Ghost of Tsushima #3 - Ugliest Armor Secret Unlock

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • Pewds= best Tseries= shit

  • Ghost of tugs

  • 58:06

  • 41:14

  • I think you need to click set position option and then the take shot option will appear

  • There’s an AK in the barn

  • If you could learn to study fighting as you yourself are fighting you could become a very accomplished martial artist in irl and this game can actually teach you that because just like programed npc humans work off combinations and patterns

  • Awesome

  • "Mr. Boar You sleep and snore Your mom's a whore Mr. Boar" - pewdiepie 2020

  • who else thinks ishikawa sounds like jiraiya?

  • It's very annoying watching you blow past things that'll be very useful for you later on the game. But I still love watching your great content!

    • Fuck you

  • PewDiePie amazing


  • 2

  • The lord of the rings.

  • I felt actual pain everytime Felix doesn't use a ghost weapon especially smoke bomb

  • 328367

  • Wouldn't you need to pay royalties for a short story reading stream? :O

  • PewDiePie aku disini

  • PewDiePie. Felix Kjellberg. I really think you should do a book reading and discuss afterwards maybe a book series. You may be interested in the Dresden Files. It's a book series about a wizard who is also a private investigator. It's really dope look into it you must study diligently. LOL

  • zoro?

  • Pewds: Being a samurai isn't just about killing people, it's also about reflection and writing, Also Pewds: Plays flute over corpse, peafully tea-bagging them.

  • feels like assassin creed

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  • my stop 1:01:35

  • Rewatch gang

  • 1:20:32

  • 💖

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  • pp poo poo

  • So oblivious.


  • "Playing this game fully immersed, is like playing GTA following traffic rules." HEY! I did that as a kid. I told me mom I just wanted GTA to pretend driving. LMAO! Now I play FiveM.

  • Amazing game

  • 👍nice

  • I love how he plays the flute after killing the boss

  • Zoro is lost again

  • Seru banget ya gamenya

  • Robinhod itu ya

  • Very awesome game

  • Noob

  • 30

  • I liked the Haiku my Dunkey =)

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  • Finaly. Here before 1 mil.

  • Hi

  • Finished

  • Hey pewds, play subnautica again plz!😊

  • postman samurai looking for a barn nice one pewds

  • "You are the most beautiful horse, they call you jabba the hut" we love that

    • when did he say that?

  • 7:12 End suffering, nah u keep suffering my dude

  • Lets subb trade im ready...😎👍

  • He is the best youtuber

  • 1:22:28"dont hurt me I'm Swedish post man,,,,,,,ikea......aaahh"

  • Yo honestly I love everything you do and I look up to you 💯 but man the way you played smoothly at 1:32:44, is from here on out every damn third person game you play. Play just like that (smooth)

  • Unlike

  • I sad you becose I'm mongolian

    • Are you really gonna comment on every Ghost of Tsushima video that you disliked and that your mOnGoLiAn?

  • I can`t understand you have 100 milions subscribers and your overage of views is of a 5 millions subscribers channel, i will prove that almost all your subscribers are fake.

  • Felix wont see this but, yall have a legit suggestion on which (english) edition/translation (of Five Rings) is best? There are a few.

  • 1:11:00 I watch this video while there was thunder outside that is so awesome

  • I really love pewdiepie, I've been watching him for many years, He really inspires me to make my own youtube channel, If you don't mind please subscribe my channel too okay thanks

  • I wish he had set it to English, I usually have these long episode playing in the background, but I can’t with this because I don’t speak Japanese and can’t understand what’s going on if I’m not reading subtitles.

  • Mantab

  • Love from Wisconsin!

  • Haha he suck at the boss fight

  • 1:11:11 - Haiku for today: Thunder pierces the sky Pewds sheaths his sword of iron Praise Swedish Education

    • That's 2 too many syllables there, bub.

    • Haikus have a certain syllable structure. The first line should have 5, the second should have 7, and the third should have 5.

  • 666K views xD

  • Fak

  • I would love to play this game

  • He sang his old song "Jabba the Hut" !!!!!

  • 24:49 PEPE

  • 26:38

  • I'm not gonna lie this game is pretty damn boring, I'm just here for Pewds' commentary and hilarious in-game fuckups. Meanwhile someone asked if this is the most graphically beautiful game... not even close bruh. It's not even as good as the Last of Us, wtf.

  • “Can you speak Japanese” Me: yesh

  • 58:58 Me thinking: This is Getting Over It 2!

  • Binod

  • 1:57:55 is that a horse saddle? on the left?

  • I kinda don’t like it when random people tells pewdiepie “sad stories” during his livestream. It ruins the gameplay and it’s just weird to tell that to random people on the internet just to get attention. Sorry but it’s been too fucking much of this Edit: like the guy who told pewds about that paralyzed girl. It’s sad but why the hell tell it to him? He can’t help you or anything, it’s better to keep stuff like that to yourself or family.

    • @BoomBoxMan what are you talking about💀 he’s saying to stop talking about negative stuff like sad stories.

    • @Funny Bunny well his fans should also be able to enjoy his content and streams. You gotta keep in mind what the other viewers might think of your message. Writing that personal stuff might be a bit disturbing for them, I dont know. But it could be, I just wrote this to let everyone know what I feel about it and hope that others may find this relatable.

    • I mean you can’t know what they’re going through just let them be as long as pewds is ok with it then it shouldn’t be a problem

    • BoomBoxMan k

    • @BoomBoxMan what? I didn't say that complimenting pewds during his live streams are terrible at all. It's pretty cute. But telling him about really personal stuff is just weird. That stuff should be kept for yourself instead :/ And I definitely dont think these people who tells him are idiots. I would feel bad for them and have sympathy if the conditions were right. Idk why but I don't take those things seriously in the middle of a game that pewdiepie is playing.

  • 英語が聞き取りやすいから、いい! 勉強になる!

  • Apparently in Sweden boars look like bears

  • You truly suck at this game

    • Its hard/lethal mode

  • "Fuck your knees, bro"

  • U really told a fan to fuck off

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  • Please help me please give me 10.000 rupay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Paytm number 6387982755

  • Please help me please give me 10.000 rupay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Paytm number 6387982755

  • Please help me please give me 10.000 rupay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Paytm number 6387982755

  • 2:00:43 spear on a madness

  • 1)18 2)10 3)12 = 40

  • Love u pewdiepie 🍻

  • I love how he changes rooms every time when gaming, last stream was in the white room but now, this stream is in his recording room.


  • shut up

  • That’s not a boar

  • Imagine mongols showed up while Jin's resting in a hot spring, so jin would have to fight them bare ass

    • Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave

    • Fighting naked is a good strategy irl because c it makes straight men hesitate on where they grab i have actually won a fight that I should have never been able to come close to einng let alone win without a scratch on me. He didn't want to take it to the ground and he wouldn't grab my legs or grab my hips so he could control my body all because my dick was swinging. I prefer to fight naked now it kinda freeing and it also allows you to bend better because cloths do restrict some of your movements. Soo pro tip irl get baked then right unless there are cops because they will take your bare assed to jail so all those"Cellmates get to see ya ass strip down then make a joke about hufgingbit out nude and it will throw them off psychology

    • I recommend running in all fours while screaming for that fear factor. Personal experience

    • Well, he’s more swift and agile that way lmfao

    • No, I will not imagine, thanks.

  • my weeb a*s thought it said ‘ghost of tsukishima’

  • Pewdiepie : postman armor 🤣🤣

  • 2:02:42 Gamer girl bath water is worthless, what you need is *Samurai bath water*

  • I swear when he speaks Japanese he sounds like Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure