She Showers With Her MOM?!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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  • Go to horny jail. Bonk

  • Everyone: She Showers with her mom?!?! Japanese and Korean People: ????????

  • This might make you feel better about yourself but it lowers the standards

  • Is devil man cry baby your favorite anime?


  • I find the concept of bathtubs to be disgusting as hell. You are essentially wallowing in what you are trying to clean off

  • I love my mother and I can trust her like I could trust a friend, but at the end of the day- she is my mother, not my best friend and it is important to remember that.

  • Holy shit I smell Lannister family here

  • This typa shit should be considered child abuse. Your mom isn’t and shouldn’t be your best friend.

  • Oedipus complex intensifies

  • How did I never know pugs were little!?

  • im sorry :( im a BIG fan of you felix but im a weeb and no weebs dont simp

  • title: sHE SHOWERS WITH HER MOM? asians: *isn't that normal?*

  • She is a teenager. I don't know why her mother tolerates some guy behaving badly with her daughter. As for the Asian Americans - I know that in Japan the whole family uses one bath (it is not abnormal) , not all nationalities have to have the same customs.

  • I got cancer

  • I guess but it's one thing to shower when you little but when your 19 that's weird

  • "I'm watching TV." "NOOOO" Considering the fact that you can apply makeup in literally every room but can't just pick up the TV and bring somewhere else blandly shows the solution to this conundrum.

  • Mary lookin like a female Trump

  • December 11th makes me so hype for cyberpunk

  • An ex of mine would shower with her mom and the last time I know of was still at the age of 22/23. I always thought it was weird but they would look at me like I was weird for thinking that it was not normal. Something about them being close and that it's absolutely ok and "normal". \( -_-)/

  • Showering with ur mom, weird or epic. EPIC!!!?)!?)!$&)!!!! Totally epic

  • Perhaps it was a mistake to not glass this planet...

  • Wait, this isn't "xvideos"

  • Pewdiepie-"I can't tell if it's cute or weird" Me: Na man it's just weird

  • stachie pie

  • o_o

  • Lol people living in the 1st world country bathing like they live in a 3rd world country

  • Me and my mom, along with my aunt, my cousins, and my grandma does this all the time. Dippin in water together is normal.. I mean, what's the use of a swimming pool if we aint gonna go altogether?

  • sadly i relate to brittany's siblings.

  • Bruh this just makes me think about when some dudes in my class think that girls just normally shower with their friends 💀 I’m over here like 👁👄👁 my insecure self could NEVER..😭😃

  • 10:41 Me:HEY GUYS THERE IS A NEW WEIRD ASMR!!! Others: watch it* "..."

  • Kinda kinky ngl

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  • why

  • I won't shower when mom is home in case she gets some ideas 🧐

  • Can you imagine.... it's someone's JOB to be censoring her and her mother' to make sure they stay censored for each frame? Like, you can still film someone showering without showing the full body...don't know why they tried to attempt the extra effort of capturing that much...

  • Everything (Everything)is good if it's consensual... Ahh Western civilization moment.

  • His face!!

  • that girl look 30

  • 😆

  • Anyone gonna talk about how mary looks like the smile titan from attack on titan 1:43

  • god no

  • They're both girl and mother and daughter; society is just weird.

  • i cant watch the second part. im out

  • Pewds now looks like an officer in that one movie

  • Me as a 21 yr old who lives with my parents: 👁👄👁

  • Well it's actually normal in some cultures like in Morocco turkey,Algeria,Tunisia..... there is hammam.... a place where bunch of naked women or men ofc they're separated (men and women) take a "bath"

  • i think we all know what felix looks like..

  • the last one reminded me of janice from friends^^ ...just twice... LOL wrote that before watching till the end! hahaha

  • Full vid on phub lmao

  • Pewdiepie looking like he showers with his sister tho

  • she is not 19 thats cap

  • based

  • I use to shower with my mom but I was 4 years old lol

  • Has anyone seen this before Bc I swear I remember he made a video about this

  • "As a parent, it's your job to make sure your kid is dependent on their own." That's independent

  • Wait I saw this video before.... mhmm

  • I just saw a video and it had a kickstarter spoiler: I got rickrolled and I thought I would this time but no thank god

  • you med me sed pewd

  • I showered with my mom when i was 5 Lolll its true btw👀

  • Independent: exists as a word Pewdiepie: dependent on your own

  • Pewdiepie-"dependent on their own" The word "independent"-👁👄👁

  • I actually don't think it's so weird for women to shower together. Most mammals will have women showering together, while males shower alone. Like Hippos or Elephants.

  • Felix is probably jealous because he doesn't get to shower with Marzia

  • Marthia, 68 years young, who tf says that

  • i stopped showering with parents when i was 6-7. Not because it was weird but because they felt i was old enough to shower on my own and didn't need their help. They have stuff to do, no "bath time with kids" bs

  • The simple answer: SEND THE DAUGHTER TO THE RANCH

  • 16:02 i am a twin and i fcking hate my brother

  • Well, that was weird...

  • Felix you don’t know what hookie is

  • The poor cameraman


  • Fekix looks like a nascar driver and idk how to feel

  • Weird people are judging each other 🤣 wait may be i am weird they are normal 🤔 fuck

  • Hahaahah is cool bro😂😂

  • I am intensely uncomfortable

  • I feel bad for Chanel and the Dad. If my 50 year old mom was being a slut (too harsh?) with my sister and going to Vegas in revealing clothes I might as well leave the family.

  • It's more weird than aliens

  • What the hell is up with moms trying to turn their daughters into best friends. Like, no, that just doesn’t work

  • 1:08 Two girls, one cup. I would shower with Marz even though she's not (probably) my mother. What happened to the mom's skin? Is that eskimo/black shade of something?

  • The mom looks like Janice the muppet omg

  • estuve todo el video pensando que con la forma en la que hablan y lo de la ducha eso era como un video nopor xd

  • Build Minecraft

  • Tell me what you want but my mom is my mom, not my "friend". She is a parent... I love her, I like her, I can joke with her and do fun stuff with her, but she still is my parent... Everything in this video was mega weird xd.

  • isn't it weirder if Brittani showers with Frank

  • How the daughter talks about her mom just makes me cringe....

  • I'd shower with anyone's mom.

  • I don't think you can judge showering with your parents when you expected your teacher wipe for you :D

  • not epic I'm talking about tuber simulator

  • Eww nasty

  • 'dependent on their own" YOU MEAN INDEPENDENT FELIX HAHAH

  • I still shower with my mom. Nothing weird about it. My friends call me weird since she died in 2004 but they are just jealous

  • 댓글단거 한국인이네 ㅋㅋ

  • It’s basically incest. She got married and her daughter acted like she’s being cheated on

  • Pewds: "They share the same coffee cup" Pewds: Lives with Marzia and spits everywhere

  • I wish i had a mom

  • Felix is gayyyy

  • Those people on the video were fucking crazy

  • wtfff 108 milions subschiber? omgggg

  • This sound Felix makes.. Almost makes me want him to wake me up with that.. NO!! Stop it!