KSI Challenged Me (response).. - LWIAY #00137

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
cant believe ksi did this
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  • His reaction was wholesome.


  • 2:36

  • This video is older but I absolutely love it. That animation is absolutely insane. Makes my heart throb. Been watching Pewds since about 2014 to now. Absolutely love being a bro 👊🏼💙

  • 15:43 what's that background music?

  • PewDiePie's reaction on bad history is just golden, I'm here for the 9th time❤️

  • Toooooooop

  • Just asking, did Ethan give Pewds the mjolnir or did he get it himself?

  • I’ve watched Pewds for almost a decade and omg that animation made me cry, it’s so incredible and I hope Felix knows how much we all notice the small things 🥺😭

  • I wonder how sive reacted the animation

  • 14:18 Animated Pewds Here Looks Kinda Like A Slightly More Realistic Fix-It-Feilx Jr

  • Pewdie must do the old intro :(

  • Song used at 13:02?

  • Nostalgic feeling 😐

  • Lol good

  • I saw your zen pouch pewds

  • 5:38 he just made a cryaotic reference

  • 1:01 I hate it when people yell I like one person at a time Les e my eardrums are nonexistent

  • 9:58 world war 3???

  • why did i cry when he was getting emotional about the bad history video damn

  • Amazing animation ✌️song is epic also catchy 💪

  • Media tried so hard to cancel Pewdiepie. Good thing people actually think for themselves now and no longer fall for headlines and out of context stories and scandals.

  • Bro fist 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿

  • Your editor is drunk

  • joe pat mama keep going yo mama fat

  • Wait, did he actually do a video with Ryan Higa??

  • what is that music called on the among us meme vid right before the bad history vid

  • Ulla Britta 1:09

  • In the Dean Cain series of Superman, Clark Kent & Superman were seen at the same time (although one was a hologram), so it is fitting Felix & PewDiePie did the same, now get your Elytra & Fly!

  • that's wholesome!

  • Por que al moia le falta creatividad igual que a los otros so lo es ver memes y llorar

  • just waiting for the day pewdiepie will like my comment

    • 👍

  • Me watching this four times and crying every time

  • I name it Weird PP

  • I tried to post my skin on the sub Reddit and they wouldn’t let me lol

  • he should play the new assasins creed becouse its about his historey of bnorway

  • This is from the future: Love you Pewds.. :)

  • I cried

  • You made my childhood dude. I love you man 😄

  • Ksi is IMPOSTER

  • P -----> pig , P --------> PewDiePie

    • 🙄

  • This was so insane man

  • After this video pewds is going to get 20% discount on ALL EXPENSIVE INSTRUMENTS

  • I love bridges

  • Everytime pewds get's emotional there is always a brofist at the end, it's so wholesome

  • Hey hey

  • romania gang here

  • I love the intro 0:01

  • That animated video made me cry almost 😢. I've been here so long lol

  • Just searched up cocomelon, its a fucking nursery rhyme channel

  • 4:34 SIMP!!!!

  • He was legit crying at the end tho

    • You are speaking the truth.

  • Seeing you emotional pewds as you watch your journey made me cry. i started watching you since the day you played amnesia slender man happy wheels im so proud of where you are right now PROUD BRO ARMY HERE SINCE 2010!

  • the logical thing is to call him "swallow"

  • 13:18 Thank me later

  • You'r the best youtober boy❤❤❤❤

  • His name is Dr Professor sheep head

  • This warms my heart no matter what shit I'm going through. Awesome work.

  • You are probably here for 13:25

  • PewDiePie was so anxious when he said he ain't he is signalling something he needs serious help Like he was so stressed there was sweat on forehead & his eyes bulged Stop it Pewds Get Help for Uncontrollable social anxiety that gives u spasms & epileptic seizure dude Like this so that Pewds notices & gets help 👍

    • @John Wick yea bro it's true

    • What ?

  • His name should be swallow

  • Yessss you’ve seen turn on the camera I’m soo happyyy

  • Wth. This was so sweet

  • Spit and Phlegm. Brothers and best friends.

  • watching* 10:44 dislikes video*

  • No offense to KSI but..... Pewdiepie >Ksi

  • That intro was different but pretty good

  • That last video was beautiful. Woooow. That blew me away and got me in tears cause of the journey he had. Just beautiful guys.

  • Pewdiepie who doesn’t know Dick is short for Richard: **visible confusion**



  • What's the background music?

  • pause at 13:25

    • Thank you

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  • nice intro


  • Who is watching this lwaiy again and again

    • Just for the song? Me pro

  • Bad history made all details with Unity's particle system

  • I was curious so looked up how old this person is... 31????? That’s it? Congrats on your success but dang I literally thought he was like 44.... maybe this steaming thing is for just youth but anti youthful..... but keep going! It’s funny stuff - power fist or whatever

  • As expected MRslow wasn't strong enough.

  • Bad History deserves the biggest pp

  • i cried watching pewdiepies reaction because i remeber my freind who died of cancer who loved doing youtube

  • 16:00 this was so emotional 😢

  • Name the furby Milk, of foam

  • just when i thought PP's couldn't get any bigger... bad history comes out with a 100% PP increase... that was super dope

  • Name it swallow

  • I can feel and see the true emotional feelings of Pewds, awww, so *WHOLESOME!*

  • GREAT WORK! I tear up a little seeing Pewds so touched:')

  • Stop saying G0da*=it pls respect God's name

  • Well Well Well

  • I want to buy that chicken with strong arms and legs

  • E

  • Di*k thunder & saladass are my fav😂😂

  • Pewdiepie pls help me get ksi to 100m

  • Dick is short for Richard.

  • What an animation! You guya legend!

  • Love this

  • Has pewds watched hunter x hunter? 13:05

  • The intro of Turn on the camera I was 2 years old When you had that set up 10 years ago man

  • Does anyone know the bg music that plays when he gets emotional? Plsssss