Ghost of Tsushima #4 - 0 DEATHS

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • 👍👍👍

  • lol 699 comments Just made it 700

  • Neber gibup

  • Pewds : "the samurai that smells like sunflower" Me : "samurai champloo?"

  • Yumi means bow in japanese

  • Why are you wasting epic arrows

  • 2:49:56

  • lol the hat hahahahaha

  • AggressivePie

  • it was 690 but now it is 691 screw that

  • hahahahahahaha

  • i've been asking myself "when or if shane is coming back?" so many times since his cancellation and deadass i cannot see him coming back


  • The whole apple ordeal at the beginning of the video was some next level shit.

  • XX

  • he ate that pair like an animal

  • 1:31:31

  • Yo pews is not a simp yall ass hole

  • I was chilling with glass of wine and then 2:14 "WHAAAATS UP " -_-

  • if you didnt know youd think pewds never played a game before


  • I know the voice actor for the main character said straw hats and laughed internally

  • I like that resolve

  • 2:26:08 Did he just do the Tobuscus outro? After all this time, a Tobuscus reference.

  • I love this playthrough but your stance use is triggering

  • Why dosent pewds use the frickin heavenly strike

  • 3:34:20

  • 時々入って来る日本語が面白い。 このゲームで古風な日本語も覚えてくれw

  • It's kind of hilarious he dueled the Tengu mask in his archer gear

  • lol

  • You SUCK

  • @pogo

  • PewDiePie emang joss

  • 3:20:00

  • Why this in recommended?

  • When Felix never parrys the blue attacks lmao

  • ah yes i love this version of PewDiePie's Pixelings

  • 2:05:54

  • Chin chin no daiski 😂

  • Oof. ILY but this stream man... You gotta at least try

  • why isnt anyone telling him to change his armour......

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  • Good nite.. pew 💚

  • I have a University Course in a few minutes, and was testing my audio for the Zoom Call when I heard Pewds voice saying "Who's in here! Why are you in here?" I had a brief moment of Panicc, thinking that 1: My prof had entered the course, and 2: That he was calling me a Simp. Thank you PewDiePie.

  • cry gang


  • Why the heck he isn't using heavenly strike.....

  • DU GALA Galen tik

  • Bambu gäng auauau !!


  • NYBÖRJARE!!!!!!!!



  • i hate when pewdiepie cry!!! it breaks my heart!!!

  • I love this game... but I wish could climb things and had a hang-glider.

  • Pewds constantly becomes lost and disconnected from the game because he doesn't pay attention, looks at the chat which misleads him even more, about 60 - 70% of the gameplay is him being lost.

  • 36

  • Sive should do a favour to everyone who watches the past replays and edit this

  • This poor guy he is losing his mind everyday. I wish he takes a break he deserves it

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  • 1:42:57

  • 8:54 - WHAAAT?! Marzia has a mic?

  • Pewds just walks around in the middle of nowhere complimenting peoples hats

  • Zero Deaths Floor gang Aouhh!

  • When he said: ah there you are I thought he was speaking of the hanging guy


  • WHERE is skrattar du förlorar du 😡

  • 1:33:18 When u have high ping in game.

  • Its so hard to focus on the game cause pwedipie keep talking bullshit

  • love from bangladesh

  • I really miss France I know it’s a French thing

  • Wtf is wrong with you pewds use the fucking heavenly strike

  • I'm so extremely materialistic, I applaud you for not caring about sentimental shit for everything damn

  • wtf is snus I thought you meant snooze


  • Legend literally just levels up the stances that he doesn’t use lol

  • let me coment on live streems i cant aford membership dammit

  • Pewds just singing at the beginning is so wholesome

  • Japan sinks,,,, I laughed at every tragic event because it's was so god damn hilarious, it was bizarre and over the top. There was no way I couldn't not laugh

  • Why mongol are not fck. I m mongolia men😜

  • It’s so unbelievably unbearable to watch his streams. The chat is toxic, he gets distracted so much, doesn’t use the equipment he gets, etc

  • Unlike

  • I sad you becose I'm mongolian


    • Lmao what does that have to do with anything

  • Pringles Delivery Samurai Man

  • When I went to the middle of the world, I went to the middle east. My mind change. I still missed home. I missed MacDonald's, I missed America. Living abroad will make you miss home. It will make you appreciate peace. Some things are so horrible it changes you're mind. War is not glamorous.

    • War is hell. We play these games. My step father said my grandfather would roll in his grave with the reimagining. The glamorous war but war in real life is very grotesque. I think it's the smell.

  • I'm done! I'm done! Eating apple!

  • pee pee poo poo

  • Pewds: I'll suck the mic if it's Marzia's and they say rOmAnCE iS dEaD 😳

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  • I really love pewdiepie, I've been watching him for many years, He really inspires me to make my own youtube channel, If you don't mind please subscribe my channel too okay thanks

  • sometimes its really irritating when pewds starts talking about shows n movies n books and all that stuff....he totally forgets about the game..talks over the dialogues and doesnt understand the objective....and later says that he is bored of the mission or the story is not so nice......its good to talk about things rather than just games....but man you just ruin the flow of the you pewds

    • It’s the same with reading the chat he reads like one sentence and forgets what he was doing I think that he just can’t multitask. I’m starting to believe that he has adhd. But he’s still amazing

  • Nice

  • Why was the game audio so low?? I had to turn my volume all the way up just to hear it🥺🥺🥺

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  • This game Beginns to feel like Zelda botw more and more

  • Why does the painting include the invasive ships. While piracy was rampant around the time of the war, I’m quite sure those ships are too large to be classified as pirate ships.

  • 3:34:20 Why havent this blown up 😂😂

    • right? I was laughing so hard! 😂

  • 56:08 Pewds, it is a 0 deaths gameplay You can't just cheat and die IRL. What the heck man?!

  • These are not in the correct order.

  • 1:04:20 Imagine Marzia coming in and Pewd's reaction