How to Win at Among Us (100% Effective) // #3

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 सप्टेंबर, 2020
among us how to win ultimate win strat
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  • whats the baclk ground song when u say that it was lag or he vented in 18:39

  • If anyone watches South Park, I swear pewds is cartmen and valkyrae is Wendy testaburger

  • Try use hacks lmao

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  • I just started watching you and I love your videos

  • Hi

  • Lmaooo they kill Jack first soooo much

  • Anyone else went to the comments to see when the first thing happened

  • Thank you for your continued success I'm a beginner MRslowr Yok paid off each other Leave his mark I really need your help

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  • invade my personal channel please🇧🇷

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  • Grfssŵww

  • It was so much better with the other group

  • 18:33

  • Türk var mı?

  • When Pewds is in the lobby the game is 10x funnier

  • I'm come from indobesia

  • pewdiepie you are dream dummy

  • lol

  • Can’t stand when poki starts scream laughing

  • 19:55 the moment she said "you guys are intting" I was like oy this bitch plays league XD

  • .

  • Unsibs Edited : Subshcribbbbbbed

  • What I have noticed through all these episodes is that pewds has something against poki because the second she speaks, he is like, liar voice, he’s usually right but still

  • 18:33

  • צ’רלי ניצחה

  • פאודפאי אפסדנו

  • Кто руский лайк

  • ☻ /▌ /\. Bob is back😈

  • Minecraft

  • Pewds did yu know that vitals can ditech imposters

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  • 24:09 did he just crack open a "snus" !?

  • u should play with marzia

  • Wait wasn’t toast taking at 2:17 not sykkuno??

  • corpse is in pewds. and mr beast, and dantdm, and KREEK CARFT!?

  • sus

  • I love how loud and fun he gets when he's crewmate. You can definitely tell when he's impostor because he's always shouting and accusing everyone when he's crewmate and he's quieter when he's impostor

  • pewds: i think everyone has a different voice when lying CORPSE: no

  • Indo sini

  • Can pewds and poki marry already

  • Pewdiepie I think you should watch some amoug us pro people

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  • this is a good video

  • Americans: Never eat soggy waffles Aussies: Never eat soggy Weetbix.

  • I had someone today say they were (you) and giving me a pet and 20k with Mr Beat. Was this you or have I been trolled

  • Toast's and Sykkuno's voice is a bit identical that even Sive edited their close ups wrongly in the beginning.

    • @Ash Lynx not to people that haven't heard of Toast and Sykkuno that much

    • toast had a very obvious accent imo

  • Jag har Among us

  • PewDiePie you the best

  • Look my videos

  • Look my videos

  • Look my videos

  • Your among us character in the thumbnail is literally the cutest thing i've ever seen

  • Edgar is getting old

  • I'm the bald guy...

  • Dow

  • Pewds Plz Play Among us with Marzia

  • I say you destroy each other some place❤️

  • Every game I automatically think it's Sykkuno. His name just looks guilty to me

  • Love it

  • Every president since JFK has been a Israeli hostage or Israeli sympathizer in the white house. JFK was killed because he insisted that the Israeli prime minister let America check the Dimona nuclear plant to see if they were making nukes.

  • poki makes me puke

  • Oi

  • I think editor got confused between Toast and Sykkuno's voices lol

  • Alguém brasileiro?🇧🇷

  • did anyone else hear pewdiepie "Its sykano then" or just me? ;-;

  • I feel like very little players actually think about who could be it and converse. One person blames someone then the rest decide the blamed person was it. Well,that happens in the games I play. Super annoying.Then if they blame me which they do,A LOT,then I'm just a ghost fpr the rest of the game which is boring. All you can do is tasks.


  • yall gangsta till someone knows corpse liar voice

  • Vidoe top, it's a pity that I don't have a pc (but if someone can help me, I have a Payeer wallet in my profile, help me please))))

  • It’d be cool if Among Us let you have different patterns and be your own pets

  • Prewds “everyone’s sus”

  • i love it when he goes “that means nothing to me” and immediately votes

  • i want a round with pewds, corpse, jack, marzia, sive, poki, sykkuno, and rae

  • If your not subscribed your menat

  • poki and rae are annoying

  • Denikpl

  • Pewds votes with absolutely no evidence but gets it right every time.

  • I almost watched it but I can't stand pokis voice, she couldnt be more anything tbh.

  • blue the english no

  • Крутое видио!!!

  • Hehehehehehwehehehwhehehhehe

  • "mr.greaseball"

  • Ngl sykkuno has such a nice voice definitely the "bf comforts you as you fall asleep [ASMR] [AUDIO RP]" voice

  • At 21:03 the bottom camera looks like a PP

  • I just wanna thank sive for zooming in on ppl when there talking cuz I dont know anyone's voices.

  • I though it was lag I said he can’t be that dumb Nope I was that dumb 😂 lol

  • Pewds.... Plays among us well as imposter= 100iq Pewds when him, mrbeast and CORSPE play as imposters= 10000000000000000iq

  • I didn't notice Cr1tikal was in here for half the video

  • Plot twist... Pokimane was tryna simplify pewds edit: spelling

  • quem me acha bonito da like

  • why in the bottom middle is a cam?

  • Дай бог здоровья тем кто читает этот комментарий.💙🙏

  • Alguém brasileiro a qui para tentar entender o que ele tá falando 🤭🤔🤔

  • everyone one round: it's Grease Jack's dumbass next round: it's toast

  • youtube is down

  • 27:46 I legit thought this was an ad and I kept punching my phone trying to find a skip button