Ghost of Tsushima #8 Lethal Mode Im Pro Gamer Joe Rogan bad

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • no hate but i hate how pewds just joking around with the chat when its a cutscene, even taka's. its actually sad

  • As an Xbox player I feel like I made the wrong choice watching so many pewdiepie streams that are ay station exclusives

  • Cringed when I heard aang from dragon ball but not one of those guys that expects pewdiepie to be an expert in every subject matter lol. Idk what they watched growing up in sweden

  • lol

  • I liked watching your content for years! Nan nen mae kara mitteita yo. Pewds no tsukuridashita no mono wa omoshiroi ga aru to omotteiru yo. And I didn't realize til a few years ago, but we have the same bday! Onaji tanjoubi da! Lol but im born 88, so im older than you. Still tho, scorpios in the house. Wut Wut 🙃 ato wa, nihongo mo benkyou shitteita. Obvi lol tonikaku, GANBATTE NE! Saigo made ooen shitteimasu 🙏🍀😁

  • All i was searhing for is him unlocking ghost mode. And he fucking did it off stream. Im sad

  • Non members rise finally

  • pewds, you're pretty good

  • Hei tayo

  • Answer to Pewds question in 53:41 - 53:47 Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Did he skip the siege of yarikawa

  • When did he do the siege of yarikawa?

  • What is the song of 0:00

  • F

  • F

  • 50:00

  • You SUCK

  • I love your direct The best youtuber

  • Aw! Taka, no! What he should have done was cut the ropes holding Jin and give him the sword. He had to have known he stood no chance. And I guess Jin is technically a ronin by the end of this video? Geez, this game is heavy. It puts "honor" in such a different light. The honourable thing isn't always the best thing.

  • 54:36 I think everyone that played this game had the same reaction lol

  • That was a fucking MACHINE GUN!!!!!

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  • Really sad moment with taka Pewds: Man look at my fucking armour

  • 25:14 😂👌

  • Hey, watch this 13:24. Pewds don't killed mongol

  • “I haven’t played any main quests” unlocked ghost stance

  • “I gotta ferment their milk”

  • Pewds u got no common sense, shit i cannot brain ur ass

  • Hello sir please promote my channel sir

  • 1:04:40 Pewds: He is Aang, he is Aang from DRAGON BALL! LOL

  • Hello everyone I hope you are well if you re reading this please help me get to 1000 suscribers please I beg you sorry I don t speak inglis im colombian

  • Thank you for considering us, poor gang

  • Türk olan yokmu

  • i cant still find pewds unlocking the ghost stance

  • yes

  • 0:00 u and ur teacher in the same room when ur in trouble

  • Wow that was Zoro vs straw hats

  • *JAPAN is cool!)))*

  • 134:48 pause they spelled practicing wrong lol

  • Help me sir... For my channel please

  • 27

  • You skipped over the best parts of the game good job 👎🏼 come on man, small pepe

  • Team Aadarsh

  • pewdiepie you filthy im from mongolia

  • Right after Taka died an ad came up and said "good times are everywhere " with cheery music. Ads just have to kill the mood every time

  • puto rico y lo siguen por esa porqueria definitivamente el mundo se destruira por idiotas q los eligen

  • 1:50:43 wth pewd? come on man.. i got so pissed. you're so bad at stealth. sometimes you looks like u're not even trying and just keep sayin' "you don't see me" when you literally not trying to keep being stealth. too busy with the chats.

    • You know how hard it is to balance good gameplay with entertaining commentary and replying to and reading donos and chat?

  • This chat is cancer

  • what happened with the quest that he was doing last ep? with the dude in the lantern cave?

  • Music in the beginning is slapping thou

  • bro eras mi idolo hasta que te burlaste de el rubius , se me cayo uno grande

  • Bruh is the buff dude who was addicted to donating to egirls Larry Wheels? He's like a legend in the powerlifting community

  • Playing the game of forest and cold winters, but never have i heard you speak of Jonna Jinton. Promise you it feels more at home than belle delphine.

  • this guy needs to not talk during cutscenes. i just feel like he's missing the whole plot. and he needs to wear the ghost armor smh, jin's transformation moment into the ghost shattered

  • ccc

  • I feel like if he's not going to constantly be looking at the screen to read all of the dialogue (which is understandable because of chat), then he should just have english dubs on. It takes away from the immersion and makes it harder to get into the storyline. I'm pretty much never reading the dialogue either and maybe that's why I find this game so boring.

  • yay this was made on my birthday I just realized

  • Pewds ruined the atmostphere he was being suck at the fight with the straw hats after Taka was killed, bruhhhh really dude?

  • Unlike

  • I sad you because I'm mongolian

  • Hope your having an awesome day Pewds!

  • At 1:04:39 I was starting to cry, and then Pewds be like: AaNg FrOm DrAgOnBaLl

  • Check my video!

  • Poor gang rush

  • @pewdiepie 53:43 its called red dead redemption 2 great game you should play

  • I really love pewdiepie, I've been watching him for many years, He really inspires me to make my own youtube channel, If you don't mind please subscribe my channel too okay thanks

  • P

  • hi

  • how did he escape

  • Ghost mode looks so lame, like really really bad. Why does Pewds like it..?

    • @PATHETIC _PATHETIC Such a well scripted and talented response. Clearly, you are a person of precision and intellect.

    • STFU

  • SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE VIDEO: It honestly hurts to see Lord Shimura like this. He taught Jin honor and was willing to adopt him as his son, and Jin was stubborn in being the ghost. You can see the pain in his face was he arrests Jin

  • Bruh it's crazy to think I have been watching Pewds since 2011 when I was an actual 9yr old and now imma be 18 (I mean 19) on Pewds and Marzia's anniversary...been loving your content since 2011 and not getting bored anytime soon

  • Mr. beast 40 million and this Knigge is at 106 million

  • Lethal mode is basically super easy mode

  • Bruh he just finished act ll in 2 episodes... He literally never shows us anything

    • Ik he did all of the character quests without us e.g. Norio, Yuna, Lady Masako

  • He skipped for us the yarikawa mission!!! 😭

  • Number 400

  • Nice

  • Gods Of Hiroshima

  • f

  • when you running out of ideas

  • Binod

  • water

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  • Binod

  • Spoilers: Ok this scene with taka was dumb. Why didnt he have the brain to cut the bonds so the samurai can fight and hand him the sword. Legit dumbass tried to fight the leader. smh!

    • How do you suppose he do that? He have to go behind Jin to be able to cut the bonds. You think the Khan is that dumb?

  • "he's aang from dragonball'

  • Demm zoro needs to kill strawhats in this game

  • What is the snooze thing he keeps talking about he said it’s addictive. He used it to quit drinking or something also said he found a box of it he hadn’t opened what is he talking about

  • F

  • Pewds: Its a long game so I need to do some quests on my own Me: I want to watch you do side quests

  • Binod

  • lethal mode seems to be easier than hard mode ..lethal modes is more like „realistic“ mode where you die and kill faster but its not actually harder than hard mode

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  • videos entire point is taking the piss out of joe rogan... gets ad about joe rogan before video...... youtube ad algorithm go brrrrrrr


  • Binod