Flying Into My House in Flight Simulator 2020

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 26 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Ok Pewds, Challenge time: Fly a P51 Mustang or an F-15.

  • I’m jealous of your life😔

  • I lost my entire family to PewDiePie Airlines and all I got was a T-shirt with some russian text on it.

  • Intro : not a single sole Me : lamo

  • Basically what stall is when you increase the critical angle of attack, and so what that mean is that when you pull up the airplane too high that is not enough airflow over the wings and it doesn’t create lift. But I laughed so hard when he said it’s fine when the plane stalled 😂😂❤️ I loved this

  • This is how many stalkers he’s now gonna get 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • i love this intro

  • 뭐라는거야

  • 'flys with air brakes on'

  • Brah the intro

  • RIP to everyone who died while flying pewdiepie airlines 😢😢😢😢

  • I'm watching this at 1 in the morning

  • You left your flaps on btw

  • when pewdiepie says flying is easy instantly crashes

  • My dads a pilot

  • Actually, cruising altitude is around 30,000 feet for planes such as the A320, A319, 737, A321, and other average-sized airliners. On the 747 it is 40,000 feet

  • CREAPER.........8:14

  • What are your airbrakes and flaps doing?

  • I had to rinse my eyes with holy water after the landing.

  • Retracts landing gear at like 20,000 ft. Professional Pilot

  • Here's the timestamp for the thumbnail: SIKE! WON'T LET PEOPLE NOT ENJOY THIS VID TO THE FULLEST!!

  • No we totally know we’re you live

  • How about if all your subscribers already have it do I delete it then reinstall it with your link

  • Pewds: Enters a cloud Game: WTF

  • That intro sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Who flys with a key board

  • "saying hi to girls is cringe" Marzia: enters the room Pewdiepie:hi

  • Pewdiepie:let's start the video now Video:naked man ad plays Me:WTF

  • uh hi

  • Hi

  • Surreal entertainment did his intro wow

  • Why the intro so creepy?

  • Its all fun and games until you see a shadow outside your window

  • Go and take lessons from swiss 001

  • Imagine if this game low key was just a drone piloting app and he just committed minor genocide

  • Intro is God

  • PewDiePie: I’m a pilot.I now all about the 747. Behind the scenes:He’s watching a tutorial

  • I'm guessing all the people following knew it was you

  • 12:121 uncensored swear lol!

  • fly to gula husen in sweden

  • Creepiest intro in the world Ngl...

  • 22:59 That Cessna is like: Your'e in restricted airspace!! Change your course or be rammed!!!!

  • The intro its creepy

  • “Honey I’m home!”

  • I like how pewds computer can’t even run this game very well

  • are these recorded streams just edited??? how does he ask fans things🤔

  • Thank God I thought u disappeared

  • At this point the intros have gone to far

  • 0:37 c-captain obvious..?

  • 11:38 proof that this is felix kjelburg and not PewDiePie

  • PewDiePie: Flies worse than a noob but saying he's a pro pilot. Avgeeks and me: Holy Smokes!😬🤦‍♂️

    • Me an Aircraft Engineer: AGHHHH!! MAKE HIM STOP! *meanwhile the entire Division is preparing a "D" check if he can land*

  • Whats going on with fps

  • 2:54 he said wow that’s actually pretty cool for a sponsor😂😂

  • Didn't pewds make fun of lords mobile for their terrible ads? Lords Mobile: *Well well well, how the turntables...*

    • actually :))

  • I'm a 757 pilot for icelandair so I'm disappointed of you're flying

  • The fact that I actually started to feel nauseous LOL

  • this kinda makes me nervous about getting on a plane now

  • Pls upgrade ya pc or lower settings

  • Hahaha

  • Pudidi

  • Plane: warning pewd for his safety Meanwhile pewd: shut up... how do I turn it off!

  • Imagine you are in plane and hear pilot say Thats an ugly tower a want to crash into him

  • É eu sou Nb a escrever

  • You a noob in dis game

  • Bruh he is lagging

  • Bruh you just doxxed yourself lmao

  • Not anyware I dont have good WiFi so I. Can't play that anyware 😭

  • I’ve been to mount fugi

  • I went to Tokyo in February before the pandemic in 2020

  • go to space in flight sim

  • Take a fighter jet and go to india bomb down tseries (But plz dont bomb my house near it :()

  • 26:30 Imagine the pilot in your flight asking "Does anyone see the airport?"

  • 0:00 pause

    • @Satriyo Wibisono nothing just that i like your profile specially your picture

    • @Ghost Slayer what's funny

    • @Satriyo Wibisono XDDDD

    • No

  • This is amusing to watch and Pewdie questioning so much when he entered thick clouds at the end parts xD All those crashes gives me heart attacks tho as someone who had attempted to land aircrafts on my own prior with a tiny Cessna xD

  • "Can a man fly to Sweden without getting stream sniped" - Pewds 2020

  • why does pewdiepie rage moments be the best moments?

  • Co Pilot: "positive rate" Pewds: "Flaps Up"

  • u have bad pc i se

  • call it papa pewd's pacific

  • Wtf was that intrp

  • after this video 100M fans will be waiting outside ur house

  • damn Captain Pewdiepie

  • y is this so hilarious LMAO diz is funny but pewds isnt laughing

  • Hello PuDiDi

  • “Excessive Speed!” “That’s ok... that’s normal. How do I shut him up?”

  • ANY TIME ANY WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why the air brake is on and the flaps is down when you were flying in 113 000 feet 😱

  • Pudidi

  • Wtf did I just saw 0:01

  • It's like a 3 year older trying to flying a plane

  • Were is your house! Wtf

  • best promotion ever, it make me gonna download it. but im hold it phew~

  • Every F word is replaced with a fart 🤣🤣

  • Even pewds pc has lags renderring that game😑

  • i follow ur dad on instagram

  • Tjenare Felix

  • What the fuck were those first 20 seconds?

  • Felix Says I Am boeing 747 Pilot Felix Does A Barrel Roll Fsx Physics = Am I A Joke To You

  • 0:00 0:26 my nightmares in a nutshell

  • How you know my age? you son of a illuminati 😭😭