Reacting To My Public Appearances

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 19 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Props for handeling the swedish one so good, to me you looked relaxed and it didn't look awkward, but I know the feeling though when you feel so awkward and think that everyone can see the awkwardness, but don't worry you carried yourself good. Brofist!

  • swedish sounds like what english sounds to a nonnative english speaker. also i love how he translates what he says in swedish its so nice idk

  • sound like korean lango or sometin

  • You look great all of them, honey 💯🤴

  • You had 4 friends

  • Ah, The days of the bandicam.

  • So much cringe feeling😂

  • Part 2???

  • do a video of pewdie reacting to pewdie reacting to pewdie reacting... (no that maybe go wrong xD)

  • Keep up the awesome work, Pew, for sweden! First we gave the world IKEA and then swedish meatballs, then we combined their powers. When will you combine your powers with IKEA and swedish meatballs, Pew? Then we will rule the world! muahaha P.S we also gave you all Spotify, but that was just a diversion.

  • It’s crazy how he has more of a following than most major celebrities and people still don’t treat him like one.

  • like one of the comenst said in the interwey with 2 other people, i now understand why he hates us that live in Norway

  • Man!!! The way he elaborate things in his accent and humor ... Makes me feel like the world's whole knowledge just landed onto the one spot... That is my head🤣

  • öö gick du på Chalmers jävlar

  • we need Happy Wheels dude

  • And his t shirt says he's a simp!!

  • Try to spot the Bandi Cam!

  • When you think about it, Pewds really pioneered the whole idea of watching someone play games, it's crazy.

  • Me as a media person watching this.......

  • Hi

  • Lol shall we make you a horror game my dude?

  • I didn't skip the ads tho

  • 12:19

  • 12:18

  • i love how he say family dog.

  • 13:04 his voice sounded so Fenneman in that clip idk why

  • Where tf is our pewds made horror game

  • Holy fuck that Felix guy in the beginning looks like he could be hiding bodies in his fridge.

  • You know you have been a fan too long, when you cringe watching him watch his old videos. XD

  • That so nice - watching you while you watch and translate your old interviews. It feels emotional

  • What's the game he's playing in the first footage?

  • He seguido a este hombre desde que empezó hasta el presente. Me wa morir de nostalgia. Lo kiero musssssho🥺🥺💖

  • Hey poods, when's the horror game coming

  • Älskar dej Felix! Goa gubbar änna!

  • Remember when he said the n-word

  • Pewdiepie wanted to make an horror video game * Fans* DO IT NOW

  • I am Swede so I don't need Pewds' translation....muahaha

  • get on joe rogan please

  • Me wearing headphones thinking my pasta is boiling over when I here a round of applause 😣🤦🏽

  • Even its intro makes you laugh.

  • He looks like he has cancer

  • 6,8 m áhorf fyrir 3 mánuðum haha

  • *self burn, those are rare*

  • My goal in life is to find a guy who'll talk about me the way Pewdiepie talks about Marzia

  • At that food, my captions said shut the google

  • "fuck it.. i have money!" DO IT PLEASE WE NEED HORROR GAMES

  • pewdiepie simping our himself for 20 min straight.

  • In the first clip his outfit kinda looks like a swedish grandma

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This is making me emotional lol

  • and is pewdiepie the first gamer. jesus, y are people so skeptical about it

  • you got emotional becuase you imagined all the things you ahve come through. all the haters and the journey itself would make you cry. becuase i know how it feels

  • It is fun. It's fun watching you go down memory lane. I've been here the whole time bro.

  • Wow 😲 @PewDiePie, You’ve inspired me to actually start my own channel

  • Little did pewds know some day he would have 100 million subs.

  • You were like shaggy in scooby doo in that time


  • Bro Ur hand tatto!! Pewdipie,s Illuminati🙄👀

  • pretty neat video

  • saying sweedish like Sweetish xD

  • I still miss the old intro XDD

  • Man i want to see a mini pewds have a kid already pewds please

  • i first saw your videos when i was like 13-14 and now i am almost 22 and the fact that i kinda grew up with you just blows my mind

  • U look nerd

  • Whaaaat?? Pewdiepie was on Skavlan??

  • The handshakes 😂😂😂

  • Young Pewds kinda cute tho 👀👀 might simp

  • Jag älskar att det står Simp på han tröja❤️

  • Did u apply minoxidil to your beard?

  • He Is Really A Down To Earth Person !!!!🙄

  • Great to see the origins

  • I do wish felix would have tried to create a horror game because I think he would have been able to create something really unique and different

    • Same bro same

  • How do you have 107 mil👏👏👏😆

  • "that was my lightning"

  • Why is his video quality like 20 year old video footage

  • Wow. Streaming yours in Sweden and playing video games all the time.

  • Hearing Felix speak his mother tongue continuously feels awkward to me now haha I'm so used to his accent now

  • This is fun pewds 👍🏻

  • Felix- "I felt like I was so much more relaxed on this one, because it didn't feel like a big deal" Commenter- "I've never seen him so nervous and uncomfortable" relatable*

  • What purpose does this guy serve?. Also he used to be good looking, now he look like a hobo, old and smelly...

  • Play hit marker sound effect @17:17

  • A horror game, but it’s Marzias creations.

    • Sorry if I spelt her name wrong Lmao


  • anyone remember the pewdiepie porn scandals

  • 17:56 Everyone in 2020: Me too kid, me too

  • That shirt is great

  • This made me cry so much

  • B R U H

  • I wish i was u but im nothing

  • 10:52 just pause that's a handsome devil

  • The intro tho

  • It’s great watching Felix grow as a person. Now I’m gonna go watch that infamous “handshake”

  • Felix: God DAMN I look handsome here! Me: God DAMN I look ugly everywhere!

  • The funny thing is more people probably watch his MRslow channel than those who watched/watch that TV channel ever...

  • It is so freakin weird to hear you speak swedish. Im from swe but almost never heard you speak

  • 3:18 OCD Pewds

  • Pewds regretting not holding on to his woman while having his photo taken... Got me in the feeeeels 😭😭😭 damn that is LOVE! ❤️

  • Make a horror game!!!!!!