30 years old. 😂

  • Aspetto ancora il giorno in cui felix tira un bestemmione dal nulla