I Spent $500 on Magic to Amaze my Wife

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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  • 🇧🇩❤️

  • Simp Pewds? NANII!?

  • I thought you meant magic the gathering lmfao

  • Rip camera focus

  • fucks wrong with her vocals?>

  • Churros

  • Its called tic tac toe

  • SIIIIMMMMMPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PewDiepie: - Speaks Japanese - Has Italian girlfriend - Sings in Spanish - Is from Sweden - speaks with American accent - lives in the UK - has russian merch - war with Indian YT channel - hates norway - speaks Swedish - thanked the Philippines - sponsor's IKEA - Has N-WORD-PASS - worldwide subs - Drinks Russian wine Mr.Worldwide

  • Petition for pewds to collab w cristine because those nails...

  • Are we not gonna talk about his hands?

  • I think I watched MRslow too much. Now my eye sight is blur....

    • Insta: myself_saimun

  • i read the title SIMPPPPP

  • 108 million subs on channel

  • Pewdiepies gamblers cop was so clean.... dayummm

  • Wtf is that nails

  • 6:01

  • 10.00

  • pewds tryna read the instructions sounds like charlie kelly from its always sunny

  • This is like 5 wierd things online

  • cute couple

  • Why is pewds wearing nail polish.

  • The autofocus is really screwed up in this video

  • Video's focus is exactly everywhere else except their faces... Pewds maintaining his legacy of top quality video😂

  • hocus out of focus


  • simp


  • Its fun seeing a plan just fall apart...

  • thats tic-tac-toe...

  • Could’ve just used your new mic

  • *SCAM 1992 background music intensifies*


  • Cam be like: "nope i love myself so m just gonna focus on me on the mirror..idc abt these magic shits!"

  • The intro is so damn wholesome✨

  • this intro was really cute

  • Magic without cape??? You suck pewds... No wonder you dont understand the Indian trick.. Because i totally it.. .. .. ..

  • Title should be changed to “Failed magic tricks on my wife”

  • But they never...

  • Better call saul reference was epic

  • But whats up with your fingernails man....

  • Pewds is like I spent 20$ on this me beast last une to take hand off of 1 million dollar wins it all

  • Srs pewds. Whats with your camera focus? 😂 10 years and you cant perfect it?

  • Comments talking about the unfocused camera. Me with a 144 resolution confused asf.

    • Can relate

  • Movie/Series plot twist incoming... "BUT THEY NEVER!"

  • His wife is bootyful

  • simp

  • Literally the worst magician i have ever seen...🤣🤣

  • Hello from India

  • Camera focus on itself is the confidence and self love that i need in my life


  • SIMP

    • calling pewdiepie a simp is a unforgivable sin


    • super*

  • felix try to summon rey mysterio

  • pasangan yang serasi

  • Pewds and marzia are so cute😊, I will be blessed if I get someone like her in the future😁

  • SIMP

  • What is Marzia's accent?

    • shes Italian


  • lol the instructions literally sound like they were written by pewds

  • this is nice

  • The intro be like 😘☺️

  • Pewds ,whats up with your nails ? ;-;

  • i think i wold of spent more.. the fuck is that!!

  • Can't help but look out the window in the background to figure out why there's a parking lot outside of their house

  • I can't see their faces, but I can see everything else. Unlike the rest of the world, pewds never changes :D

  • anyone else notice the vortex in his house ( two mirrors facing each other) and in one video there was banging and it wasnt Marzia so it was a ghost because vortexes are the gateway of the spirits

  • Everyone chant with me ALL HAIL QUEEN MARZIA

  • Why is your nail cover in black??....... Trying to go gothic lol?

  • Simping on the kings wife is considered treason

  • 😞

  • wait you have a wife???!! i never knew

  • 0:41 proud to be indian 2:29 agian

  • Are your fingernails ok Felix?

  • I was expexting mtg 😐

  • Taiwanese game✨✨love from taiwan!🇹🇼

  • Marzias maya voice was the best part

  • Usac Newton

  • The way that i didn't even realize this video was out of focus until i saw the next lwiay

  • First thing he reads on the instructions: "the audience will not be impressed"

  • when the indian guy finally scams pewds

  • Video's focus is exactly everywhere else except their faces... Pewds maintaining his legacy of top quality video😂

  • Wth is wrong with pewds nails bruh

    • 3:40

  • Nah, $500 on magic is kinda sus, i call it small PP compared to the fact that Bruno Mars has 24k magic in the air

  • still love "what? u never play tuber simulator"

  • So who is this man,pewdiepie or Felix?

  • This intro was very nice. You should do more like it

  • "No skill required" I died🤣🤣🤣

  • Anyone else laugh like a maniac when he was reading the first trick instructions 🤣🤣🤣

  • What is the tripod he uses for his finger cam?

  • the intro looks simped, when u reed name of the vid, u knew pewds a simp on september

  • wow

  • Damn it😔 I want pewds to have my children

  • Pewds simp?

  • Karam zeero

  • Loved the intro

  • Intro is so kawaiii

  • okay but that animated intro was to freaking cute

  • Sive 2 or Brad 2, why u no fix focusx?

  • What is the thing on your nail

    • It's paint I guess