I Make Swedish Bread And Fail Completely

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 16 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • knäke *b r u h*

  • Du glömde att göra ett höl i mitten så att det blir törra. Sedan hänger du de på en stöng så det blir extra törra. Om du Kan så göra en tutorial på hur man gör dopp i grytan

  • Knäkebruh

  • Pewdiepie (yells): kNacKEbRoD Subtitles: Connectitcut Crooked bruh Cant get bright Knicker bro Kinect bread Connective breath *(music)* Me: yEh i tHinK i cAn mOve tO sWeDEn noW-

  • Any argument *exists* Pewdiepie: “BUT IM SWEDISH!!!”

  • Knekkebrød.

  • yo look at pewdiepie hands

  • Every time I cook, I can hear pewds yelling “Knäckebröd!. It does not matter what I’m cooking to😂

  • america: having bad knäckebröd *sweden: FALU RÅGRUT!!!!*

  • cc: i have never made kinky bro me: what

  • Impossible. You're sweden and you failed. You're the imposter.

  • first big mistake is not measuring properly. its like holding a measuring cup and measuring out a cup.

  • i love when he shout krakebread he is like selling it😂😂

  • More cooking videos pleasee

  • Watch as slightly drunk swedish man makes bread

  • The " I married a savage" made me laugh

  • they have these at IKEA im pretty sure, or similar lmao but 10/10 pewds

  • I used to eat knäckebröd every Day befor school

  • we have knäkebröd in friesland

  • When any dough is sticky in your hands it means it needs more flour, just a friendly tip :P

  • this is how many times Pewdiepie shouted Knäckebröd. ↓

  • " its good for your jijeshchin"

  • I'm half Swedish and i swear to god all swedes do this!! We always sneak fruit or knäckebröd outside the cafeteria😂😂

  • Knäckebröd

  • imagine calling your wife dude

  • his bread sounds like crisps

  • Brud

  • 6:06 looks like sick

  • 🍞

  • I swear I am bread maker

  • So for the first try actually nice

  • Norway makes better knekkebrød

  • I really wanted this to go well for him

  • Whenever I tell my friends I eat it and try to translate it to my English friends I say "crack bread" and then they all assume things

  • Kekebruhh?

  • Knäckebröd? More like, knäcke-bruh

  • I love you! Pewdiepie!

  • You can tell at the start of the video it’s daytime and at the end it’s night, it really took the whole day for him to make it

  • Smör o aromat på knäckebröd är drömmen btw du borde köpa knäckebröd från Sverige i en vidio

  • "I wish I had a tambourine" So this is where it all started

  • when he yells knackebröd... auto sub say to me.. chicken broth.. and connecticut bra 😂😂

  • this is the most 480p video of a 1080p video ive ever watched

  • 18:06 "we are trying to hit 107M" well pewds you just did

  • His face after asking how it looked was so cute for no reason

  • looks like garbage 7:47


  • Why are alot of the MRslowr's I watch make bread🍞 I mean I like bread so it's not at all a problem

  • Hloo new fan are you speaking American accent . if so replyyyy so someone give me a like if he is using american accent

  • never realized how blue pewds eyes are

  • It became a biscuit

  • How do you spell that spice that you usually put on Knäckebröd?

  • Felix Kjellberg Norge har også knekke brød KNEKKE BRØD

  • I have KNÄCKEBRÖD in my home

  • You did it really God

  • Pewdiepie: "I just want people to look at me and say hey-" SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: "You're driving without car insurance"

  • Was Marzia great grandfather a mafia boss?

  • It hurts my soul that he isn’t leveling out the ingredients.

  • Vähän näkkileipäää

  • the subtitle you making connect a bra

  • The best choice I could have ever made was turning on subtitles for this video... just watch what comes up every time he says knackebrod

  • Hey Felix ypu may not see this, but im doing a swedish project. I used this tutorial for the food section. I hope it goes well

  • the way pewds saying stop while being embarrassed is so wholesome

  • did he wash his hands?

    • Probably not

  • Take a shot every time pewdiepie says knäckebröd

  • The edible tambourine tower

  • cAvEmAn

  • ”kNäKEbRö”

  • i thought i clicked a binging with babish video

  • after 8 hours it looks like Weetabix

  • “Why am i so bright?!” Because you’re in Brighton felix

  • Yeastmaster 64

  • Felix: "this one is for you Marzia" Marzia: "why?" Felix: "Cause it's tiny and cute" (Everyone liked that

  • Jag älskar knäckebröd

  • still laughing at marzia's laugh at 8:41

  • My palm knocked me out when he added half a teaspoon of yeast instead of 1 and a half

  • knacke *BRUH*

  • Pewds, you used liquid measuring cups to weigh out dry ingredients, flours are much lighter than liquid, I think you used way too little flour. That’s why it was sticky. Next time please measure by weight, with a scale.

  • Watching my husband try to follow recipes like this is so stressful. You want to be supportive, but you know they're doing at least 5 things wrong. I felt for Marzia in this one

  • They need some Kalles Kaviar

  • I love these, Swedish pancakes and Swedish bread but as a Finn, I AM PROUD TO SAY, NÄKKILEIPÄ!!! I feel so called out even tho this is Swedish, not Finnish...

    • Tällasta kommenttia mä etinkin

  • imagine baking bread in a black t-shirt? CRINGE

  • baby you need more FLOUR

  • I saw the g-fuel in the background


  • I love how he is just Shouting at 11 pm

  • wears a black shirt when baking jeez

  • Pewds: This smells like children Me: Wait what

  • I like knekkebrød

  • When he mistook millilitres for grams, I knew where this was going.

  • They sell Wasa’s knäcke at the Taj grocery store in Hove!

  • i dont get why these cooking videos get less views than other vids, like i REALLY EnJoyyy these.

  • I’m So Hungry! 🤤


  • I love how he uses the fact that he's Swedish for embarrassing situations

  • Knäckebröd

  • I like the fact he said it was 23:05 yet the clock behind him said it was 15:43

  • Cooking w felix is the best cook

  • im dutch (the netherlands), i eat knäckebröd (wasa knäckebröd) everyday and i love it 👍 😋 😎

  • “I’m a bit insecure, tell me it looks good”

  • You need to bake damsugare sometime!

    • You know the green things XD