Instant Regret..

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 19 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Instant regret clicking on this video bros
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  • 5:14- double kill

  • Heyyy Nikola Jokic :DD

  • 3:30 for Pakistani ❤❤❤❤

  • Hows it going bro's my name is pewdiepie

  • The man at 5:53 was like: COME ON? REALLY?!

  • 0:40 wasnt that a russian army salute

  • hey guys it's me pickle twist

  • Ngl i watch for the bro fist

  • Those half-life sounds, takes me back!

  • o7 o7 o7 o7 \o o7 o7 o7 o7 o7

  • Helo pudidi

  • If that 18% were to subscribe to pews he would be at 131M Do your part

  • I had a scar like that a dog bit me on the forehead

  • What the f*** did i watch right now? hahahahaha 1:40 that kid was about to sh** hahaha

  • Eat Spaghetti to forgetti your regretti

  • THIS is the highest paid dude on youtube? He's got less personality than a rock. WOW! World, you should be ashamed!

  • yes

  • copied lazar?


  • That gym guy ain't no SIMP!!!!

  • “Chad energy” more like BLM rioters realized they were attacking a black man’s car. That showed how racist many people are and how they attempt to conceal it by attacking white people.

  • PewdieDisrespect😎

  • Pew Die Pie

  • Ned Flanders

  • Imagine if everybody that's ever watched Pewdiepie was subbed to him O_O

  • lol felix blaming the old lady for the artwork falling when it wasnt even her that touched it

  • I’m bri ish

  • Nothing wrong? LIAR

  • The elderly lady didn't touch the clock, it was the dude. Pewdiepie, you are blind.

  • my brother cracked his head open on a concrete ceiling because he's 6,3

  • The half life sfx really had a lot to the whole experience

  • "chad energy" no, he's just black. That's just your average "black lives matter" protest.

  • Ned Flanders is my favorite yt

  • Pewdiepie : Look at graph Me : Im looking at the fucking graph now what?

  • 0:11 | Bridge flashbacks

  • 6:50 now I finally know what made idubbbz puke in one of his bad unboxing videos.

  • Pewdiepie has regrets!? HMMMMMMM!?

  • What is your pc

  • On 3:08 she never touched it tho

  • the half-life sound effects are the best thing about this

  • 3:25 why didnt they just poor it out like i get its on fire and prolly still wouldve have fully helped but like bruh

  • Half life sounds pog

  • 2:05 Thats What you get for being to tall.

    • A hate crime against tall people...

  • Imbranfonfarris yaaaaaay!!!

  • 1:20 its prob after a match, he says something like guys same team

  • Hey pewds cocomelon have made some toys and I think you should use them for your intro or something

  • Ned flanders indeed pewdiepie... ned flanders indeed...

  • Bruh. That poor dude. Instant circumcision

    • Yes

  • 3:25 people sometimes

  • Is söstoming the same as the dutch zure haring?

  • 0:12 🌉🌉🌉

  • Dats just a bad day

  • PewDiePie in 2020: Look, I've been a good boy lately. MRslow after this video: We shall see.

  • Imagine squatting on a smith machine

  • 2:34

  • my mom told me that if I get 10k likes on my mates video which is impossible I will get a new Gaming Pc. I need it but I know it won’t happen 🥺🥺

  • "I have done nothing wrong ever" *flashbacks to a very specific bridge*

  • "I have done nothing wrong ever" *flashbacks to a very specific bridge*

  • 1:44 black frame nice

  • 5:14 cum

  • Adopt a monkey Felix

  • good thing pewds didnt realise that 2nd clip was danish

  • PewDiePie: *"I've Done NOTHING Wrong"* Also PewDiePie: **Said The N-Word 4 Times**

  • He looks like American trucker

  • Walter White watching instant regret...

  • Never get close to monkey. He'll bite you...

  • That intro got me lmao

  • fermented Fish, not really rotten I think

  • When a reply to your comment gets more likes.

  • 2:08 I knew it. HARRY FOCKEN POTTAH

  • Humans are also *Instant Regret*

  • How did you get a hundred million 😕

  • Bridge

  • Pewdiepie: I have done nothing wrong in my life. Me: ThE BriDGe.

  • Pew die pie take the Tom Sellek challenge. Walk around shirtless in cutoff jeans. Then beat up the ghost kid hiding in the corner.

  • I will be dead by then. Where is my faith in you, you ask? Well it flew away when you married the wrong woman.

  • Lol its crazy

  • "im doing nothing wrong" instant remember some certain sheep

  • Pec dec guy aint no simp

  • I felt that man's pp

  • Lol i got a master class ad with a sexologist before this

  • the editor has a good game choice *he is with the science team*

  • Who came here for hassan ali , the best cricket celebration 😂😂

  • The gym guy was not a SIMP

  • This the first time I've seen cricket clip in pewds' video

  • pewds: i did nothing wrong in my life his coworkers: who shat in the shower?


  • Sive adding the sound effect made it even better

  • The intro really got me 🤣

  • 3:05 🚹

  • 3:34 That literally happens to me all the fucking time! I'm so glad an athlete has the same fucking problem :D

  • Hahaha I cracked up when I saw Shammi walking through the concrete! Loved Brandon too.

  • 7:05 The best scene.

  • Just a random comment go on and continue with your lives

  • I live how top comments on pewds vids are always MRslowrs with 100k+ subs

  • I lowkey feel honoured by him reacting to our Winnipeg jets

  • why is there half-life sfx lol

  • "you open it under water" well where the hell were you when I needed that info?!?!?!


  • Wait pewds is starting to look like dr disrespect