Going Through My OLD Instagram (+ announcement)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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  • today i found out felix was on South Park lol

  • hey guys it's me pickle twist

  • what a decade

  • Wait no mouse pads dude cmon bruv

  • why do you look like that eggman guy from the sonic movie in the photos with the mouse-

  • Helo pudidi

  • That place in Paris where he said there’s tons of tourist traps I remember going there and this dude put this piece of sting on my wrist and tried to make my dad pay for it

  • I´m feeling old watching this!

  • Wholesome +100

  • 12:47 how did he ruin it?

  • ويبقى صوت القرآن الكريم هو الأفضل💖 أنا قارئ القرآن الكريم⁦🎙️ هل أجد من يدعمني ويشجعني👍

  • pew pew pew...almost DIE to isolate my self I'm here cuz i need some PIE..i hate pandemic. Can we isolate the virus too so they feel what we feels . 😭

  • You have to play granny

  • so humble!

  • Now we know what’s at the bottom.

  • That intro is what I see during my sleep paralysis

  • Says Singapore I thought of black ops 3

  • Can I have my accordion in it. Because I'm a real gamer.

    • yes its time Pewds go back to the old hair

  • I wish I had the money to get one of those keyboards.

  • I am going to one of those key bored and mouse tho

  • 19:23 omg, wait. TECHNOBLADE took this quote????

  • *e*e*e*e*

  • Lol

  • Pewds: "She loves making me ugly" But she's never succeeded 💗

  • Pewds kinda looks like the dude from Dawson's Creek in his picture with Ryan Reynolds

  • Damn pewds be looking so good

  • Felix: I was really hoping MRslow would work out, so I could see my gf- *or my future wife* Me: : )

  • Who is the girl in the right at 0:30 I seriously want to know please reply😅

    • @mari pdz sure?

    • it's marzia, his wife

  • hes going through a path of memories

  • When PewDiePie started losing money Started selling keyboard and mouse Phone covers

  • 'I remember this moment pespifiscally'

  • The mouse scares meeeee! Tryphobiaa

  • those 18.9% thats not subbed, the fuck are you doing?

  • yes its time Pewds go back to the old hair

  • I was listening to music and forgot yt was on autoplay Can tell you that intro scared the living crap outta me

  • Cool intro bro 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • ew bruh ive been a fan for like 8 years now wtf

  • 2:57 Freddie is that you- Bryan May

  • 7:23 Grow your hair long. Lol.

  • 2:45 you lied. The keyboard isn't wireless.


  • I'm gonna cry... so happy for him. It encourages me to not give up on my goals

  • istg i fell asleep on MRslow and his intro just scared me to fucking death.

  • u look like james potter :o

  • 💕💕🙏Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare🙏💕💕

  • What the fuck man the keyboard is $300CAD, a 40% keyboard that is mechanical that connects via blutooth, not 2.4ghz wireless for low latency is not worth $300 cad just because it has some wavy lines on some of the keys, and the fucking mouse is another $100

  • "Paris is very pretty... JUST DON'T LOOK TOO CLOSE" lol

  • i’m confused, doesn’t felix have trypophobia? his mouse design is questionable with the holes

  • My phobia definitely says no to the mouse All these holes

  • The intro is without description...

  • I like the beat saber machine you got at 9:17

  • So keyboard is wireless but mouse wired? lol

  • this was honestly an adorable incredibly chill video just going through the pewdiepie journey, loved it

  • When pewdiepie turns into julien

  • The intro is so hilarious 😂

  • What was up with that COVID disclaimer at the end? You know we are your audience, right? We’re not morons

  • nostalgia is hitting me so hard, i wish i could go back to when we were all younger and naive

  • me wants keyboard price 230$ sad noises

  • Pudidi

  • The keyboard wireless but the mouse isn't?? Wtf😂

  • im too poor to understand the advertisement about the mouse and keyboard

  • Nice glasses, Himmler.

  • 17:27 einfach Dner oben links.

  • Surprised this video didn't get copyright strike for this 7:11

  • i watched that episode 2 days ago-

  • Felix - I met shady lady before Internet - True

  • Pewdipie: I made money to see my girlfriend. Normal people: Aww, how cute! Me: What a SIMP!

  • Felix moves to different countries: MR WORLD WIDE

  • Why I'm crying? Wtfff this is very longggg journey Bro fisttt 😭. I love you bro Army 💙

  • this also made me realise how long I've been watching pewds. wow, amazing

  • His Sister is beatiful

  • Is it me or marzia got a nosejob

  • Me finding out felix has siblings *impossible*

  • Hey, u crying.

  • pewds you know in boxes like that they're going to come to life and make a break for it before the plane takes off

  • you look like steve job's brother who's parents arent as proud of as they are of steve

  • that was actually very wholesome

  • Maaaaan you look like Shaggy

  • "This keyboard is so good that they forgot the arrow keys!"

  • Make they keyboard bigger then I will buy

  • Me me big boy

  • why does felix looks like arthur fookin shelby

  • its time pews its time for the haircut

  • Me: ooouuu I’ve been looking for a new keyboard and mouse maybe I’ll get Also me: $300 isn’t a lot 😳

  • Your camera keep flashing... It's like that for over a month now

  • My trypophobia hit you picked up the mouse 😭😭

  • 19:20, pause.

  • Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day

  • This is the closest we could get to see beastmaster64 come back.

  • jesus christ that intro

  • All I can say is we're happy for you Pewds . Throughout your journey making gaming videos and also making me watch your videos everyday when I was 12, to successful man and a married man also . We're happy for you , Mr. Felix !! .

  • I’m I just old or why is there no ⬅️⬆️⬇️➡️ on pewdiepies new keyboard??


  • Pewdiepie to Marzia : Akhahahah aww PewDiePie to Maya : AAAAAWWW SHSHSHS

  • mantap bos

  • But where are the arrows? And the numpad!? :cc

  • Badly needing a book written by pewdiepie again

  • Hannibals army did that shit with his army, thousands of them died but he managed to get them across the alps towards Rome

  • nah fam, being able to add weights to my mouse is still epic

  • Is it just me who thinks Felix and Marzia were looking like an anime couple in 2012???