I Found The Strangest Videos Online..

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 एप्रिल, 2020
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  • 3:48 pewds is the whole mood

  • Pewdiepie I actually sleep on the floor for better Posture. FLOOR GANG

  • Arabic intro lets go

  • Awesome vid pewds

  • I wonder if he understood the man behind the slaughter joke

  • Hhhmmm first minecraft then weirdest videos (lazarbeam)

  • You are a bad guy

  • i laughed so hard at the part where the guy was kiling *i mean crushing* the minion


  • förlora gang

  • What the fuck was that thing THE SOUND!

  • Bruhify will rule

    • noooo chelder gang all the way!

  • 7:45 That’s the ennard scream

  • suup

  • Lol Felix just look at the pleh pleh how did you even miss that 😂

  • fuck people for hunting bats

  • Help me a cant stop laughing 7:26

  • .

  • Me:*wearing headphones* Also after hearing it on full blast Me:O My BEEFY PASTA

  • These videos are called strangest in Twitter are tipycal in IG

  • Potato

  • 13:54 audio from a video that is an animation of William Afton dying

  • Where is the video of that guy in a carrot then the woman gets concussed by a foldable chair?

  • Music at 3:23 is called "0 shell" by Dedf1sh for all wondering.

  • Yo

  • 5:59 It was an crocidale idk im 11 so i cant speel

  • Fun Fact: Wall gang is the Translator for both floor and ceiling gang

  • The first one was like my dream

  • 10:33 just the fact that that face on the bottom of the screen is in my nightmares is great :D

  • 4:54 what did he put in his mouth?

  • Anyone noticed the subnautica reference?

  • is everyone ignoring the fact that the one with the piano guy yelling is the fnaf sister location sound

  • 11:40 That AC be like : 11:40

  • How the fuck is your spine still in tact with how your sit against that fucking wall mate?

  • And that’s when COVID happened 2:03. O it’s not a bat 🦇

    • Wtf is it

  • Chins

  • I can’t believe I laughed so hard I almost choked on my food to a fart joke 15:04

  • I litteraly drop my ipad in the mouse thing

  • If people lagged in real life 8:18

  • 1:04 if your gonna get scared then why did you zoom in

  • Pewdiepie you have the best videos

  • 13:53 F N A F

  • Binod

  • برتقال

  • Im watching in 2021

  • wkwkwkwkwk

  • That audio is William Afton getting Spring-locked into the suit of SpringBonnie from Five Nights At Freddy’s 13:59

    • @flowey SAMEEEE

    • Yes someone that understands me :D

  • yes

  • Nioni

  • 11:30 Felix is doing really bad things tho 😳😳

  • Be e

  • 10:31 Felix is just happy talking about the video above and i was just looking to those terrifying eyes 😐

  • Look at the pleh pleh!!

  • this guys is the best

  • The audacity is high 11:27

  • 5:11 really said cyberpunk 2077

  • Is this the first time we see the tambourine? I legit need to know. I've been trying to find the source of the tambourine gang.. help.

  • Social experiment: Floors

  • The scream in the vid on the guy playing the piano was the FNAF SL Ballora, Funtime Freddy,and Funtime Foxy jumpscare! And the minion being crushed? That sound is William Afton/Purple Guy being Spring locked. And at 15:21,That is William Afton in hell!

    • Why did I sound so excited to someone in hell?

  • T series is best. Nimm avvan

  • pewds look at the blah blah god dam (((:

  • Why is virgin media in trends for you

  • twist, this vid is also strange

  • Every single youtuber: ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON Pewds: Gently touch the sub button

  • Toilet go vroom vroom

  • 4:54 what the pewds put in his mouth?

  • The minion one hade the sound of william afton geting apringlockt


  • The dg literally went: hello there...

  • It's funny how he says Number 15 at 7:27 like Chills does XD

  • What is this song 0:05

  • 6:18 necksican

  • I am a part of floor gang and ceiling gang is cringe

  • Best one yet felix another pewdiepie wisdom "don't be a salad but be the best goddamn broccoli you can ever be" and now "never eat fruit loops right out the box"

  • The first song is arabic

  • 9:49 PM

  • whats the intro song

  • he didnt see but a guy walked behind the tree and dissapered

  • فوضى.

  • بخصوص الانتروا

    • يب يب كلنا😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • @Poom Moop ايه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    • pq5__ شكلك كنت تشاهد

    • كمية فوضى الفوضى بنفسها تقول اشذي الفوضى

  • I love how you call these the strangest videos online but you in a kids play car topless screaming at random members of the public to smash dislike is normal

  • مبروك الشهرة

    • براز الانسان

  • 3:35 it looks like a cross breed with a pelican and an eel😬

  • Eggman

  • Floor gang’s dragons will be called floorwing

  • Looking back at Americans hoarding toilet paper is so cringe

  • 3:30 that first "mmm" went well with the music

  • 3:46 my GOD I jumped so high

  • 12:19 is very accurate

  • 1:26 thats why i watch funny mike

  • The last one was Fat Albert

  • Me to my ex: 4:53

  • Thos is why woman soccer dont make same money😂

  • Keet Kaat

  • Hey Pewdiepie you don’t need all thoughs subscribers how about you just donate some to me

  • THE FIRST MEME IS.... from a book I read I AM THE HOLY BOOKWORM

  • Pog

  • Wait.... James Charles CEILING GANG?

  • Who here edpmdietly backed away from the screen when they saw da bugs face

  • 3:43 I legit dropped my ipad