My Best Impostor Game in Among Us #7

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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  • Mana orang indo

  • People like Xoc honestly make the game fUn to me Idk bout y'all 😭😳

  • Imagine watching a movie with xQc that he's already seen.. 😂😂

  • Idk why pews played with xQc

  • 17:22 xQc: Adept Adept I don’t want to hear it adept Felix: laughing then goes along with it😂

  • Anything from Felixs videos are quotable or super funny or both😂

  • We want gaming week.

  • xQc is absolutely the one who is going off in the Ghost chat after he gets killed

  • Who is this xQc?? I don’t think a person this annoying existed irl and not just in the movies as an over exaggerated character

  • xQc is the biggest 3rd imposter I've ever seen lmao he so annoying

  • is bobby logic?

  • xQc always wanted EVERYONE to listen to him the he ends up being wrong after he caused a big scene

  • Pewds literally got backstabbed by Bobby 🤣💀

  • Imag pEWds lost all his subs xD

    • @ELISHA VIJOY it was a joke ;-;

    • No i will not :(

  • Christ I can’t even watch this, That xQc guy is so annoying. Not even his shouting but how he speaks, he speaks like he’s smarter than everyone else or something and comes off like a prick

  • Does xQc always talk in morse code?

  • bobby is the coolest player i've ever seen, he's so chill , XQC was hilarious lol

  • I felt bad for pewds xqc was again and again accusing him

  • xCq is so roasted and done by pewds but avoids speaking back cus of his fame.

  • Everyone: sees x color kill xCq: STAB IT STAP IT STAB STAB VOTING EVERYONE

  • xCq is that one kid in the class that thinks the teacher likes him and ends up being the class clown

  • The fact that I laughed at xQc when pewds said 'small brain' is enough to explain how annoying he is..

  • Xqc- I have information I have information stop voting stop voting STOP VOTING Fuck I hate that guy Why does he remind me of a shitty Walmart version of Ninja

  • Lmao he tried looking smart pfff

  • Summit1g: I was continuously going back into electr- *Summit1g was ejected* 15:28

  • Everyone is talking about xQc. We need to talk about how badly Bobby was abused by Pews xD

  • xQc is annoying but Bobby storyline was epic

  • Sorry, but this game is ridiculous.. Even for kids...

  • BHAHAHA xqc is actually funny when you don’t take him seriously at all and don’t have to deal with him at all times and realize he talks like the annoying and mean type of nerd from school that people make jokes about

  • Watching this video stresses me out.

  • 2:30 lizard eyes wtffff

  • If they go I was lItErAllY... They're sus

  • All the comments are about xQc meanwhile I’m all sad cause of how terrified Pewds’ children in among us looked when he was murdered by lirik

  • I’ve got some experience with drug addicts and XQC is either super manic or big into cocaine. I don’t know whether to hate him or feel bad for him tbh.

  • Sub to me

  • Can yall be more polite with xQc. U realize that he will read the comments and it might hurt him, it just makes me feel horrible please

  • 0:22 cocomelon be like

  • coco gang where u at?

  • OMG Xgc was so freaking toxic this game... like holy cow.. I can see why Pewdiepie was getting annoyed with him

  • I’m so glad that everyone in the comment section feels the same about xqc

  • xQc's voice is very hyperactive (as everyone is pointing out). to break down why this is annoying, its because as humans we have learned to gravitate towards calm and collected people. being calm and smooth is a sign of strength. (thats why people like corpse). people who are very nervous sounding or make jerky movements appear as untrustworthy and unreliable. they say the main sign of confidence is slow movement (or speech). im sure i dont really need to explain all this, its second nature for people to pick up on it. but its important to remember why we think this way.

    • not gonna lie. i see this a lot. i mean i see the way you guys are acting so much. what do you have to gain from calling him out? are you hoping to insight some kind of punishment on him because he bothered you? you all are acting immature. you say he is the one who cant handle social situations properly, but you guys are the ones who cant let it go. this comment section is a cesspool no? please learn from this. its unsightly

  • Ngl I lmao every time you accuse bobby

  • 15:27 ...i see his defense wasnt good enough edit: 16:35 hahahaha

  • i just saw pewds game with sidemen and now seeing this... for the people who said in the comments of that video do still think pewds enjoyed his game with the sidemen? lol...see the difference

  • “ful, ful!” xQc is the type of person I want to flick when they talk

  • Everyone: playing for fun xQc doesn’t know it’s a game “hold on..hold on..can I talk?..can I finish!”


  • GIBI

  • Transposter!

  • xQc is that guy that joins, acts like he knows everything, then accuss randomly and throws.

  • Train: makes a really good and logical point xQc: what if LIRIK killed and hid in a vent

  • When xQc is wrong about every accusation lmao

  • xQc is so annoying -.-

  • The cut after 15:25 was gold

  • xQc is sooo annoying. I wish he would just shut up already.

  • xQc talks in x2 playback

  • adepadepadep

  • Please more Among us 👇

  • I'm surprised they didn't kill off xQc every time regardless of if he was a crewmate or impostor lol

  • 👏👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • xQc is legit so annoying. He’s trying to be so smart like disguised toast or something

  • I came back to this video to comment that xQc got banned from twitch for stream sniping while playing Fall Guys

    • @Amina Hussain Rasheed stream sniping means you’re watching the stream of someone you’re playing against in a game so you can gain an unfair advantage

    • wait really?? but wait what does sniping mean

  • Fortnite bros

  • Poor Bobby he trusted Pewds too much XD

  • Tell me about your headset

  • Xqc is so toxic, i don't know how they put with it 😅 rip him a new one

  • xQc: * speaks for a second * Summit: “im already question wtf your saying dude” Me:’ve never been more relatable

  • Poods literally played light Yagami, just the alternate ending where he succeeds


  • Xqc is honestly so toxic lmfao

  • I think the problem with XQC in this kind of game is he focuses on one person and wants so bad to be right he won’t let it go. Like trying to prove he’s so smart he can sus the imposter out immediately. He focused on pewds so hard he made the game easy for the imposters.

  • Was... was Bobby Logic? Or was that just me

  • I kinda just wish xQc had a mute button lol

  • Among us is the best game if you want to ruin a friendship you had for years

  • see but I actually like xqc though

  • "xq mothafucking c, you owe me an apology" i mean, i couldn't blame xqc for wanting to be Disguised Toast but like, Toast ain't like that, and if he falsely accused someone, he would apologize.

  • Somebody: starts stuttering Pewdiepie: YOUR DONE!

  • There’s a “wannabe pro” among us.... God he’s so annoying n the way he speaks ahhh bruh ur ping is high or what?! Smh 🤦‍♂️

  • He is imoster 21:06

  • Xqc is fun to watch alone or when he plays with people who also scream but with other MRslowrs like jack toast pewds hes terrible he ruins the vibe

  • Can xQc just shut up

  • To be honest I'd vote out xQc every time just for talking the entire time and not giving a single FUCK what anyone else had to say

  • XQc is the physical embodiment of mansplaining

  • Jesus xqc reminds me of my ex... no idea how I lived with him for a year...

  • XQc is so oversmart.He doesn’t know how to respect people.

  • Я один русский?

  • This comment section is just: xQc = >:(( Bobby = :))

  • Can someone help me with my science homework?

  • T

  • Wow i like this one its so cool

  • Pewds: It’s Bobby xQc: No it’s not, he’s dead. Me: r/woosh

  • I am an imposter GOD

  • I was banned from a player but i didn't do anything and i like playing with a player 'sunflower' but now i can't find please help me sunflower if you are seeing this please add comment

  • xQcaren

  • I was about to go to the comments go tell xQc to shut the hell up, but everyone already did

  • 31:16 Fyull, fyull, fyull


    • I'm dying

  • Bobyy is my fav i hope we can see more of him logic is de best

  • xQc the whole time they were playing rlly said ✨ *pea brain* ✨

  • xQc is not letting me watch this whole video. I watched for about 17 minutes and im fed enough. Its not fun when xQc is on