No. More. Simping.. 🛑🛑🛑 - LWIAY #00133

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 6 सप्टेंबर, 2020
No Simp September HAS BEGUN!
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  • Eeeee ii its Novembeer so thee jokes on u hihihi If you see this type of comment report it

  • Kinda looks like sonic shoe on your beard

  • My theory is, Belle Delphine is the secret girlfriend of PewDiePie kkkkkkkkkk

  • P. P = proprietà privata (private property)

  • So I’m confused I’m new so what does lowai stand for

  • 0:26 my boomer dad when we go to his house:

  • So nice mentioning the intro.We miss that girlski

  • 9:46 I don't know why, but i watched it for 100 times over and over again, and i never get bored

  • I like the date of this video

  • i think your intro got cursed

  • What anime is that

  • he feels nothing because he doesn't have legs

  • Lick this 👇👇👇👇

  • What i have bean up to geting a gf

  • subreditbros

  • No Simptember

  • 16:58 me at 3am on my phone

  • I think u will need a lot more tambourine with in a year

  • 1:00 I'll remember that

  • SOCIAL MEDIA. funny.

  • And sep 6 is my birth day

  • where is my s** tape?


  • I love when he Speaks swedish bc i understand it XD


  • were is the video pews (im just kidding, that will be creepy and i will never look at you and mark the same)

  • Leave your memes on reddit 19 year olds, and I’ll make sure your pps are a solid 7 seven and a half. FEET!!!!!

  • Marzia: seeing the video rethinking what she said in the vows

    • small pp

  • 6:15 the pain in his eyes

  • 6:49

  • What is your planet? 😂😂😂😂

  • I already have 20 pairs of the simp shirt for my friends cause they need it

  • If you say everything thing you say is a joke then when you asked martzia to marry you does that mean you were joking

  • My b-day is on the third of no simp september

  • That is a suck intro i ever seen.

  • I just realized pewds and markiplier have dope ship name options. pewdieplier and markipie ☠️

  • Why did pewds stop doing the bro fist.. 😢

    • I have been always wonder real reason behind this actually

  • Thanks you very much for calling me a kid l'm a kid btw 😎

  • Fact: any random video Felix watches becomes popular

  • Wtf

  • And that's what I my birthday

  • RIP Unus Annus

  • I just realized the shirt I’m wearing is red and black. Remind you of anything?

  • i should be the one simping her

  • i have a girl who simps me

  • 4:45 put the speed on 0.5 you wont be disappointed

  • Wtf

  • why do you have so many tambourines?

  • SIMP

  • We need to make him have 200 mill for the pweds

  • Thats a gud yet creepy intro XD

  • pewds noice jotaro voice :

  • I simp over my cat.......

  • Wtf is the intro

  • this is nanik

  • 5:48 If we touch any instrument or books with our foot in india , we have to prostrate in front of that...because there is goddess in India called ma Swarasati....she is the goddess of art,intellegence and music...

  • Damn, PewDiePie in the thumbnail looks like a psychotic lumberjack

  • Simp joined pewdiepie

  • Marzia after the pewdiepie is done recording- now my creations, Attack!!

  • When I realised that this is a rare video: why you ask? BC he showed his legs :0

  • The noises that come out of this man's mouth

  • *S I M P*

  • This video is fake - everyone know pewds does not have legs

  • Small pp simp

  • 3:15 noòoooooooòo im a tucking girl I hate bts and can't wait for the new album to come out

  • So there's simp merch and he expects people to buy it... He knows his audience well 👌

  • what happend to floor gang

  • Lol now its NNN No Nut November I have almost lost multiple times

  • 2:09 It's a Doritos

  • your beard looks like a foot

  • P.P. = Proprieta' Privata (Private Property)

  • Remember a time whenever pewds was actually not annoying?

    • Like right now:)

  • 15:22 " have you heard of exercise, it's good for you."

  • what anime please? 9:50 ?


  • put Portuguese subtitles please

  • Pewdiepie doesn't ever simp

  • miss the bro fist

  • Goodd

  • Felix: RASENGAN Felix: -uses a wave- Me: so rasengan was a wave the whole time?

  • *simp has donated his bank account*

  • He said my name at 4:12 xD

  • can this guy shut the fu

  • LOL This is what people were going though, no simp September is normal month

  • Your birthday is a day after mine

  • he made this video on my birthday

  • Plot twist pweds is a simp

  • 3:12 I'm waiting for both man

  • Y yo aquí viendo este video sin entender una mierda de lo que dice pero me entretiene. En fin, la hipocresía.

  • I’m a banana

  • Super-glue it 😂

  • Felix it happened and how are you going to get markiplier in

  • yes a joke

  • “She wasn’t home “ pewdiepie you are loved 💀😂😂

  • Belle delphine pervert


    • 😬

  • just watching pewdiepie before i take chemistry exam. no big deal.

  • Pewds: "SAY IT WITH ME!" "*Unintelligible screaming* "

  • 9:53 idk who posted that but that was a sive episode and thats actually from his and brad pay fiver people to edit a pewds video idk whats going oon but seems like a stolen post for views?

  • I’m a simple man. I see Belle Delphine, I click.