How dare you say this to me Joe Rogan!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 जुलै, 2020
Joe rogan has gone too far
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  • All generalisations are bad. Joe's argument about economics waa wrong but certain people like myself who are extremely vulnerable to addictive behaviors can get helplessly hooked.

  • Jujutsu kaisen

  • So you can't have gaming as a hobby, a job you're happy with and other things in your life you like pouring your time into? Guess I just don't understand cause I don't play competative games

  • Leave your house sometime kid you look fragile, you need some sun

  • How does this channel of absolute nonsense have 108million subscribers? LMAO

    • coz it makes sense to others

  • My wife and I love video games! It's how we unwind. Anyways, I may not make as much as Joe Rogan but I think my job is more rewarding and cooler, in my opinion, than having a pod cast. I'm a CNC Lathe machinist for and aerospace defense company called ATEC. Our contracts are with the Navy, Air Force, and NASA. I grew up playing with Legos now I make parts that go into space! Do what you love!

  • Imagine streaming your Jiu-jitsu matches/trainings/reviews on Twitch....

  • Joe's not talking about people who stream and make money playing games, he's talking about gamers like me that waste all day getting nowhere just playing games and getting high.

  • rogan is actually a gamer himself hahahah, I play a ton of games and its fun but I can recognise how much of a time killer it is haha.

  • Joe "Pot Cast Host" Rogan... criticizing Gamers??? Sounds like Gamer envy 😹

  • OMG I just saw it. Pewdiepie is Connor McGregor! This actually makes alot of sense.

  • Joe has a point

  • Pewds on joe's podcast... That's something worth watching too

  • Just enjoy what you love . Take care of your body,mind and soul . That's it goddamit

  • So its been like 4-5 years since I watched pewds... Is there no more bros?

  • Lol the word is contradicting. Correlating means something different.


  • All those things you mentioned aren't video games that make you money. It involves video games, but you have to edit, have charisma/ be interesting. You invest so much time outside of the video game. The video game gets you nothing in it's self. For me, video games are a time sinkhole and I really have to be careful to not spend so much time in them. As I am typing this I am seeing the last third of the video and I realize you're exactly right. Lol. Sorry to waste everyone's time.

  • Well what am I gonna do, read?

  • anything that interferes with your real life responsibilities and makes yourself worse or hurt your family or people closest to you is bad. gaming can be like that but also the opposite and I think every other thing you spend your time with can make you better or make you worse.

  • Love how everyone’s got a different perspective on what Joe meant 😆

  • Who about to make a brand called jujitsu?

  • I think pewds should’ve done at least a little more research on joe before he made this 😂😂😂

  • When is pewds gunna be on joe rogan

  • Pewdiepie just needs some elk meat

  • P -----> pig , P --------> PewDiePie

  • A vast vast majority of people who play video games don’t make money off it. Just bc a percent of a percent of a percent can make money off it doesn’t mean that video games are productive

  • Is doing something that you enjoy not important anymore?

  • The same people glued to the tv watching news every mealtime love to talk about how "gaming is unproductive" when it actually forces your brain to interact with and solve problems in the game world as opposed to being herded like sheep to the latest "this is important" headline.

  • Joe Mama

  • jujistu money -pewdiepie 2020

  • Wise words

  • Well Joe is just a Boomer when it comes to gaming I guess... Love his podcasts though generally I give a lot on his opinion

    • Fuck man I learn a lot on those podcasts

  • Joes not really wrong. You (PewDiePie) aren’t a millionaire because you played video games, you’re a millionaire because of your personality. Most kids who try to stream games are boring as fuck and they’re never going to make a living off of it. You’re sort of an exception. And you’re sort of the reason so many kids are trying it Lol

  • Yea games don't ultimately do much. *Advertises game*

  • The intro 😂

  • I feel like Pewds is an example of how being at the top can make you react to any “threats” in a more calm way. But if you are more vulnerable you are more likely to react stronger whether or not it’s necessary.

  • Damn that was deep. I totally agree with pewds one needs to find balance between working hard and enjoying life given that certain needs are already fulfilled.

  • Piewdiepie is a special case, joes right

  • You rite.

  • joe rogan played quake for 8 hours a day and realized there is no future in it its pixels hes right I play everyday too

  • i miss pew news

  • What’s this emo hair ninja phase goin on

  • This is the first pewdipie video I’ve ever seen. I gotta day, I don’t hate it. His beard is cool!

  • Why are u famous? It just shows that popular opinion and talent have zero correlation. You’re not even funny...

  • Honestly pewds would be pretty dope as an interview on JoRo- talk about philosophy gaming, fitness, pewds come up story, and aliens of course

  • I think you hit the nail on the head. DopaMEME hits all day everyday is a bit much, no matter what the hobby. Balance is key. I thought PEWDS articulated it well.

  • How dose this dude got 100mil subs

  • Did u know about prize pool in TI Dota2?

  • Hahahah I want to see Pewds on Joe Rogan

  • Finally youtube is working again


  • Yo pewd v rogan podcast would be great if rogan isn't an asshole

  • Tell that to my rocket league stats! Three years and I've finally made it to gold.

  • *What* you do for a living matters a lot less than *how* you do it. In almost every instance.

  • Pewds go do podcast with Joe Rogan. You are both very intelligent men it would be fun and informative for everyone!!!

  • all joes suck Joe Biden Joe Rogan even my Principle goes by the name Joe and he sucks

  • he is trying to say that normal gamers are wasting their times, they could be out there learning whatever, he gave an example like jiu jitsu, but he didnt mention streamers and shit. he meant to say normal kid playing video games 24/7 with no profit from it.

  • what is with the intros why are they so scary now

  • Just saw your meme review featuring Ben Shapiro in 2018. There's something deeply brave about you Mr Pewdiepie.

  • 0:39 Joe was so worked up his left eye went *rogue* .

  • hes right all your getting in return is your brain an body turning to mush and doing absolutly nothing with your life

  • I work out, go to work and then play video games for a little bit before bed

  • Why did thanos just come in and delete my childhood? 5:09

  • Video Games are small challenges, competitions, and stories which are FUN.. yes.. But they also develop skills that are more and more demanded every single fucking day. VIDEO GAMES give you SO MUCH MORE SKILLS to help you in the corporate world than ANY FUCKING BJJ training ever....

  • This is officially the second most famous swede " How dare you?"....

  • y decir q jordi wild se copio de esto

  • The top MRslowr vs. The top Podcaster............. a person in 1950: what the hell are MRslowrs and Podcasters. Are they aliens of the future ??

  • Everything in the world is addictive. Sex, drugs, TV, Social media and all other shit. Its just a matter of keeping things under control. Its disgusting how guys like Rogan, Jimmy Fallon never speak about those topics but mainly and specifically target video games.

    • Rogan has talked about all those things...

  • Jiu jitsu 😂😂jiu jitsu jiu jitsu

  • Jiu-jitsu is not beta martial art tho .😂

  • i sure he’s speaking to the casual gamer not streamers or youtubers

  • It's crazy how moderation has become such an outlandish concept

  • so now I really want to see them jujitsu instructors all iced out and with the Louie V suits

  • He better watch out, they're going to start learning that jiu-jitsu in VR.

  • what did you read gernimo stilton????

  • Doesn't Joe Rogan also go on about mass amounts of drugs he does? Go stick to your shitty mma

  • all these opinion, its either right or wrong or pewdiepie

  • Yes Sensei Pewds giving us his powerful wisdom

  • Joe Rogan is also the guy who has openly admitted to doing multiple illegal A class and B class drugs on many occasions and told others to do it to 😂

    • What’s a class and b class? The gov breaks them down into tiers and on the street they’re broken down into: Designer drugs Street/heavy drugs Club drugs Research chems Synthetics Pharmies So what do u mean? Lol

  • I try to stay from the generational gap of looking down on the youngsters. I had enough of hearing that shit when I was young. In some ways I am out of touch which is just time moving on and new technology, styles, music, sayings, whatever coming out. Last year I learned what Alexa was all about! I still enjoy gaming and playing on line at the age of nearly 43 and I can still do that while having a video editing hobby which I occasionally make money from, going out to places, leading a perfectly healthy relationship, a job and run a home. And I am very happy and content with that. Fuck a career. I get payed well and I am very happy with the job I already have, lol.

  • Videos like these are why Felix is masterclass.

  • I disliked

  • “Hey jaime pull that video up of that pew die pie guy talking about what i said about videogames”

  • Joe rogan criticizes video games This is news. Let that sink in. Why was this news?.

  • I kind of agree with Joe Rogan

  • I don’t think he was talking about video games as a entertaining way he means playing video games for fun not making MRslow or other content

  • Wait, his names not Roe Jogan

  • When posty was in his podcast and he has a skyrim tattoo on his foot 😂

  • pewds a lil arrogant

  • I hate video games

  • joe is wrong and nija is wrong.What young people should do is learn a practical skill and on the side continue gaming or other hobbys on the side

  • Watching pewds with my friends growing up we wanted to start a Channel and we did messing around playing games but obviously it’s not for everyone

  • Honestly I'd rather be broke but happy playing video games than with money doing a sport I don't really enjoy.

  • Love you pewds, you was way, way off though

  • Dare

  • You can learn a lot from driving sims

  • So why did thanos kill them???🤧😶 @pewdiepie

  • Pewds, came here via this channel: pewdiepie UNITY and his mirror of this one. Do you ever copystrike all these channels that upload YOUR content?