He married his daughters age

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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  • "Age is just a number" So is 911

  • I also live in Cebu, Philippines and girls like Nikki are normal for us because they just want to escape the poverty and corruption of our country.

  • Another filipina

  • She’s immature “SHES 19” 😂

  • so if they were young she would be in like kindergarten and him like in collage

  • Ig importing a 14 year old was to sketchy legally

  • I feel bad for nikki dating an old guy who compares her to his children which leads to a chaotic relationship literally

  • Age is just a number, jail is just a room

  • She seems sweet and kind but she fell on that rabbit hole of a man.

  • I wonder if they will stop making shows about old man dating a woman from a foreign country and younger then his children

  • Me watching these videos while my friends and I talk about finding a rich old american to be our sugar daddy 👁👄👁

  • just me who cant hear half the vid???

  • if she dated someone who is actually around her age. im sure she would be more happier and better, and who approved this relationship

  • Imagine saying your child that your father is age of grandfather

  • I dont think you perspective is swedish. I think it's the european perspective.

  • อายุเป็นเพียงตัวเลข 😉

  • man's has ocd holy

  • Philippines

  • We have term for when a man in his fifties dates a teenager: WINNING!

  • Manual is regular in Sweden? What a 3rd world country...

  • Is the audio broken or is it just me

  • Honestly this is too much of an age gap. I mean 10-12 years is fine but this is too much.

  • Take care bye bye. I love this girl

  • How to ruin a present 😂

  • It's gross when he says well I taught my kids how to drive I think I can teach her. This guy is bizarre. I understand why she calls him weird 😉

  • O M G i love that intro

  • Could anyone else not hear the last half of the vid

    • Same

    • I couldn’t :(

  • People who mail order their brides are perverts and losers. What does he have? A 5 year plan? Those old balls!!

  • plot twist: she was 19 in dog years

  • it is so extremely wrong and disgusting when a relationship presents a situation where the DAUGHTER is older than the mother. this guy is such a creep idk how anyone could possibly think this is reasonable

  • That age gap should be illegal 🚫

  • “Age is just number” so is 911

  • This shit ain’t real NO WAY 😂😂😂

  • Marc is such a vibe killer

  • Why the subtitles? I completely understand what she is saying.

  • Mark will never get along with a 19 year old

  • He doesn't have 2 sets of twins so how the hell were 4 of his kids in diapers? Was one of them 3 or 4 and still in diapers? Why is he looking for a gf much less a wife? He clearly thinks his life is perfect as is and doesn't want to change a single thing, compromise on anything, etc so don't shop for a wife you gross wierdo!

  • He treats her like she's one of his children. Like even the way he talks to her and his tone of voice it's like he's talking to a child

  • I am not sure if they are acting or what cause they are being filmed while talking and stuff...

  • One thing that I don't like about these age gaps is the fact that the older one is always treating the younger one like a child. My dude legit said " I always tell my CHILDREN not to touch the window"

  • How to ruin a present in two seconds 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Jalaluddin subscribe

  • Imagine if his daughter married a 58 year old man I’m sureee then he’d be much more concerned of the age gap.

  • 10:23 I don't think she can legally drive that though because she'd have to retake the US driving test lmao

  • He wants someone who looks 19,but who acts 60. Not going to happen dude. You are screwed.

  • Help me

  • I wish I had 100 subs

  • That Miata tho

  • pp

  • I also organize my books from big too smol. It's looks good :C

  • nikki is cute and fun

  • The pain am I right

  • this man about to catch a case

  • This should be illegal.

  • Pewds: shes the normal one Niki: dates 58 year old at age of 19

  • 6:36 Im 11 so it would be very very very strange

  • Sives editing is underrated, I forgetthat some of the things that make me laugh is sive’s doing 😂😂😂

  • Hopefully Nikki divorces him the day after the wedding

  • Yes pewds America has clutch

  • shes so young and pretty happy with life and this guy seems like hes trying to end that


  • Age is a number... Pewdiepie :ewwwwwwwwwaaahhahhhhhahahhah

  • I had to stop the video at least 10 times because of the cringe.. is it just me xD ?

  • Imagine driving your wife to school

  • who else love felix tattoos

  • Could anyone else not here from like 15 minutes on?

  • When you realise the age difference is 39

  • He keeps comparing being with her and doing things with her, to his children and raising them. It’s really fucking weird

  • I am 22 and bruv I wouldn't feel comfortable dating a 19.

  • this guy looks like jeffrey epstein

  • It takes you 10 years to hit 100mil with great content but it takes Charli d'ameilo 1 year to hit 100mil WITH DOG SHIT CONTENT

  • Reminds me of islamic prophet muhammed who married aisha when she was 6 while Muhammed was 53.pedophile😂

  • This is lowkey sweet

  • she just called mark weird but just got to know him lmaoooooooo

  • I feel so bad for her, she's super fun and that old ass dude is just bland and boring and lowkey controlling

  • I like how she smiles when he makes it hella awkward 😭😭

  • Mark looks so nice for some reason

  • Girl 20299394488585858595969696969696959595959595995949495055 years old the man was born i second ago

  • Age is just a number and a prison cell is just a room

  • He's way too controlling. This is sad.

  • Yo

  • I'm 27 and for me 20 years girls is to young

  • 3:55 how dare you say that to Filipinos 😔

  • Man give a girl a miata and I can't afford a miata

  • The old guys weird/ Has To much of a serious attitude

  • When she touched the windows ... immediately liked her lol

  • That age gap is just weird

  • He's older than my mum...

  • How the fuck does a 10 on 10 in looks AND personality not have a million local regular dudes her age clamoring over her, and what could possibly motivate her to choose this fucking weirdo?

  • What is the name of this episode

  • Pudidi

  • She can just have kids once he dies she just needs to wait 19 years more or less 38 is an ok age to have children I guess

  • What a content pewds HAHAHAHAHAHA u made my day

  • The sound of the TLC dissapears towards the end of the video.

  • dafuq is with the audio


  • Why is the audio messing up

  • Sometimes, I don’t want to be a filipino.

  • I cant watch this. The cringe is too damn strong.

  • Lmao good job sive, 8:10 oblivion npc dialogue soundtrack, cuz they do talk like one. I know its edited cuz I checked the real one, but good editing, I actually thought it was the original soundtrack.