I Got Cancelled Again..

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 6 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Eww pewds wear headphones it ruined wearing headphones for me

  • Bro the artist that said that shit is ridiculous😂 if you don’t want people to listen to your music don’t make music, simple as that.

  • Pewdiepie: “...Radiohead’s music is actually meaningful to me” Radiohead: “Yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon”

  • SpongeBob me boy I just injected black tar heroine straight into my left testicle and I'm going to die argh argh argh argh arreeh arrrr

  • Pewds: I apologize, for the inconvenience of me NOT GIVING A FU-

  • what if Susan Wojcicki was assassinated ?

  • WTF how can you say dont listen to me. thats sooo messed up

  • I was today years old when I found out he listens to Red Velvet. YES king

  • We know ur awesome, pewds man!

  • Just woke up. Found out Pewdiepie visited a country I visited too. Pewdiepie don’t visit my vacation spots. Ok back to bed.

  • did i just see red velvet ??

  • Thank you for donating to my country thank you ❤

  • 😔🤚

  • I was breathing oxygen but when i found out felix did i stopped its not cool anymore

  • 🇱🇧❤

  • if they leak my spofity all they would find is late 70s-mid 2010s music

  • bruh wheres his playlist

  • lil nas x is gay i love hid vids

  • He has red velvet on his Spotify !!!

  • what is the name of the song at 7:10

  • Thank you for listening to my music pewds

  • Guess I’m gay cuz I listen to Tyler the creator

  • So basically Felix listens to the Swedish version of Lil peep


  • Just woke up, found out pewdiepie funded my mum’s cancer treatment. Pewdiepie don’t fund my mum’s cancer treatment. Yes I want her to live but not because of you, ok back to bed

  • If Thom Yorke banned me from listening to his music I’d probably be unhappy for the rest of my life

  • I cant find his playlist, can someone comment the link or the name?:(

  • Twitter is toxic.

  • Review Long Season by Fishmans! :D

    • 10

  • Who knew pewdiepie was a drainer 😳😳

    • @Ruzab K i see

    • @LoliLicker people who likes drain gang

    • what's drainer

  • Twitter why

  • 9:10 wtf pewdiepie reveluv??

  • Thank you for helping my country. Love from Lebanon🇱🇧❤️

  • pewds please listen to marcus miller he's my favorite bassist

  • wait felix watches anime? He's absolutely ruined that for me. Disguisting

  • Where's the like that he said will put in the description of the playlist he recommended?

  • bruh that gupi dude is toxic asf, all of their fans too

    • kinda sad cuz i like gupi

  • This is why I hate Twitter just let the man listen to what he wants

  • Can you just leave him and his music alone ?!? Like ppl are made different bro Aint everyone like Justin Beiber

  • if i like tchaikovsky, am i gay now?

  • He likes Yves Tumor, that's all. 10/10

  • Before the vid starts I think he got cancelled because of black James charles

    • Well that was something 😂

  • Well Poppy's new album is really amazing even though I am not a metalhead but i still stan her music😩❤

  • its literally a human listening to music and people freik out like, why cant that be me??? ill just make millions and people can just say shit, fuck it right??

  • twitter be like: Pewdiepie listens to MUSIC!?!?! Get this man cancelled!

  • Hey! Where is the playlist?

  • The fact he listens to Red Velvet- Respect

    • @Julieta Sánchez 9:10

    • he does?


  • 2:59 *"MIDDLE SCHOOL 1 0 0 ."*

  • See the cover for Siniter Souls and The Satan's albums in the Neuro folder made me loose it

  • I hate how PewDiePie teases us:(

    • wdym

  • Let’s go Radiohead!!

  • Pewdiepie looks like a fucking Viking

    • no long hair doe

  • At 8:14 it sounds like it is a reference to the joker.

  • I’m glad to know that pewds listens to Fishmans

  • Thank god he listens to Yung Lean. He is really for his culture. Beautiful.

  • Does anyone else hear the moaning at 6:26 and 6:25

    • i think its the background music

  • he should have called out whoever bitched that he listened to them, i don't wanna support them because that's some arrogant shit.

  • I thought his spotify has jackspedicey singing

  • 7:43

  • XD

  • It should be: *Swedish Man Listens To Music, Gets Cancelled*

  • Some people listen to cringe music some people don’t listen to cringe deal with it

  • 7:43 Where he is putting his hand???? 😂😂😂

  • Why isn’t KSI his number 1 artist

  • 7:43 casually scratches pp

  • "That song about shrimps" *Insert intense doots*

  • 4:41

  • I used to dislike pewdiepie cause I wasn't into the "i play games and scream like a crazy person". But I "re discovered" him like, 2 or 3 years ago and after all the shit this man has been through, and how he changed his stuff, Damn man, I'm a big fan of this mad lad.

  • 3:31 - Pewdiepie listen to Red Velvet’s song I Just. 🥰

  • "PewDiePie listens to LGBT artists therefore he's bi" PewDiePie plays Minecraft therefore he is Minecraft

  • he listens to rina sawayama as he should 😌

  • 👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • Yung lean and bladee? so you mean you drain? DRAIN GAAAAAANG

  • 7:44

  • Who else can't find the playlist in the description?

  • 7:43, thank me later

  • His playlist is not in the descriptioonn.. CANCEL HIM

  • I always think these stories are from years back because the use the same goddamn picture in every article

  • Twatter is sus af lol

  • You like Neutral Milk hotel, poro and Radiohead aswell?! Love this guy!

  • where is the playlist link?

  • Twitter is a cesspool.

  • What?! PewDiePie is a pie?! He just ruined pies for me!

  • He listened to rina sawayama? OMG WE HAVE TO STAN HARDER!🖤

    • Sorry to pop your bubble but he doesn't listens to rina

  • Thank you Felix for donating my country 😘🙃

  • I am a bee because I listen to jazz. Ya like jazz?

  • finding out pewdiepie listens to jpeg makes my entire day

  • So the situation is like a water gun fighting a cobalt bomb

  • Thx for thinking about us

  • XD pewdiepie listens to Mozart I can't listen to that shit anymore, stop ruining music :(

  • I was 11 when I started watching PewDiepie Now I'm 9

  • Just so you know, YOU AIN'T NO CELEBRITY.

    • @bobs and vegana Hmmm, we have to collect votes. Until then, c u.

    • @Jon Moxley alot more think that he is one

    • @VENUS AS A BOY. Not just my opinion, a whole lot of people think that. Good day.

    • @Jon Moxley how does your opinion make his status lower?

    • @Ananda Pandi Really, you prig?

  • So, they cancelled u because u have taste? 👁️👄👁️, PEOPLE ARE CRAZY


  • He donates all his livestream revenue but twitter hates on him for listening to music lmao

  • Where the playlist??

  • Where is the playlist link...

  • Just woke up found out pewdiepie listens to grass growing and wool thickening on the backs of sheep. Dont guard the bifrost pewdiepie.

  • *Spits out gfuel*