Picking Between 30 girls! Jubilee React #12

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 31 जुलै, 2020
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  • The girl swiped left on all but one guy who were wearing glasses

  • Excuse me for my lack of knowledge but did he really meet Marzia on a dating site?

  • i died laughing when he read "Cedar Point" as "Cheddar Point"

  • the white girl, Asian girl, and winner girl in the final 6 were really attractive for sure. Anshul is my man-goals lol.

  • I like that he did a resurgence about Ohaio lol 16:12

  • i think they are all pretty

  • 7:39 for skipping add

  • the master manipulator out here for the finesse

  • Little weasel aaaaah hate him

  • at 14.21 we see a rare siting of a real life coochie man preying on his taget

  • "you have beautiful eyes" too bad the rest of you isn"t lol

  • :you regret not having until you really need it"

  • omg im from ohio and u said cheder point its cedar point the c is like s lol



  • Ayo guys I just got back from Europe after my 3 month journey!

  • You should go in a zoom class and do funny things

  • Pewds calling cedar point cheddar point did it for me 😂

  • This whole video I was just thinking, white woman am I right?

  • LOL

  • 13:44

  • I thought we were all nineteen-year-olds now and no longer nine years old so I think we would be familiar with dating apps lol

  • marzia: i love swedish meat balls his meat balls :O

  • This is kinda random, but there’s something about that guy that reminds me of Justin Bieber. I know he looks nothing like him, and I don’t know, maybe it’s how he talks or the way he’s looking at another person😂

  • he said mr. clean💀💀💀💀 it’s 1 am and i’m about to wake my family up cause i can’t stop laughing

  • Ah. Cheddar Point, my favorite amusement park.

  • I paused at 1:24 to do something, when I got back I looked at my screen and realized he paused too 😂😂😂

  • 14:28 is coochie man

  • Felix’ reaction to Marzia loving Swedish meat balls was pretty discrete lol


  • I was just wondering, when he would ask for Bob and Vegana......that line would surely work wonders as it's a tried and tested method.

  • Why tf there were so many Asian women in the first part and men in second?

  • “Mr clean made it in.” “What the- what the f is that??”

  • I would swipe right on all of them because I know they will swipe left on me.

  • He missed out on submissive simp chick!!

  • simps can't be choosers

  • CHEDAR poInt im dying lololol

  • 13:35

  • After first round: get in the car girls we are going party!!!!!!!!!!

  • Start fact I’m a eight year old

  • 1:59 that girl is on lsd

  • 9:03 when the music also changes I love your sense od humor bro it's really funny

  • Dude's got terrible taste at woman that for sure (sorry for bad english)

  • I thought she came back at 2:09 I was thinking ok she's gonna murder him

  • *Anshul, chill bro!!*

  • Did she actually dial the number, it looked moreover as if she pressed just 2 or 3 digits.

  • 2:58 Holy sh*t that girl with the dark blonde ends look like my friend that I totally don't like cuz she's pretty

    • I'm totally not 2 years older

  • Maybe she's aromantic

  • And tbh I know girls would swipe left on him, and I know the reason aswell,..I really needed a Indian Girl in here .

  • "I love The Office" *every white girl's personality trait

  • Felix paused the video evrey 10 seconds xD

  • whats the song near the outro

  • If That indian guy was a female his name would be Karen

  • who is THAT FINE MAN in 15:48 ?? someone answer me

  • This dude has terrible taste

    • It looks like he's just going by random

  • Unleash the whamen

  • 14:20 Sideshow Bob

  • Dude. How the FUCK did you swipe left on number 5?! :O Edit: I mean like.. him.. not you.. xD Edit x2: (I should really stop posting comments mid-video.. but I won't..) YOU MEAN TO TELL ME HE SWIPED LEFT ON 2 GORGEOUS BLONDES?!! WTF!!

  • Anshul made it clear what he wants with that smile he gave her in the swiping session.


  • I'm happy that I wasn't alone watching this and was instead with pewdiepie

  • The guy who said they’re magicians stole my heart damn

  • When Marzia said she likes swedish meatballs, you should've said " Very well, you're about to get some girl"

  • NordVPN could have made more money and gotten more people to use it if they offered 69% off instead of 70%

  • he said cheddar point cx

    • its Pronounced S-ee-D-ar

  • cheddar point lolol

  • I get it why pew is still the king😄. He's hilarious🤣.

  • Dose pewds have a sick he ain't climbing any more not even move from 107 subs

  • God dam PewDiePie's a bully

  • cheddar pointtttt 😭😭😭

  • The guy at 14:22 is Fernando from Rio change my mind

  • Does the guy even have a type wtf 😭

  • Cant we talk about how the intros keep getting scarier and scarier? lmao

  • Pewds: You guys can play at home My results: 0 potential matches

  • Why are they not wearing shoes

  • That guy did some random hand wagging...

  • Cedar point is so fun

  • He sounds like a robot doing it’s best to be human

  • one guy be lookin like sideshow bob

  • pewdiepie interpreting mr. big shot: 7:39, 8:00 and 9:01

  • Wonder how many stayed just to keep being apart of the video lol

  • Why is he mostly picking uggos?

  • 16:12 The Name: Cedar Point Pewds: *C h e d d a r P o i n t* 🧀

  • Is it just me or the content it getting worse everyday

  • Jubilee should do a homosexual version??? all these are hetero

  • 30 anime girls and 1 guy Spoiler the guy and 14 girls died after production

  • My man is straight capping

  • Unfortunately Pewds, Ohio is a state and not a city.

  • Lmao these videos/series that Pewdiepie makes are the best

  • 14:22 i died laughing there🤣🤣

  • 13:31 how can you say no to that he is so happy

  • Why aren’t they wearing shoes

    • Height

  • Me eating Indian food. Yes!

  • If you notice, he’s choosing the people that smile, even though some might look the same. Just saying.

  • Girl gives him a phone number: Anshul thats a wrong number

  • Really? 😂😂

  • why does this dude look like ajit pai

  • 5:10 imagine that everyone left oof

  • this guy has literally the wost taste ever it was like he was picking completely at random

    • Arthur Morgan!?

  • I woulda picked the blonde chick