Ghost of Tsushima #5 - -100 DEATHS

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • Bruh i fought ryuzo on hard and it took me about an hour.

  • lol

  • You could really observe the leader but you were so dumb at that moment. [actually you are a big brain]

  • 1:00:44

  • This series should be named screenshots with pewdiepie

  • I Love you 100💯 but Seriously Everytime a cut scene happens. You talk or eat over the whole thing. Then I just get uninterested in the whole vid. Sorry

    • I'm glad ppl didn't brush it aside because they like Pewds. I find it irritating and sometimes when he says the writing is bad or the story doesn't make sense because he doesn't pay attention makes me lose a bit of respect for him...😔

  • Effing screenshot simulator

  • He literally walks away irl in the middle of cutscenes and then says the story is boring lmao

  • The mission: Get to the boat stealthily Pewdiepie: tries to kill everyone

  • Ghost. Atutut ah

  • Ноу Плис

  • PewDiePie, you SUCK.

  • *Game:* Cutscene wit important plot *Pewds:* Aight Imma head out

  • Finally !! found it i was on the playlist of this series but part 5 and 6 are missing over there so i thought he didn't made it public for the poor gang :( !!!

  • guys, whats a morgan snooze?

  • 2:13:00

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  • Why did i enjoy the screenshots so much Could watch them for hours

  • God Damn! The Lighting is SO GOOD!!!

  • 9:46 I don't believe for a bloody second that there's a Budd's recruit in that bloodclaat livestream. roflmaooo

  • Wonder if Pewds lack of attention to the story could be due to being a weeb and playing in in Japanese

  • I've actually played HellTaker it's extremely Short though it can be Beaten in 3 or less hours even with failing multiple times on some parts.

  • Why does pewDiePie swear

  • He talks too much. He annoys me when he talks too much..

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  • Mmyea not that immersive of a game while giving shoutouts every 30 seconds

  • yoo pewds saying godmorgon godmorgon godmorgon makes me think of my 9th grade teachers comming in to the class room with coffe and way to much energy while everyone else almost sleeping at their desk

  • We not gonna talk about Pewds just killing the entire Mongol camp instead of sneaking to the boat? Lmao

  • What a fight dude, I can't stop You're not supposed to fight! Big brain!

  • Sometimes it iritates me to see pewds playing so bad 😥

  • Pewdiepie please dont say "-filthy mongols" i personally feel attacked becuase i am a mongolian. You are very pupolar in mongolia. I seen many mongolian people idolize you. I seen many mongolian people defend you. I seen many mongolian youtubers and they almost all of them see you as thier big god brother who will lead the way and be thier inspiration. Please apologize because viewers of my country is feeling ashamed and angry. Thier anger might soon turn to depression. I dont really want to see my classmates depressed please answer me. I dont ask any attention or something i just want you to prove that you are not racist. Please say something like "mongolians are fine" i dolnt want to see my favourite youtuber to hate my country. I know the game is influencing you but itl still sounds very rude

    • He’s said multiple times throughout the play through that he doesn’t actually dislike Mongolians, and that he’s not calling any of his mongolian viewers filthy.

    • lol if people are getting offended even if it's in a game then I'd day that's your problem

  • 26

  • So anybody can tell him that he didn't add this vid to his Playlist

  • 1:09:18 is that a the room reference I hear

  • He’s focusing more on the pear than the storyline lolol 😂

  • Well i rather watch him slaughter everyone than go to the boat more fun dude, damn your 9 years old fans so boring pewds

  • 30:00 the moment you took the shot, I GOT REALLY MAD at you. Please focus more on the game bcz that's what you should do. and the duel against ryuzo is your worst duel. u can dodge, u can use kunai, but u didn't

    • Also if you shoot an arrow they still don’t know where you are

    • You can not use Kunai if you haven’t played the game stop please

  • It took me 5 streams to notice the mc of this game has the same japanese voice actor as hijikata from gintama.

    • Joey Mojugit and Zoro from one piece

  • Gamers: I'll play a little bit more 2 hours later... Gamers: dam it 😂

  • Now i know that pewds sucks at this game

  • me at 2:00:00 : wow 40 more minutes of this badass story Felix: dies and takes screenshots for 20 minutes tbh i ain't complaining

  • 31:55 _All you had to do was get the damn boat Felix_

  • loved the kill on 1:51:52

  • 8:07

  • its so frustrating that he doesnt care about the story

    • Felix isnt the best at games so stuff he does is annoying but its felix, he hasnt changed much since puzzle games in amnesia but i dont really want him to

    • Yep

  • very gool

  • Look at all those ads instantly click off

  • Danny

  • Danny

  • Danny

  • Danny

  • man is straight ass at this game 🤣

  • Finally he made it availabe for everyone

  • Hello there

  • Mary Ham anyone?

  • You fuckin suck

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  • Not wanting to say this but, i would rather you not using facecam, im tired of your fucking face, fuckng attitude. I used to like watching you play but you are ruining the gameplay for me man. Atleast pay attention to the story or let us hear what the character is saying, not making autistic noises all the time. Now that i think maybe your ego is too big, you dont respect us viewers anymore.

    • Aidan N I don’t think that he has changed and still is a good person but damn his stupidity is ticking me off

    • Chill bro

  • I really love pewdiepie, I've been watching him for many years, He really inspires me to make my own youtube channel, If you don't mind please subscribe my channel too okay thanks

  • Taka sounds and acts like a really young man, and he’s supposed to be younger than Yuna but he looks much older than her and Jin. I don’t know if it’s the beard or what but it always throws me off a bit

  • Ryuzo is so whiny and bitter, I kept expecting him to steal the boat and leave Jin, over that dumb duel he lost

  • 55:27 Bruh... He complains about the game not being interesting but then literally leaves during a cutscene and doesn’t pay any attention to the story whatsoever. Felix is great and all, but he can be SO aggravating.

    • It's frustrating

  • Wow lol)))

  • Mission sneak in to the boat PewDiePie : Kills everyone then gets to the boat 🤣🤣🤣

  • 'Selfies were invented in ancient Japan' Me: doubt 'Can you please get out of the shot?' Me: I stand here corrected

  • I just platinumed Ghost of Tsushima

  • I love Pewds to death but kinda annoyed me when he didn't look at any cutscenes, and didn't pay much attention to the dialogue and called the story not immersive 😩

  • Pewdiepie: “It’s not that interesting of a story” Also pewds: *don’t even pay attention to the story*

    • Fr, got me pissed

  • man, he sucks at this game!

  • Topsicret

  • 2:18:15

  • Kinda annoying that he just keeps doing main quests for the rewards or because they are closest to him at the time, without paying any sort of attention to the story but at the same time complaining that the game's story line is one of its weaknesses

  • Fuck you

  • 1)18 2)10 3)12 4)14 5)16 =70

  • Binod

  • Binod


  • its painful looking at the live chat seeing donos that pewds ignored

    • It's more painful watching streamers stop what they're doing every 10 seconds to read a stupid donation or thank random people for being subbed for 1, 2, 3 or however many months.

  • water

  • Lucky this is a video cause I can skip the screenshot times

  • Poor gang aawooo

  • Fuck you

  • when you running out of ideas

  • Thank god i am watching this after live So i can skip all his screenshots like i do with ADs

  • Member gang still here

  • you're too lazy pewds🤣

  • Shajo

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  • Ho is crying I hear som kid crying

  • What difficulty is he playing on?

  • Just one word five letters BINOD 😂😂🤣

  • Does he not know that he have to steal the boat and not fight everyone smh



  • Binod op

  • ╔╗─╔╗────────╔╗ ║╚╗╠╣╔═╦╗╔═╗╔╝║ ║╬║║║║║║║║╬║║╬║ ╚═╝╚╝╚╩═╝╚═╝╚═╝


  • 00:15 kid trying to act cool

  • Binod