Speech Expert Analyses My Voice *10 Years ago to Now*

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Speaker dude: Lamborgenies Me: "DIES OF LAUGHTER" You mean lamborghini

  • after the video, now i notice whenever pewds shoulder shrugs and does the laugh and uses imaginary props

  • PewDiePie: spits on himself Public speaking guy: “Write that down, write that down!”

  • legendary skill unlocked: THE DOUBLE SHOULDER SHRUG

  • “How’s it going bro’s, my name is-“ Now to others, this may sound like a thump But to us civilised folk with the big brain knowledge the tambourine does in fact speak volumes.

  • Public speaker man lol😂

  • pewds: *breathes* expert: *h e i s g o d*

  • Pewds: *breathes Some kind of expert: "DID YOU NOTICE THAT!? Did you see that oxygen coming in his mouth? he's so genius he even calculated it"

  • This vid came out on my b-day.

  • Can we thank WONDERFUL David JP Phillips for analyzing in nice way and Pewds for being Pewds xD

  • An we appreciate at 1:01 Sive edited the tambourine in the mirror as well

  • Imagine Felix's highschool bullies sees him now

  • Sive is so cute and funny the way he edits lmao

  • Luis Hoffmann

  • 1:10 I come back to this vid just to watch this particular clip on loop it's so cute lol

  • Watching pewdie gets all shy but happy, is like watching a kid who gets hyped up by a supportive adult

  • New title - two Swedish men hype each other

  • and next the hand shake

  • PewDiePie changed the title of the video.

  • This guy: explains what he does intentionally and unintentionally Love guru: *TheY ARe So So sO cUtE OmG ThEIR A CutE CoUPLe

  • 10 years old is as old as logan pauls fan base

  • Epic intro

  • He so tryhard to do analyze him but I was laughing while he did the most stupid thing

  • Pewdiepie: farts David: Hes establishing *dominance*

  • David: Did U seE tHaT? Pewds: WHAT DID I DO NOW!!???

  • Felix’s camera is just bad enough that it makes him look good lol

  • Nice im From Indonesian

  • PewDiePie from 2010 looks like a low budget Justin Bieber

  • Thanks for the serotonin

  • Can someone tell me the title of the second (most current) video the speaker was reviewing? thanks

  • 3:50 it's pedophileee~~~

  • He has the same laugh still

  • The tambourine reflection extends as well.. Marvel is so good when about this little detail

  • If pewds' a beta, who needs to be an alpha!

  • This entire video was: "Did you see that?!" "What did i do now"

  • The towel is missing wtf 😂

  • 9:24 my favorite part lol "GET OUTTA MA HEAD"

  • Felix you have been making me laugh for at least 5 years. Your channel is great

  • When he talks about the towel. I was like, chalk board, it's for the chalkboard. Towel eraser op

  • Great video for pewdiepie ego

  • now if someone can teach Felix how to hand shake

  • The towel is a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. You always need your towel. It's answered sort of in the reaction video to this video where you see Clipart of a spaceship with the number 42 whe he says "You always need one of these with you."

  • Edgarfarts coach : this is the symbol of marvellousvictorypartysulpricacidicrecreamwhichresultgreat war

  • Does anyone else get shaggy from scooby doo vibes from 1st vid pewdipie

  • I wonder what PewDiePie would be like if he didn't make MRslow videos

  • tesdt

  • I enjoyed this video more than I should have.


  • this man sounds so educated and excited about what he's talking about I love it!

  • Stefano on the shelf: 🗿


  • I have heard that papa frank is the actual king of the internet...

    • @AnonymousCat idk

    • who the heck is "papa frank"?

  • 1:59 i thought i got a WhatsApp message LMFAO

  • He displayed the same to his reaction video

  • Pewds is our seratonin dealer

  • I wanna hear Felix do the "Peeewwdieepie" now because he hasnt done it in a HOT MINUTE


  • "its because im a beta i cant help it" "dont kill me im stupid i cant help iT'

  • Nice intro new war pew dies vs t series

  • the way poods be cringing at himself....... same HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • that's deep

  • This was posted the day befor my birthday

  • Thanks largely to pewds he now has over 170 thousand subscribers!

  • so the socially awkward man is the actual public speaker

  • david gained like 177k followers probably from this vid lolol

  • So hes just him for 10 years. My man.

  • Speech:100

  • The towel is TOWLIE and the public speaker is STUART Kenny’s dad from south park

  • Pewdiepie: Plays video for five seconds, then he pauses again, and again and again, like my guy stop

  • Someone with reddit! PAUSE THIS EXACTLY AT 7:56 and make a meme format bc holy shit that's amazing. give props to meeee

  • pewdiepie is my ecstasy

  • This guy would break any public speaker

  • t a m b o r i n e

  • Didn't know Skallagrim doubled as a public speaking analyst in his spare time, gotta pay the bills I guess

  • who else actually pressed subscribe on the intro?

  • Sean : Im not the impostor Pewds : LIAR VOICE sean : * does the doubble shoulder * Pewds : ok nevermind

  • 2:00 Bringing in the Floor Gang voice just to properly express how much he cringes at his older videos. Cracks me up.

  • It's interesting how you and Jack knew NOTHING about public speaking XD I mean in all seriousness I'm glad you had great feedback from this guy. :D

  • I got an ad for Pewds merch before the video. OMG LMAO.

  • I swear everyone should have seen pewdiepies Channel

  • did anybody else get the pewdiepie phonecase ad? it confuses me should i skip or does it count as video?

  • I've always been a voice person, and pewds' voice is actually really nice to me!

  • i got a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video

  • When I got into this video a pewdiepie phone case add started playing Me: what wh at is is this magic

  • When you’re watching pewdipie and get interrupted by an ad just to see pewdipie... in an ad.

  • Sure, it has nothing to do with him being prti prti boi, has to be the invisible pipe :D

  • 1:59 I got Jebaited.

  • double shoulder shrug: * exists * felix: im about to do whats called a pro gamer move

  • Genius Pewds from 10 years ago~

  • So who is here after watching pewdiepie of kerala? ..... ARJYOU😎❤️

  • I absolutely love the superhot style intro

  • This should be turned into a series called "Pewdiepie reacts to people judging him"

  • He did the pre-laugh at the end

  • I had to watch this speech dude's ted talk for a high school speaking class

  • Que pedo

  • DAMN that’s mans is built different

  • Great video.

  • Stefano where are you there you are Mr char

  • did anyone else get confused by the pewdiepie dbrand ad in the beginning?