Simp Police is exposing Simps #74[REDDIT REVIEW]

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 5 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Simp

  • Im watching this while my dad is playing “The Star Spangled Banner” lmao

  • Imagine Marzia after hearing police saying that nice guys are simps

  • my favourite moment 5:54

  • i cant even imagine talking to a girl

  • Intro: pewds became the 9 y/o

  • Everyone on Reddit is a simp

  • Simps are in a next level from reaching out for looking their senpi

  • S - seduction I - Investment M- Money you have lost P - pokimane and alinty is princess I'm not simp or gay I'm just saying this

  • 2:09 idk why but i think that pokie simps for pewdis for some reason

  • I could never text a girl even if i genuinely like her 😐

    • @Chona Turallo cos then u would think badly of the person they choose over u even tough he might b a great person

    • @Chona Turallo i know that but telling them and getting rejected hurts way more

    • If you like someone, confess to them. Seeing them with a different person hurts more than rejection.

  • Pewdiepie: why is pokimane the queen of simps? 2 months later: playing among us with pokimane

    • @Andreja Jovanovic lol

    • @NISHIT JHA damn. and you watch pewdiepie...

    • @Andreja Jovanovic I'm from India

    • @NISHIT JHA Serbia, you?

    • @Andreja Jovanovic Where are you from?

  • When I was young all the girls was simping over me but I chosed your mom

  • I don’t think ninja even has the comprehension to know how it toaster works

  • If this comment reaches 69 likes please don’t like it more, I want to achieve a comment that isn’t liked anymore after 69.

  • Shut up Pewdiepie LOL you simp for. Mariza

  • I am an That Intellectual, who is in love with Universe!

  • the SIMPSONS return

  • Fedmyster's kind of sub reddit LOLOLOLOL

  • bro youre married!!

  • Do not worry Felix, we shall send simps to the Gulag

  • i dont understand if he is a simp or a chad

  • ngl pewdiepie pretty based

  • If you did not get a prenup my dear boy - you are a simp lol

  • Those aren't simps they're incels

  • Nimp

  • Nimp girl simp

  • Never ask for sex, just take it.

  • Remember when SIMP used to mean Squirrels In My Pants ?

    • @John Wick ok

    • No

  • Ninja plays valorant now...

  • okay now I know who Valkyrae is :)

  • Bro Pewdiepie and Felix should make a video together and talk about the simp stuff

    • It's kinda sus not gonna lie

  • why does pewds this look like 2017 pewds

  • "what a Chad" 😂 😂 🤣

  • S I M P

  • GD this is cringey

  • Whos that eunited player u called a simp :/

  • Omg wtf

  • In my opinion they r disrespecting pinhead Larry

  • Marzia watching this:"bruh your a huge simp"

  • As a girl who plays games a thing that makes me extremely distressed someone is M when someone says we can play videos together Babe and I'm just like I'M NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!

    • Simp protection

  • "Isn't GIMP a photo editing software" ahhh, the innocence.

  • Is there any way to delete the word 'SIMP'forever?? It's getting annoying

    • *so you have chosen... death*

  • 3:02 I'm dead

    • @Ezra Nelson Okay, have a good new life then.

    • @John Wick yes god let me live bc who would want to die from laughing

    • Are you in heaven rn?

  • your editor looks at this diffrently

  • Love that intro

  • 4612 simps disliked this video.

  • girl simps are called simps

  • what is the meaning of no simp September when you should never simp

  • 9:43 Said a married man, to a woman. Poor Marzia.

  • Sometimes I feel so bad for Marzia...

  • Me at school:u SIMPPPPPPPPP THEM:I DONT UNDERSTAND Me:I don't tell simps what simps are

  • So that's what smh means shake my head

  • News- "Popular youtuber pewdiepie openly admits to not respecting women" pewds- SIMP

  • 7:50 hit different after a breakup though

  • you mean SHRIMPS?

  • 4:15 my boi said jew in anger

  • ^^

  • Duuude Felix don't say gimp haha in Canada and US it's slang for a physically disabled person...

  • Most of these simps in the comments are probably girls. Also, if my significant other called me pinheaded Larry, I’d have the decency to fall for them instantly.

  • Felix 2020 in a nutshell: 09:37


  • 9:19 I thought someone knocked my door

  • "She'll learn to like it" these guys watched too many mindbreak offbrand

  • Shrimp

  • It is common courtesy in the dance scene to not say no to a dance unless your creeped out. The sign is cringe tho lol

  • why do people overuse the word of simp when they they’re not simping like when bfs respect gfs they are not simps a person who respects women is a not a simp a simp is basically someone who would give up there bank account for a girl or something like that the internet be like when someone is disrespectful to a girl: sExIsT the internet when someone is respecting a girl: sImP learn the definition of simp before using it edit: I am not a simp i’m just explaining how people overuse the word simp

  • _Isn't the female version of a SIMP called a gold digger? or am I wrong?_

  • S I M P !

  • He had the perfect chance to say the simpocalypse

  • Pewdiepie travel to another country just to see a girl. MEGA SIMP!

  • Nah obito is biggest simp

  • Pewds: SIMP Pewds back then: RESPECT WOMEN

  • on the poki one i was eating cereal and i just inhaled that shit

  • I'm just super bored

  • (W)omen+s(imp)=wimp

  • And yet he is married

  • I feel bad for my fellow woman

  • 4.5k dislikes from simps


  • 11:54 I WANNA PUNCH HER SO BAD EVEN THO THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME............. (i feel sorry for every man that felt that pain even tho im still 1(INSERT NUMBER HERE) :(

  • The Simpocalypse has come

  • 0:08 pewdie pai?

  • i did not know i was a simp😅😅😅😅 shit

  • Simp girls are real...I heard of this girl who slept with all the boys in a same friend group and asked them to date her, and none of them did. Rip

  • the female equivelent of a nice guy is a feminist.

  • Pewds thinks he’s not simp Marrying Marzia

  • **********SIMP**********DETECTED**********

  • Actually this simp issue is really serious, in india the boy is really nice and asks to be in relationship with him to girl and if they say no or reject the guy they throw acid on them as a revenge. Not always it's very rare but it happens. Even in other countries like Brazil same condition.

  • A

  • PewDiePie: I am the least simp of the universe Also PewDiePie: Has a wife

  • I am the simp police

  • Well, it's a good thing I hate most women.

  • *Simpathy*

  • If simping is being respectful to women. then, what is disrespectful then is it anti-simping?...

  • If poki is the queen of simps then sykkuno should be king of simps

  • Maybeeee we should compliment for about 10 years then maybeeee we got a shot

  • I am now married and I'm happ... *SIMP*

  • Think the mask is too high

  • I wouldn't classify myself as a simp...... Because i am a textbook psychopath who dreams of murdering people and eating their remains.