Im 14 and This is Deep...😢😢😢 #72[REDDIT REVIEW]

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 जुलै, 2020
Im 14 and this is deep
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  • I saw Billie Eilish

  • I mean the school is actually science

  • Im not 14 and deep im 16 and high

  • i was trying a try not to laugh challenge i did it till sugar and salt are the same at that point i laughed so hard i spilled my choco milk out of my nose hell im sueing felix

  • It’s even funnier watching this as a 14 year old. I mean 19.... oops

  • Whenever I'm sad I'll watch your videos 😍♥️

  • Im 14 and dont associate with that reddit

  • pp pp pp pp pp

  • Bruh the Tom and Jerry one can’t be in the I’m 14 and this is deep page tf that shows 5000 years old 14 year olds wouldn’t get thay

  • 1:58

  • Other things that are deep: 14 Year-Olds I’m crying 😭 😭 😭

  • Someone:The floor is made of floor 14 year old girls:😣😖😖😥😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • I'm 14 and this comment section is deep *whiny crying noises*

  • The intro is more funnier then the video

  • 6.9mill views

  • You know what else is deep the void in my soul

  • poods never cried past year ago..

  • what happened to the emos? we work office jobs now. that's the real pain

  • Nice

  • Are all of us like this when we were 14? Lmao

  • 6t6ftyghu

  • Fuk. Felix why did you had to make this video few days after I turned 15

  • I’m 14 and I absolutely hate people like this, I don’t like Billie Ellish I prefer Nero’s Day at Disneyland music and I hate how they make stupid things sound depressing when it isn’t. 😂

  • maybe this isn't deep maybe you're just shallow

  • Im a spy. That's what im doing.

  • “other things that are deep 14 year olds” ladys and gentlemen we got him

  • “other things that are deep: 14 year olds”

  • get ready boys , the billieeilish fandom is coming to attack us

  • Groot in a suit. Noice.

  • What are you up to little Emos? Me: nothing much dude, just eating cake in a mug

  • The fact that I used to put emo quotes statuses when in my early pubescent days literally keeps me up at night. 🙂

  • im 15

  • I was like this when I was 14😶... Sorry guys

  • 4:52 yep Poki is 14 tho

  • Damn I’m actually 14

  • I'm 14 and this is deep. Wanna know what else deep and could fit a single racoon? ;)

  • But pewds you cried when you where born


  • I’m called what I go by 14 year olds: ☹️😟😣😖😫😩😢😭

  • My life is plain, but the L is silent.

  • im not 14 and this video isnt deep

  • What are the emos doing? *We are returning to take over society*

  • Did media make an issue

  • S(he) b(lei)ves Any way

  • Deeeepppp

  • 10:43 when the burrito is so damn good

  • 🍨⛰️ 🦒🍎💛

  • I fell into a canal once... Im 13 and it is deep 😔

  • Use ur last emojis 14 year olds 😭🥲😪🥀🔫🔪🚬⛓🖤🤍 (yes Ik I’m 14 😂)

  • _on reddit, you can be young, ugly, and racist._ ✨

  • 5:04 it's the opposite (opposite of king too)

  • This is so painful, but the p and f are silent

    • @Jaylen Brown wait

    • wait

  • 7:10 Felix: what happened to all the emos? Like what are they doing now? Me who is still very much a emo: ... nothing much...

  • 4:52 it’s like the opposite tho

  • 13:32 bruh me have this exact thing in our school library

  • im 13 so i will re watch every video of pewds reacting to this subreddit i will come back at sep 13 next year

  • Black and white anime crying........ Me: LET'S *SIMP*

  • Ik 16 doesn that count? :)

  • I saw an emo on the train and I screamed and ran away

  • 10:48 you go forward

  • I am 14 and this is funny

  • A very cute girl sent this video to me. I somehow missed this upload. But god this was hard to sit through. But she’s really cute so I watched it all. And I have my first crush in a while (me and her are both actually 19 so lol)

  • us emos are watching from the back

  • As a former Emo, I evolved into a big tiddy Goth gf lol

  • Me to my crush :whats Ur favourite music . Crush :Billie eilish , how about you Me who was playing among us with her : SILENTHAT LEFT THE GAME

  • 4:58 that's Pokimane and Pew straight up dissed her Now they are playing Among Us together

  • 9:20 they taste the same too

  • Cocaine flavored coffee

  • Same title as pyro and same video idea

  • Iam a 14 yo and this is not deep its just pure shit

  • It sucks watching this and actually being 14😔 I’m 14 and this is deep 😂

  • "🍨 🍎⛰️ 🍨👃 🐷🍎🍨👃"

  • _Maybe_ *I am 14*

  • "If u ask Corona to stay at home and you go outside then you're safe" 14 year olds:😭😭😭

  • 5:00 Iam14andneverheardofsimps

  • I'm drinking champagne but the cham is silent :'(

  • Mm yes depressing

  • I think it spells I am in pain

  • 🧊 🍎🏔 🏔🧅 👃🥝🍆🪀

  • We live in a society where pizza gets to your police before your house 😔

    • Society man society.

    • Society

  • The intro is also very deep

  • damn i think i’m 14😑

  • This was the most funny pewds vid in a long time😂

  • When the auto-generated subtitles say 'my sister' instead of 'marzia'... "◐.̃◐ oniichann..." 12:56

  • The intro scarred me for life

  • Look at this pounce 10:43

  • 4:02 Oregon took his advice

  • The thumbnail is cursed.

  • 4:50 what does that mean? I've been trying to understand it for a while but i still don't get it.

  • *After watching this video I'm scared to become 14 next month..*

  • 4:03 Oregon Be like: DEAL

  • 4:03 Oregon listened

  • *im ten*

  • Well, my aunt was an emo. _was._ Now, she is very religious, likes to meditate and yoga, has a very girly daughter, works as a supervisor, is engaged, and still sometimes "dEeP 😔😢💔😿😱😦"

  • *sad 14 year old noises who lived his life like a chad*

  • I rap Sometimes

  • 🕳️

  • Pewds: make all drugs legal Oregon: yes father🙏

    • Dude I was gonna say that exact thing

  • Im 14 and this is offensive