Ranking Girls by Appearance

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 13 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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  • "it's not about race! The other ones just have a better face" yep, face that fit euro-centric beauty standards.

  • Idk why she thought her race would keep her down when it's a known fact asian women do really really well on dating apps. Bigger women and black women have a harder time on dating apps... It tracks...

    • Harder maybe...but not hard. No woman has a hard time on dating apps. Women are way more picky than guys.

  • You are 108 million and I am 105 people

  • That blonde girl rates herself way too highly, nice to see her get taken down a few pegs

  • They uploaded the "ranking 5 guys"!!!

  • The guys’ ranking is what the girls’ would have been in the first place, had fake humility and off topic bollocks not been the point of the debate... I mean I know it’s tough but if you don’t feel good in your body you should not be looking for compassion in others or fake validation (which is just awkward because everyone is aware of the truth whilst stating the opposite). Just bloody work on it ! One day you’ll be so proud of yourself that you can just transcend this whole ranking thing. You need to know it for yourself, looks are subjective anyway (although to a certain extent, let’s be real here)

  • The obnoxious one really thought she was a two 💀 i don't like her personality tbh i feel like the asian girl was much nicer and sweet the second would've been the cute lady with the dress i think she is very confident and seems to have a great aura abt her and third one the one majoring in psychology she seems like a humble girl and then the black girl even though i think she looks nice she's too quiet i didn't see much of a personality there she jst went with whatever the ellen look alike was saying 😂 then ofc i would put ellen last she seems like a karen to me idk

    • Dude watch the video of them ranking the guys,the black girl and the fat one are anything but sweet. They have repulsive personalities.

  • Parents: Would you rather a beautiful girl but bad personality or ugly girl but good personality? Me: ugly girl but good personality Also me: SIKE!

  • I kinda like the girl with the dress and was ranked last and had a hourglass and thought she looked good or it that just me :/

  • hey guys it's me pickle twist

  • not the girls blaming it on race 💀

  • Tbh the black girl and the chubby girl I could tell were holding back their emotions like the black girl looked pissed when anyone would rate her lower more than the blond girl and the chubby girl I could tell too was full of herself or atleast wanted the validation to be first. I just don’t get any of their mentalities because personally in front of other people I would feel so horrible if I wasn’t ranked last because for one I don’t want anyone ranked lower then me to be insecure all because I exist and was there to do that. Like someone seeing my “personality” or any of my features being better than them and so they are inferior like that’s just fucked plus I don’t want to come off cocky by thinking I’m better looking then any of them so I’m surprised they weren’t fighting to be last.

  • 11:33 the guy look like he is wearing high heels

  • 9:34 I like that laugh.

  • Funny how he had to cut out the part where he put the pictures on the wall because they wouldn't stick.

  • All of them are attractive to me, but none of them were my type which I feel plays a hugee factor

  • Helo pudidi

  • When they say “by personality” it’s because the boys watched and listened to the girls rank each other. They didn’t mention it in this video but the said they did in the “girls rank boys” video

  • Who cares

  • wtf literally after pewds was done with the displate sponsor stuff . I got an ad that was also displate 40% off [and thats a great price]

  • When Michelle said she'd gone to India 5 times, pew had t series flashback

  • Nothing a bag wouldn’t fix

  • what a waste of money

  • so cringe

  • asians FTW 2020

  • Did pewds make the other video??

  • okay but... when pewds burst into laughter at 9:35 i lost it too 😭

  • Black girl in my opinion was a 5

  • Blonde girl lowkey looks like tom hiddleston's sister in the middle of the video

  • If I were one of the ladies, I wouldve chosen the least spot just so I can have a better chance at moving up.

  • Felix has done something no man has ever done he made the sponsor entertaining

  • 5:50 anyone notice that

  • The black girl fine af😍

  • This gonna be harsh tho

  • Why are you being rasict stop pls

  • So we’re not gonna address the fact that pewds fat phobic?? And also why did he feel so stand offish with the black woman?

    • So he isn't into fat girls or black girls, so what? Can't men just like who they want without these shitty guidelines. Ever heard of personal preference??

  • Michelle is most attractive

  • I think they put Michelle last bc they all knew she was the most attractive. And the blonde (who put herself first) was pushy so she led the group to allow her to be first.

  • Michelle seems super cool and is for sure the prettiest

  • blonde is definitely 5

  • blonde was definitely 5

  • At 11:33 it looks like that guy is wearing a stiletto

  • The fat one was trying so hard not to be at the bottom on the women’s list

    • No she wasn’t the other girls were tho

  • Pewds and i have the same taste

  • I searched it up ur the most popular MRslowr in America

    • He’s Swedish lol

    • 😂🤣😅 exactly

  • Saying that black girl got ranked where she did because the other 3 girls all had had « better faces » is absolute cap. But I would expect nothing less from you haha. I’m not even saying I would rank her first, but like, I’m real confused how that short haired blonde girl kept ranking so high. Just like that Hasan Minhaj video about Dax Shepard that was circulating this week, it’s really crazy how skinny, white people are allowed a different level of mediocrity. Its really wild lol

  • There's no good way to say this, but I think the main reasons girls rank differently than guys are that 1) they don't like to admit who is actually the prettiest, 2) it kinda boosts their own ego to "see the beauty" in someone who isn't conventionally attractive, and 3) when they say it to their face like in this one there's definitely some level of power play where they lift up the ones who need it and push down the ones who likely already know they're attractive. I say this as a woman who has definitely also noticed that women's "perception" of each other's appearance does not actually seem to be based on objective beauty. I agreed with Felix's rating.

  • 8:57 switch the two girls on the right and it would’ve been the exact opposite of what it should’ve been in my opinion.

  • They should've been ranking form smallest to largest.

  • In the beginning I shouted COCOMELON

  • Black girl should be first

  • This is pointless. They could have brought a different group of guys in and got a totally different line up.

  • Well, the girls judged on personality too, so it wasn't totally accurate. We can all agree the biggest girl is 5th. With the black girl, I think it depends on how slim guys like their girls, personally I would put her at 4 too. Then for 3rd and 2nd for me, it's between the tall one and the Asian one. The tall one is a bit tall for me but looks alright, but the Asian girl looks a bit bland, but I prefer her height. Then the girl in leather is 1st for me, but she looks a little orange, just saying.

  • Wow I felt like stabbing the guys

  • I think the biggest takeway from this is that society’s beauty standards shouldn’t be taken to heart lol. You’re going to look perfect to someone but maybe “ugly” to society so you do you.

  • Åaamen what are you doing man! Promoting this... moral code lost immediately

  • So the chubby girls always end up on last position? Great message to the World, honestly! Not.

  • michelle and by far

  • bruh the asian girl tried not to smile when she replaced the blond girl LOL

  • girl with long brown hair #1,Black girl should be #2, Asian girl #3, Blonde girl #4, Big girl #5(probably would be #2 or #3 if she was in shape)

  • Hey the girls rating boys video came out!

  • Pewdiepie can you buy me a PC??:,) please?

  • Maria first honestly

  • felix, a lot of people don't find black or poc attractive solely because they are black/a poc. it's a real thing. i know you didn't mean to disregard the girl's feelings, but come on. it's part of this whole blm movement we're fighting for. microaggressions like that exist everywhere. she wasn't trying to force race into it -- she was just giving her honest experience, and i think you have to put yourself in her shoes for a second.


  • Michelle was the best one. She seems so sweet and she's so pretty too.

  • Unless someone's super conceited I feel like most women try to uplift each other ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Especially when you're all strangers, like most people aren't rude to strangers But when guys (or whoever you are attracted to) start rating you, I think the competition starts to come out

  • Ok those Displates are actually super dope and I want them

  • Of course black girl played race card

  • I usually don’t rank people but MARIA is the most attractive to me. The black girl is a 2nd.

  • Ok I’m a girl and I would do the complete opposite of what the girls did 5 to 1 4 to 2 and we’ll 3 right there

  • Kaylinn was just ugly so that’s why she’s 3rd or 4th

  • If I was the 6th person here I will be standing at the door

  • I will go with Michelle all day every day i like Asians and no i am not Asian

  • it's the blatant fatphobia in this video, for me

  • "I would say.. I wouldn't change." What is that like?

  • Jordan is number 1 for me, don't care what anyone says.

  • put on subtitles and pay close attention to 12:33

  • Love the wall deco - dispela

  • 12:38 he may have gotten the question wrong, and he thought they meant how do guys do it in real life, or they just edited it to make him look dumb

  • I would have put the black girl 3

  • i personally liked kaylynn the best

  • 8:10 💀

  • Use this comment as "michelle was the most attractive" 👇

  • This video tugs on all kinds of insecurities.

  • I wanna do it from my female perspective. 1-Maria, 2-Michelle, 3-Jordan, 4-Kaylynn, 5-Annie

  • I don't understand what I just heard my brother say.🤦🏽‍♂️ "We judged by personality" Bro, they didn't even say a word..

  • the black girl definitely had a better face than the blonde girl

  • the guy's ranking result is like a perfect reflection of straight men's conventional standards for good looks: you're always ranked last in attractiveness if you're overweight, black, or "butch/not traditionally feminine" looking. HA HA the cultural conditioning and brainwash is so deeply ingrained in these men.

  • This video made me sad because it just confirmed that because I’m fat I’m not seen as attractive

  • 14:49 what do you mean? 😂

  • First time I ever liked a video over the ad. Those are sick

  • Dude seriously, if that girl just lost some weight, she'd be the most attractive of them all based on appearance.

    • LMAOOO pls stfu, if she lose some weight really ?

  • Loll these experiments are so eh to me cuz everyone's attractive in their own way

  • You are a bad person

  • 11:32 man 👠

  • Awkward 🐢

  • This is such a stupid video. It is just meant to make people feel bad

  • Buddy! The Jubilee channel wants you to get critiqued by 100 women! This gonna be great!

  • Im already mad at this video lol

  • I like how the black chick tries to play the race card because she wasn’t at the top