Ghost of Tsushima #6 - 1 DEATH = 10 PUSH UPS

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • hell yea scat man

    • skapbibopbadobidydobady do

  • Me: Why is Ghost of Tsushima so long? i thought it's ending Pewdiepie: I will play one hour of other games and do 10 push ups every time I die

  • PewDiePie: gets to eat a snack Everyone: has to watch an allbirds add

  • Good job pewds

  • I need this game so badly!!!!

  • 1:29:29

  • Lol

  • how nice of you to link every other thing that you own or the things you make money out of, but not the credited link to the game you are playing? every video. like games made your channel grow and these days you don't even give credit to the games that creator invest years in making ? and you make money of playing them for an hour?

  • Fun game: Every time pewds dies, TAKE A SHOT

  • How tf he drunk all that?

  • This game is Literally god of war but Japanese or Chinese idk

  • I’m just here to see him workout

  • Unfortunately, the ghost of PewDiePie and his Bitch Lasagna face will still remain somewhere in the depths of his shitty soul after he dies(I hope that happens soon, atleast).

  • 2:43:00

  • hey pewds my birthday was yesterday thnx 4 making it filled with AWS- yeyeye

  • I thought you need to member to watch this

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  • From all the poor gang members thanks for making the streams public

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    • I subbed and then my car engine broke two hours later, time to unsubscribe and leave dislike

  • Ahhh, so pewdiepie does use snus, i’ve been thinking off that for a week tbh

  • 2:10:40 The way he cleans the blood post-dual

  • I stopped watching because he changed the contrast and he is not even serious while playing

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  • Pewds needs to learn how to manage his RESOLVE..and how to do pushups that focus different groups.

  • Gameplay start in 1:27:10

  • Any of u guys wondering Here's when ghost of tsushima starts-1:27:10

  • Felix should play fifa with the condition that he should do 10 push ups for every goal conceded by him

  • 25

  • Teleportor thingys

  • Hlw

  • He still hasn't figured out you cant block attacks marked with red

  • A random person that likes this will be a billionaire someday

  • hi can you guys like my video

  • Pewdiepie is best!!

  • Play pubg please 😋😋😋

  • why does this dog speak between cutscenes ? what a bitch

  • Great Video!

  • LOLed @ I Googled traps and its's not muscles

  • Do a playtrough of the point-and-click adventure game "The Neverhood"

  • +

  • Marzia: Where's the olive oil? Pewds: Check under the laundry Sounds about right 2:54:04

    • Noa Verellen Italians and their olive oil 🙄

  • How to win: Picture all enemies as CoCo Melon.

  • You know pewds is raging when he starts swearing in swedish again

  • A

  • この人何者?登録者えぐくない?

  • that first game was AWFUL

  • This is I do 1 push up every time ____ meme but it's real

  • Binod

  • I enjoyed doing push-ups with you ,thanks for making me stronger (; PUSHUPSGANG AHOU

  • Where is your 2018 v2 setup

  • Italian wife: where’s the olive oil? Swedish man: where the garbage is!

  • Iam sad and shit help:( pewds help

  • Awesome

  • Check my video

  • レッドダイヤモンド の盾すげぇ〜

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  • 世界一のMRslowrが 日本っぽいゲームやってる! はい、、チャンネル登録しますーーーーーーーーーー

  • bruh I like how he plays rocket league

  • Yo who puts olive oil near laundry or garbages lmfao

  • Gameplay starts at 1:27:10

  • Seeing PewDiePie playing Rocket League fills my heart with happiness.

  • what happend to zero deaths

  • Omg mongolia is not that bad ppl :( that game make my country look scary ppl :( We are just nice ppl

    • Hexor Don’t worry, most people are aware of this. Many countries have a history of war and in this game the mongols are on the antagonist side of the war but that doesn’t mean that mongols, especially modern mongols are bad people :)

  • Binod : Trend of India Amul : Taste of India Colgate : Paste of India Corana : Guest of India Tik Tok : Waste of India

  • 1)18 2)10 3)12 4)14 5)16 6)6 =76

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  • wow pewds fckn sucks

  • binod

  • You can fight de jun He is Taiwan youtuber

  • This channel is FanClub of PewDiePie ☺

  • Pewdiepie is mixing up Zoro and Jin all the time. Zoro has bad directions not Jin

  • Binod

  • Stop saying bad words such as motherfuck

  • Binod

  • What am I doing with my life

  • Bruh

  • Just tighten your traps See I don't know that that is I googled traps and it's not muscles Lol I'm dead

  • Hi

  • Binof

  • Binod

  • Binod

  • Binod

  • I was watching this when I woke up from bed and my mom entered my room to check me and then 0:03 came up.....thanks Felix

    • LMAO

  • Bind

  • water

  • Binod

  • Try to watch pweds and ken while your eyes close.

  • he was possessed by rock lee

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  • If u don't abuse you become a more respectable person, just an advice :)

    • respectable**

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  • when you running out of ideas

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  • You can flair your elbows they’re different types of push ups 😂 military (closer to the body and a more backward bend in the elbows) and the wide pushup (what you were doing when looking straight and tightening glutes)

  • Binod ❤

  • This game is on xbox?