My Minecraft was HACKED - Minecraft - Part 46

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 16 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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  • Did sven die

  • Pew die pie says bad word i do not like him

  • Your original name got sniped btw

  • Wait isn't this Part 50?

  • Pewds: why don't people use this as decoration? Me: And we tought he was a Minecraft Veteran

  • what about a flip phone just aksing

  • Fortnite fans: what is a prismane? Minecrafters: You wondnt get it

  • Make new Minecraft vids

  • Random porsen playing Minecraft : aaaaaaa i gona be killd. PewDiePie : you cant kill me im swedish!

  • I need more of these videos

  • Do you like my sword, sword, sword?

  • Why are you wearing a mask

  • This is supposed to be part 51. He has two part 46. You good bro?

  • welcome back



  • your last minecraft part is actually 59

  • that hacker is dum dum

  • Pewdiepie gets hacked: Hackers change his name to pewdiecake: Pewdiepie: hey guys it’s peeewwwwdie cake!

  • 376855th person to like this vid

  • Anyone notice he got the episode number wrong?

  • none of my pets will die again literally in that sec: kills 2 chickens


  • This episode should be part 50 not 46

  • Yo it's been a while did Pewds quit

  • bengt

  • PewDiePie: I’m back in Minecraft Fans: LIAR

  • left click the crystal

  • i was hacker

  • The title should've been: My Minecraft was HACKED - Minecraft - Part *50*

  • När blir nästa avsnitt då? Längtar😁😁😁

  • Pewds didnt realize it was suppose to be part 50

  • I will not kill any of my pets.. proceeds to kill chickens

  • 10:41 song?

  • Why is this part 46

  • Pewds: No more deaths! 2 seconds later kills a chicken

  • Me not knowing who Marzia is. Who????

    • Yh

    • @DARION BALKARAN You must be new to watching Pewdiepie

    • Ok

    • Are You Kidding ME, It's His *WIFE*


  • What it says part 46 but the other one says part 49

  • use me as an frick the hacker button

  • 12:12 what a transaction sive 😅

  • My case is here!!!!!!!!!

  • Minecraft I like ya cut g AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who’s gonna tell him about the crystals?

  • Try to find a brown panda ty

  • Pewds is a simp cause he is friends with Marzia and sven

  • didn't hakear you you liar 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • But how seven respawn???????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Hey pewds

  • he needs to play Minecraft again, everyone keep reminding him on the subreddit

  • 1.17 is cave update YAAAY

  • 1.17 is cave update YAAAY

  • Finally I've been finding for a perfect phone case👌

  • Please do a Iron farm and upgrade the trading center

  • The 107 mi

  • ,,,,, so like. He know if he touches those end crystals they will explode-

  • Dream skin in RTX

  • Hey PewDiePie get the dog and name him men and put a blue leash

  • Because of you I learnt Swedish :)

  • More minecraft pls

  • More minecraft

  • More minecraft

  • aight~many people have already mentioned but...I'll say it again cuz this is extremely important: *_DO NOT EVER TRY TO MINE THOSE CRYSTALS UNLESS U WANT TO NUKE YOURSELF AND SVEN!!!_*

  • The mask is upside down 😂😂😂

  • Is it episode 46 ? Or episode 50.

  • 6:35 lmao

  • Look at the character it's pewdiepie face

  • Ow Felix your videos is soooooooo cool! I like all your videos but I love your Minecraft 🤩 You gona be the best youtouber EVER. (Sven is sooooooooo cute! ) 🤗

  • wow good boy, he's loyal, and few episodes ago he said sven's boyfriend

  • Привет PewDiePie крутое видео

  • Pewdiepie should play minecraft with dream sometime. like if you agree so he can see it!

  • F

  • It bothers me that this episode 46 but we are at 50

  • Hes wereing a mask because its the varius

  • He forgot deeep but remembered sven cat. *Bruh*

  • felix: don't look at me sven also felix: sven won't even look at me

  • Ooooo!!!!!

  • I what more minecraft video plz i love it.i want part 47.

  • Pewds is back YASSS

  • Finnaly Felix playing minecraft

  • It mite be a t seres fan haking u

  • Ada indo gak sihhh sini like klo indo

  • Hey pewd you should do a speedrun on stream or something

  • Villager Jail : Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

  • This should be minecraft part 50, because the part before this was 49 lol

  • Does Felix not remember that Cats scare away creepers

  • I know why he had a army of pigs To have a army of technobabbles

  • Where is that paw dai paiii intro???

  • Next video title: *I did a big mistake*

  • Wheres the next part

  • And get sven boy friend 2

  • Aboat a cave and cliff update

  • Pewds the episode is 50 dis one

  • Eu queria que o mundo desse Neto agora ficar que eu conhecesse

  • Aí o pai foi eu que pensei só eu te hackiei sou trouxa

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    • Listen I don’t want to join your religion if you are just gonna shove it down my throat

  • I think he waits so he can change his name back

  • How come he always forget about deeep/svens son

  • did you forget that cats scare away creepers in minecraft

  • Your THE best and THE world of THE last of Minecraft servers