"She Is A Little Big" TLC 90 Day Fiance - TLC #7

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 29 जून, 2020
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  • LoL first world females

  • omg I hate the way she cries towards the end of the video; it sounds almost like fake crying or the crying a child does when they throw a tantrum...

  • 16:03

  • “20% muscle increase, *AB* solutely”

  • "I'll eat what i kill" so he eats children in Minecraft?

  • "before I cheated on him things were amazing but after I cheated on him things changed" well, what the fuck were you expecting Nicole?!?!?!

  • 20:08 the way he is baffled at the audacity and then starts laughing his ass off was perfection in my opinion

  • Turn on the captions just to see what MRslow says his name is. You can thank me later.

  • People gotta remember, there's a huge difference between *changing who someone is* and *trying to help someone improve, be healthier* .

  • 17:15 I can smell this image.

  • Pewdss cracks me upp😂😂

  • It's perfectly okay to body shame, what is the alternative? To cheer them up while they eat to death?

  • M8 he is very nice and a good person, but she just wants more and more and more

  • nicole was obviously not raised to be respectful, and i do not like her thought process.

  • I am pakistani and I went to morracco there is a bit of difference but not to much and he did stay pretty calm

  • Right... before I cheated everything was great. AFTER I cheated it’s not so great! ... I’m sorry. What the fuck. Thats kinda how that works, you know breaking the trust and respect on someone who loves you. Holy shit the audacity.

  • She CHEATED ON HIM omg and now she is acting like the victim

  • i like this guy

  • The way he comforted her after that “workout” 🥺🥺. He was being so supportive and encouraging. He really deserves better

  • "why are the chickens moving?" "Because they're still alive" **Common sense has left the chat**

  • "Why are the chickens moving" really made me think that there's a chicken without feather and head moving around

  • "he should love me for who I am". Let him just watch the woman he loves on a dead bed cause of high blood pressures, heart attack and high sugar content

  • he had never said he wants her to be “skinny” he wants her to be “healthy” there is a difference

  • I felt bad for her up until she said cheated and then on top of it expected everything to be fine????

  • He wants that qgreen card soo bad

  • "Before he cheated on me, things were amazing, after he cheated on me, things changed" 🤣🤣 who else died laughing??

  • If she got healthy and lost some weight she would actually be quite an attractive lady

  • @1:37 pew and the kid have merged

  • Why would she cheat on him tho. He seemed like a really nice guy.

  • He is not trying to tell her to be like skinny skinny legend he is asking her to eat more health and exercise

  • The hug thing and pda isnt even about the country - if the guy dont want to hug, dont fuckin scold him for it.

  • Everything for greencard

  • This is sad...she’s sad....

  • i strongly dislike her. :) ALOT!

  • Pewds how were u able to bridge between the cultural differences of you and Marzia? I'm so curious now

  • She talks to him in such a condescending way though ya'll peep that shit?

  • me from italy watching this at 1am like 0_0

  • My bf wanna bring me to the gym

    • Listen to ur bf and stfu

  • is he losing his patience for me

  • Dude she literally did half of a squat.

  • He is trying his best and is super calm, she is just crazy and then she cheats on him and acts like she is the poor victim and he is the bad one in the releationship.. jesus some people

  • OMG hehehehe the jojo reference tho “YES YES YES”

  • after i cheated it changed, thats the meme i know her from!!

  • Most overweight Americans simply do not eat healthily. The whole world knows that in the United States people rarely cook and prefer ready-made food and snacks. Almost all over the world, people buy fresh fruits and vegetables and cook, so they are not fat. She is a nice girl, but she needs a new healthy lifestyle.

  • Old video but its really fucking cringy when you see people going into another culture and acting like an absolute sped. I don’t believe in cultural appropriation but its fucking dumb looking when you have people traveling to japan and wearin a full kimono and sandals in tokyo. Im scottish and I wouldnt even go to glasgow wearing a fucking kilt. Its just silly how americans act in other countries a lot of the time.

  • It is sad how quintessential american stereotype this poor woman is. Everything I dislike about America rolled up into on potato.

  • She gets out of breath from emotions .

  • Your 100% right felix, I agree. If you go to another person's country you respect there culture. Shese really disrespectful.

  • Dude he is trying to help her why wouldn’t she take it like wtf you can be healthy have a gym buddy he’s sweet

    • I eat what I tame, your heart

  • Get you a man like him cus American guys would’ve shamed her for being overweight and they wouldn’t help. This guy cares and he actually helped her lose weight (she’s waaaaaay skinnier now)

  • Americans should just stay in their own damn country if they don't know how to behave…

  • Update: they got married and she lost a lot of weight *so imean yayy*

  • Public display of affection is an offense in my country here in the Middle East, I’m pretty sure it goes for most if not all countries in the Middle East because Islam stands by privacy and respect.

  • .

  • She's not even doing anything she's standing there with bent knees and stretched out arms I don't go to the gym so much but when I do I do some machine exersices and shit like fuck me she prolly can't even do a situp

  • The camel says: "Get the fuck out of my desert!")

  • Dude what the frick does Trump being prez have to do with anything??? soooooooooo irrelivant nicole

  • fan from bangladesh

  • She needs to be on 90 Days Weight Watchers” instead of “90 Day Fiancé”


  • The intro be like: *I can’t animate faces*

  • Bitch is standing and she is acting like she is dying

  • yea the woman is at fault. lol. people have there types, nothing wrong, but when you somewhat LIE, well then your bound to have problems.

    • shes purley agruing for the tv

  • Waar was dat kind bij de AirPort

  • Wow, her Mom is a real b****. Why would she say that about her daughter!?

  • Editing the post so you don't know how I got so many likes

  • why she look 14 doe

  • The lackadaisical needle collaterally cough because double regrettably chase given a goofy humidity. ludicrous, fuzzy dream

  • "Why are the chickens moving?" "Because they're alive." *Is she serious?*

    • Not sure if she's stupid or ignorant

  • Does Hassan or Azan have social media?

  • A lot of American tourists think that they can do anything in other countries.

  • That intro😮😁😁

  • This is why you don’t race mix.

  • bro she's annoying...

  • fun fact i actually met that girl at my old job

    • Crazy

  • Mans seems exhausted

  • She should not have been on a camel. That is very very irresponsible of the camel owners.

  • Ur the best man

  • This is straight up cringe

  • She is actually really pretty, but the weight is an issue much more for her mental and physical health than for anyone else. Just look at her! She'd be a 10/10 babe if she lost some weight!

  • Parents: "shes beautiful but is not most beautiful girl out there" Pewds: "NOOOOOO, bad parents" Also Pewds: "Morroco is beautiful but is not most beautiful country out there" we are all hypocrite sometime

  • I find Azan so handsome! I mean I'm not sure if he actually liked her how he should obviously, but I actually found him to be emotionally mature and an even-headed guy

  • when i see all her, i mean all her body I was surprized that shes VERY BIG VERY VERY BIG

  • She’s is so dramatic, he was so patient, I honestly, if he is genuinely this patient, hope I find a man like him.

  • Anybody else see felix's headphone hair

  • can someone tell me why pda isnt allowed there??

  • Yup. White entitlement. You said it, Pewdewpie.

  • If u can’t get over a cultural barriers stay on your side of the wall

  • He was being so supportive and patient with her in the gym🥺 I don’t think she’s ever had an intervention about her health before this

  • 18:45 WHYYYYY

  • Can't stop laughing HAHAHAHAHAHA Camel: That thing gonna ride me? holy sh*** HAHAHAHAHA

  • Why did even cheat on him if you wanted him to love you lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Not to be mean but.. Training for sports is much more painful xD

  • Nicole is like that person who asks "why the earth is round....?"

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This chick was living so many actually decent American lady's dreams and she just SHAT ALL OVER IT.

  • The protective smile latterly jog because attraction concretely memorise regarding a questionable minibus. spooky, amuck timpani

  • now I think I need a personal body trainer

  • Poor guy. Imagine going to someone’s country and not respecting their culture or other stuff

    • Fr💀 like it’s so disrespectful

  • I just want to clarify that not all Americans go around blatantly insulting peoples cultures and freaking out about livestock like this girl. It's honestly really understandable though that people think that everyone from the USA acts like this and has an unhealthy living style like this because people like the girl in this video do exist. Just know that most people aren't like this. Edit: And also the reason why there is an obesity surge in the US is because fatty, sugary, sodium filled food is what is cheap and accessible to the average American. It's a real problem but it doesn't mean that all of us are complete gluttonous freaks. it's not like people eating fast food every day are happy to have heart problems and get shamed for how their body looks

  • I laughed so hard when he ran up stairs and then felix says if u wanna escape Nicole just go up stairs