Funny Among Us Memes Haha / [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#85

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 1 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
funny among us memes hehe
Shining meme by Neverthink Memes -
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  • 5:16 I now wonder if he knows what r6s is.

  • 11:37 the answer is Alcatraz

  • My school made an among us club and i am the president of it

  • The is for me voice 💀💀

  • Well I Found A Trigger Quote In A Game ''Anime Sucks - Some Random NPC

  • Me sitting in bed like give me 2 hours to run the numbers

  • I need that music from the meme review intro

  • PewDiePie when are you going to review the Rick roll meme?

  • Pewds watch Game Theory.

  • the most newest of all memes pewds finds are mostly shit (except for among us memes because they are more funnier/creative according to pewds and to everyone else who loves these memes).

  • Hoppip: Exists Is it Ditto!?!?

  • It’s not the banking it’s Davinci

  • gimme dat candy

  • He shaved👁👄👁

  • The word is deepfake

  • Lol the amazing fan art is from another youtuber.

  • "Susuke"

  • Well the thumbnail sais its a MEME REVIEW

  • Is it ditto?

  • just as pewds said "don't go in electrical alone" i got killed in electrical. alone

  • I want impostors to see able to read Ghost chats so bad ......



    • It's not like he's gonna become irrelevant anytime soon so.

  • crewmates are most likely to say *where*

  • Pewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfiepie

  • 1:08 purple in the background with a damn gun

  • Madoka magica 😂 no sylvion

  • da vinshi is the pronounciation

  • 3:18 the answer is: it not me! Its him! if its not him vote me out

  • 5:32 what


  • Hahaha H What This This Is perfect EASY IQ 342QI

  • bruh effect not give n lolo

  • No not meme review you crushed a bunch of memes why

  • I remember watching this. My comment didnt make it into the video, but an amazing start for October.

  • Now this is nostalgia

  • Coco Mellon pew die pie

  • My name being Monica other Monika. Me: I been called a femal dog 😪

  • 8:55 my brother showed me those guys, and I can't say De Vinci normally, I have to say, De Vincky

  • 11:36 pewds saying this while having a hot take on bear simulator

  • 2:55 ok ill do it Admin: Accept Diverted Power Admin: Chart Course Admin: Enter ID Code Admin: Prime Shields Admin: Swipe Card Admin: Upload Data Balcony: Clear Asteroids Balcony: Record Temperature Boiler Room: Open Water Ways Boiler Room: Replace Water Jug Cafeteria: Accept Diverted Power Cafeteria: Download Data Cafeteria: Empty Garbage Cafeteria: Fix Wiring Communications: Restart Wifi Dropship: Chart Course Dropship: Insert Keys Electrical: Calibrate Distributor Electrical: Divert Power Electrical: Download Data Electrical: Fix Wiring Greenhouse: Accept Diverted Power Greenhouse: Download Data Greenhouse: Fix Wiring Greenhouse: Water Plants Hallway: Fix Wiring Laboratory: Align Telescope Laboratory: Fix Weather Node Laboratory: Inspect Sample Laboratory: Repair Drill Laboratory: Submit Scan Lower Engine: Align Engine Output Lower Engine: Fuel Engines Medbay: Accept Diverted Power Medbay: Download Data Medbay: Fix Wiring Medbay: Inspect Sample Medbay: Submit Scan Navigation: Accept Diverted Power Navigation: Chart Course Navigation: Download Data Navigation: Fix Wiring Navigation: Stabilize Steering O2: Accept Diverted Power O2: Clean O2 Filter O2: Download Data O2: Empty Garbage O2: Fill Canisters O2: Fix Wiring O2: Monitor Tree Office: Download Data Office: Fix Wiring Office: Scan Boarding Pass Office: Swipe Card Outside: Fix Weather Node Outside: Open Water Ways Outside: Record Temperature Reactor: Accept Diverted Power Reactor: Divert Power Reactor: Download Data Reactor: Fix Wiring Reactor: Start Reactor Reactor: Unlock Manifolds Shields: Accept Diverted Power Shields: Download Data Shields: Fix Wiring Shields: Prime Shields Specimen Room: Start Reactor Specimen Room: Unlock Manifolds Specimen: Store Samples Storage: Empty Garbage Storage: Fix Wiring Storage: Fuel Engines Storage: Water Plants Upper Engine: Align Engine Output Upper Engine: Fuel Engines Weapons: Clear Asteroids Weapons: Download Data Weapons: Fix Wiring in alphabetical order

  • lol cocomelon remix

  • Brofist 👊

  • Anyone who calls Mac and cheese spaghetti should legally be shanked.

  • the intro tho!! it was f*cking good

  • pewds looking at among us memes: AHSHAHAGSHHA pewds at other memes: no.

  • Has anyone else realised that the radio noise is the same as the original gta for pc and PlayStation 1 when the police are on your ass? 🤣

  • Spicy cheeto's: *exists* Me at 4 in the morning : iS FoR mE?

  • *immediately sees thicc Pyro in the first 10 seconds*


  • T series already have 160 million

  • 。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Pewds was not an Impostor.  。 . 2 impostors remain     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。MADE BY ME FOR PEWDS

  • 2:23 pokemon

  • 9:57 omg kyle :D

  • 3:31 there’s a raccoon on the bottom left

  • wow

  • Hehe go to Renee robinsons channel and don’t subscribe 😆

  • i've been looking at 2:17 for FAR TOO LONG which one is the imposter lmao

  • is for me ? is for me , is for me ? is for me ? is for me ? is for me ?

  • I was playing among us and pink called an emergency and everyone said what and he/she said "Why is my name tag red" and I said "Idk because ur imp" and everyone voted them off and guess what they were imposter. I think they were new to the game.

  • Me and pewds have the same birthday!!!!

  • I definitely prefer Among Us being big vs. Fortnite lol

  • Who got Abad o tuber simulater

  • This man is actuallu successful coz he doesnt ask for subs that much being a youtuber

  • Hello, your pudidi is viral on Indonesian social media

  • This video gets a *Blip*

  • Pewds looks younger!

  • 2:18 drifloon is the imposter because his pokemon sun entrie is tories go that it grabs the hands of small children and drags them away to the afterlife.

  • 🎃 👉👊

  • I like ya cut g


  • Pogs in chat Pyrocynical is fat 0:09

  • ay lelouch vi britania

  • Lol pewds

  • It means Pokémon

  • 6:14 Its RICK ASTLEY

  • New pewds

  • Analyze gameplay. Laughs in matpat

  • 0:08 poor pyro

  • out of the pokemon the imposter is the one in the shell i forgot its name . REALIZE THAT THE REST OF THEM HAVE TAILS

  • Boooooooooooorinnnnngggggggggggggggggggg...

  • Every fuckin thing in the world is kinda sus now -_-

  • In my last game I didnt have to lie I admitted to killing cyan and I still won the others were just confused

  • 7:20 spoiler, it is an spoiler Btw I love the boys

  • Bruh i forgot that this video on my bday

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  • One time I was in security with pink and blue said he was in security. He got voted off

  • 9:02 who let pesci have social media

  • I will unsubscribe! My teacher loves Zelda and so do I!!!!!!

  • What's up god of youtube

  • Pewds: "The Internet was a mistake Also Pewds: without the internet Pewds would not have 100 million MRslow subscribers

  • Watching what?

  • Meme review and brofist. Brings back memories :)

  • Is for me??😳 👉👈

  • sub to him to get him lot munny

  • So Exilint

  • Legend of Zeald games are Every day after he came back from school my dad will play the game and we would’ve liked lots of fun

  • Dude thanks for the vid its awesome I was laughing the whole entire time.

  • 6:16

  • I thought I was watching coco melon