Tambourine Tower to the Moon.

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 23 ऑगस्ट, 2020
Building the biggest tambourine ever seen
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  • I don't fucking care if I sound like a simp but this guy's eyes are EVERYTHING

  • Absolutely love sinergy

  • thank you marzia

  • glue gang

  • Tape gang

  • Glue gang

  • Sometimes all i need is to watch a grown man play with 50 tambourines, feels good man

  • Me lookin at pewds house :o

  • the ASMR is immaculate

  • 20:00

  • 2:34 look at the destruction in his eyes

  • Who needs charity when you have tambourine tower

  • "Hey neighbors can I borrow a ladder in hanging curtians?" "Sure!" *yelling and extremely loud crashing and tambourine noise*

  • new title: felix steals his own credit card and makes a tambourine version of a lego tower to the moon and lays on the tambourines like a 10 yr old lol

  • The energy is seperated in the room, I can feel it😂 Marzia, calm and collected (with very cute giggles🌸) While Felix be like 🌪⚡️☄️💫🌩

  • Amazing video

  • *BIG*

  • you didnt try sement gang :(

  • glue gang

  • Supplier: sells tambourines Pewds: hippity hoppity your stock is my property

  • I’m paste gang

  • K

  • when you have too much money....buy tambourine

  • Tape gang

  • my ears enjoyed this

  • 5:14 noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 1969😂👌

  • weit intil it fals and breic

  • It hurts me to see how he handles the instruments... 😭😭😭🙈🙈🙈


  • Italians have some since the ancient Romans??

  • Flex tape gang✊

  • No

  • sanity slips away

  • Your poor neighbours.

  • pewdiepie

  • 11:38 : one to two hours Felix: 👁👄👁

  • Smol pp

  • 😂I thought he would just stack them but taping and glueing is good too😂❤️

  • Why did you not using flex seal

  • 1:38 did pews just point a knife at his wife?

  • 19:42 felix has camera in his house.

  • sponsor us HAHAHAHAHA give your tambourines to us🤣

  • GLUE Gain speeling is gREAt

  • Floor gang aho

  • did he say he’s gonna feed tambourines to the homeless??

  • Nice

  • 8:43

  • Student: Miss, why can't we do music class? Teacher 17:05 21:00

  • I love how marzia keeps getting distracted

  • Tape gang

  • Thank you Marzia (not a simp)

  • 3m 50cm is 11ft 5 inches so u tryna claim u 11ft tall

  • 6:10 that ceilind looks like it cost more than my entire existence

  • lol is marzia holding the camera with a bag of chips its making so much noise haha

  • Thanks for share

  • 1:47 If Mrbeast can have a Pool full with Tambourines...Then What????!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨


  • Pewdiepie not have PlayStation 5 yet cringe

  • 05:26 Pewdiepie : They are 5 cm in size marzia : *giggles* _______________ does that mean what I think it means ? ._.

  • I like this weirdness

  • Felix out here saying he’s 11 feet tall

  • how did you spend your quarantine? Felix: I bought 50 tambourines and stacked it to the moon

  • Science has gone too far

  • To the moon!

  • big pipi big tambourine

  • And here I am admiring their ceiling

  • Why is this the loudest video ever lol

  • Trumpet

  • 5:26 5cm

  • Every time marzia gave her opinion pewds was all like “no change that!!!!” Lmao

  • Let's be real, if this was a Logan Paul video and another spontaneous crazy MRslowr, after making that thing they would've RKO'd is it or something over a table or into a pool

  • Glue gang

  • Marzia makes this video so much funnier

  • instead of sending car into space , Elon should've send tambourines into the moon.

  • 8:43 just for research purposes

  • 17:55 idek why but the reflection of the pink toy in the tv made me laugh so hard omg

  • Tambourine é meu ovo é pandeiro o nome disso ae

  • I'm so glad a friend (scarvon) mention pewds tambourine tower. I'm fucking dying over him saying that all of those cost more than his wife's engagement ring 😂😂

  • Peter: ah he said it he said it

  • Pewdiepie is a little kid

  • Thank God it's Maria's camera

  • 2:37 for legal reasons that's a joke

  • Nasa: Bruh get that useless guy out and let's get pewdiepie

  • *IlL tAkE yOuR eNtIrE sToCk*

  • i jus watched a 30year old man play with his tambourines

  • Есть ли здесь русские????

  • Glue Gang!

  • I am floor gang

  • 2:42 "Tambourine salesman, this your pp. Snip snip, motherflipper."

  • Their ears must have been ringing after this.

  • Hello 👋

  • Dead meme but idc Imma tell my kids this is Liam Gallagher

  • Pewds: I don't like spending money on things Also Pewds:

  • Why did u do that ?

  • - How many did this guy order? - YES.

  • Pewdiepie has +60 tambourine in his home Also pewdiepie: has no spatula in his kitchen 😂😂

  • So we got a lesson, the distance of moon and earth is 69 tambourine away.

  • I really want this to happen 16:04 ,next video he said ..... But did he do it . We need this....

  • I know this was meant to be funny haha video, but dang Felix you have a nice ceiling.