Ghost of Tsushima #10 - We finishing this NOW

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • Can pewds play MC agin

  • do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve never seen a recent Pewdiepie video without a million views

  • Will he also release GOW???

  • pudidi

  • @PewDiePie Felix, you should sell a small offering of merch that is environmentally friendly, in conjunction with the cheaper merch, so those who can afford it and want to help the environment have that option. You don't have to do just one or the other, seems to me. Anyway, love you pewds, happy belated birthday bruh

  • Imagine not being able to eat meatballs everyday

  • 1:50:00

  • 962510th view lol

  • What do you mean hard to see? You are Swedish, you suppose to be live on icy land!

  • 1 million views when? Come on guys we can do it gotta get all ghost of tshushima playthrough videos above 1 million

    • 976K few days ago

  • 373rd comment :)

  • You SUCK

    • @PewDiePie Kids Channel PewDiePie Kids Channel? The[BLEEP] is this? I am using censors because this is a fake kids gay channel.

    • We SUCK

  • Pewdiepie pancen oye

  • 37:00

  • I didn’t really like this game’s story. It’s really poor and slow. I really liked Pewdiepie playing it though.

    • Hunter Pigg I can definitely like it more I was was personally playing it. For sure i can see and agree that it’s that bad.

    • I do agree with you sure about it being slow , but I wouldn’t say it was bad by no means , the story was good enough to keep me on the game all the way trough but the core of the game it self is what I loved .

  • that Picture of Him on the Horse and the cliff side reminds me of the intro to one of the Old Legend of Zelda Games I think it was in either Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Time but there's an Intro where it's just Link On his Horse on a Cliff top just like that

  • It's like a remake of assinscreed

  • never seen a pewds vid without a million views

  • Is he moving to Japan?

  • Y tf does it go from #3 to #10

  • bruh there is no giant enemy crabs in the game, soo unrealistic

  • I was asleep, this came on, and I woke up to 1:47:15

  • 29

  • The dude in the beginning of stream that kept talking about drugs seems like a loser

  • Was anyone else thinking while he was reading chat and randomly talking about unrelated stuff in important cutscenes like "please, shut up"

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  • I get having 3 or 4 ads but using 14? Still love ur channel and I get the grind but fuck me dats a lot of ads

  • is this the red dead but for ninja fans XD

  • The people in the live chats are so fuckin' weird.


  • .. A few years later, I found a recipe. Recipe. Against the gray hair of its being. The basic henna bark is an important part. Who gave me? The whole blond color is vital. . Call us.

  • why japanese kill humbackwale

  • good👍

  • مرحبا كيفكم انا يوتيوبر مبتدئة انا هلا. الف مشترك ياريت تدعموني لانوصل اكتر ان شاء الله... ❤️...

  • When he was following the bird and it just flew into the mountain lmao. Pewds: I Guess That's One Way To Do It

  • Mr beast is good same as u piggy pie ur trash

  • Если здесь есть русские то зачем они здесь ?

  • 1:33:35 Pewds has DREAMS?!?!?!? Look me up on there man let’s make a game PieMan!!

  • Falling asleep during these lets plays is so damn therapeutic 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Unlike

  • I sad you because I'm mongolian

  • 666k views nice

  • when you running out of ideas

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  • Pewdiepie: *kills like 100 people* “Well at least we got a banner”. 😶

  • So less views why pewds army

  • Well that was a f***ing lie.

  • Floor Gang Members during Felix’s pp break: 😐 Poor Gang being able to skip past pp break: 🏃‍♂️😎

  • 1:56:44

  • 57:00 "Goodbye chill stream" "i will miss you all" "the small pps are coming" a bunch of disrespectful people in early stream apparently

    • I don't see the problem with the first two. Not really with the third either

    • it ait that deep

  • pewds has been playing w/o audio all this time???? a fucking legend

  • Hi

  • Binod

  • Cool

  • his views have dropped substantially

    • There was a problem with the stream. He just picked up another 15million subscribers in the past 9months , 107million total, i think his channel is cool

  • non members are still commenting lol

  • Wow I love when poods plays Tomb Raider

  • Watching pewds' playthrough makes you realize how little his attention span is.

    • He has big pp. Most of the blood is there

    • how little everyone’s attention span is?

    • Lmao

  • chase is an addict just chill ur gonna ruin ur life if u get more and more addicted

  • 1:06:40 anyone read lips😂

  • That Japanese samurai culture is strange I just got the game and when the original ghost was about to die it felt like he wanted his son to jump in front of him or something and when the boy walked up the stairs it felt like they all hated him for not jumping in front of the blade that pierced the ghost like what? Samurai Culture is tough man. If I were a samurai I'd want to wear black cause wearing white I feel has a more darker side to it that's just me though

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  • 2:05:00

  • Binod


  • Upgrade to the elgato or any other 4k capture card... This is a bit blurry😅

  • 15 minutes MRslow

  • Ji

  • I'm here Felix. To do my part. As I'm in mood to watch some chill livestreams. Sorry for not watching it all live 😔

  • I am the ngising

  • Binod op

  • Sou brasileiro

  • Most wholesome stream ☺

  • Pewds please play horizon zero dawn!!! There’s a sequel coming out for PS5, and it’s really good game!

  • Thank you pewds

  • Binod

  • What you talkin' about? My AC never doing nothing, blow fans Walgreens card shoppin' all the off brands Boy go hard when collecting, got Venmo Save every motherfuckin' roach, tryna smoke

  • Im watching on 240p can see the mf way😂

  • I’m not a member but he streams around 4 am est for members

  • ヤジュウコネクト

  • 585k ???? Wtf

  • Pewdiepie

  • 2:29:17 love that moment

  • i would be a member but i'm a kid and my parents would never pay for this

    • If you want to see them stay up till 3 or 4 am est

  • I know this is a steam but he is the biggest youtuber and I’ve hardly seen his channel get under 1,000,000 views

  • So did he just abandon the kojiro quest???

  • Ja.

  • Tiene mas de 100 millones y tiene ni un millon de visitas y 36.000 like,puto bots tiene el ql

    • You are so dumb bro

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  • Epic...

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  • 1:47:09 He got attacked by the bear because he forgot to pet the fox.

    • rip headphone users

  • buscas un comentario en español , pues esta aca :3 -agradescan

  • one piece is masterpiece

  • Pls sub to pewds if you haven't

  • Yus

  • I follow you from destroyed Syria, and I hope that I will have a famous MRslow channel like yours, and I congratulate you on what you are: my channel is content for children 🌹 

  • Hallo pewdiepie i like when you ride a horse