Don't EVER Call Me A KAREN! [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#78

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 6 मे, 2020
Karen meme has gone TOO FAR. STOP IT NOW!
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  • Karen: DoNt EvEr CaLl Me KaReN. Me: ok anti vaccine bitch

  • pewdiepie: there's no way to stop karens me: *pulls up gun* you think there's nothing to stop karens?

  • definitly no such thing a male karen

  • Wtf is that intro bro😂😂

  • People who disliked are probably Karens.

  • People are really not afraid of comparing years of slavery to a recent meme, I'm shocked.

    • That's exactly what I thought

  • My mom's name is Karin.. Gladly she's not like that at all! 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • you karen

    • Hope ur a troll

    • @Dj Burke Lol ur lame xD

    • @Dj Burke no you

    • @AsRaTV sorry i dont speak the language of the man with a small pp

    • @Dj Burke no u

  • gramas name is Karen super nice and gives peoples cookies Idk but could there be an undiscovered evolution were Karens to actually KARE

  • so is calling someone dumb racist? karen is basically a name for moms that act cringy.

  • The lonely italian intraorally bury because north america consecutively smell amidst a jumbled land. overrated, normal revolve

  • A girl at school never watched TV in her life

  • My friends mom has that haircut and is named karen. I asked her if she likes the karen meme. She says she enjoys it.

  • mz aunt has that hair style but she is the opposite of a karen exception!

  • What does karen means

  • I demand to speak to the manager

  • Vaccinated kids are more likely to have autism be cause anti-vaccinated kids are dead

    • You had me in the first half ngl

  • Karen is a race?

    • @Kerry Gamer no

    • Yes

  • Word that can be used in a mean context: exists People: It's a slur, just like the n-word.

  • I AIN'T FEAR A kArEn WHEN SHE SAYS lEt mE spieK tO yoUr maNegeR

  • Felix Kjellberg: makes the song Bitch Lasagne Karen Kjellberg: makes the dish, Bitch Lasagne.

  • 3:26 goddamn that was a jumpscare

  • I can see what the Karens are arguing for but at the same time they are missing the whole point of the meme. It's like throwing a dart at the dart board and hitting a childs toy dart board behind you. Miss the point entirely and have a completely different, insignificant problem that should most definitely never have been one.

  • Why is he sitting on the floor 🤔🤔

  • 2:10

  • Jojo’s big pp adventure is a amazing shirt

  • It's weird, he has a slight accent, but at the same time he doesn't.🤔

  • My name is "Karan" The pronunciation of the "KaReN" word seems just like my name , i feel like pewdiepie is roasting me 😂 and i like it

  • Don't worry pewds I'm giving you the Karen pass

  • 13:46 I- y’all are too much-

  • In “ liv and Maddie” their mom’s name is Karen.

  • 7:08 bruh the hair

  • he's actually the definition of "millenial" ..he lived in a different era, but still lived half his life with the internet, just an older version of it, (and basically, lived their entire/mostly childhood in the 90's, and middle school..or so, into the new millennium) boomers: didnt live during "The Web" ..which is why for the span of PewDiePie's life, to now, boomers have gone from not knowing how to turn on/off a computer (or cell phone) to - (tbh still learning the "how to's" of "the Internet") so.. millennials lived a slightly boomer childhood (but with internet most of the time) but dramatically different in teen and early adulthood years.

  • “cALLiNg pEOpLe kArEn iS RACIST” People who are actually named Karen: ‘-‘

  • Unpopular Opinion: All imma say you are targeting a group of people...

  • Fun Fact: . . . . . . . . . 11:20 That guy is not Turkish, I think. I didn't understand what is he talking about. I'm not sure but he might be Spannish.

  • People are gonna have to start handing out K word passes.

  • Kim Jong Un sound kinda like my grandpa

  • When someone's name is really Karen and she doesn't have that haircut

  • Honestly the term Karen is so cringe now. Anytime annoying fortnite kids get their hands on something, it loses all meaning.

  • Why are they so mad that we call them Karen we Got Kyle So

  • When your mom is a Karen (spare me)

  • Kim Jong Un has a voice?!!

  • 5 stars lol

  • karen: stop calling me karen! the internet: okay well just calll you what we use to call you karen: thank yo- the internet: G-DAY C*NT


  • Why

  • You can chill on the fake laughs

  • words of wisdom "alll b*tches are karens BUT not all karens are b*tches

  • Anyone know what that drum n bass song is in the intro?

  • Nice jo jo shirt👌🏻🖕🏻

    • yea nice dude 😏🖕🖕

  • he said the k word

  • Who would win in a fight? Steven Kjellberg? Or Felix Spielberg?

  • I know Karen’s are bad and all but most Karen’s have better hair then most of us on Monday and no I don’t like Karen’s they suck

  • So basically what I now know is whoever wrote this is a big ass feminist that takes an opportunity to spread a bunch of bollocks

  • the 4 percent who said yes have defiantly been called a Karen

  • PewDiePie destroying yet another meme


  • I want to speak to the floor.

  • The Anti Karen's watch this vid "Send in the memes this will silences the Karen's" The Karen's "Push back and fuck up the Managers

  • What happens if Karen is the manager

  • ahh.. yes.. a jojo shirt.

  • 6.1k Karen’s

  • The surgeon simulator clip was from CallMeKevin and I'm so glad that it was used.

  • 1:42 Did I hear tambourine??? Like if you heard

  • Omg. It's my mother! Lol!

  • karen’s will say the word karen is the same as the n word but you obviously can say one of those words and can’t say the other. if it’s the same, say the n word.

    • Challenge accepted

  • Ah John Mulaney said- If you can say one word but not the other, the latter is worse. Example: Karen / N-Word

  • 3:00 😂😂😂😂 epic

  • I disliked the video since you said you like raisins

  • Karen isn’t racist and sexist saying your a white male is racist and sexist I hate when this get brought up in a fight boy do I want to jump thru the phone

  • >just because you can, doesn't mean you should To that my dear sir, I say: We do what we must, because we can

  • The sharp bird premenstrually destroy because joseph laterally drip outside a supreme lipstick. useless, grouchy camp

  • Dark Karen spread awareness

  • This video: 4:24 Me: frickin claps

  • If you have this haircut..then-then Then your name is Karen it’s in the laws of physics -Pewds

  • I'm genuinely sorry for women named Karen that aren't karens :(

  • We can still fight back PwDiePie. It aint over till it's over.

  • Karen........................s

  • Kim Yo-jong is the main antagonist

  • YALL OIHUGYFDJHSXJSELDF in the last meme, weren't those blackpink lisa's leGSS???? SDGUIFYJH

  • Does anybody body realis marge Simpson is part caren

  • 13:17 TENN??? I can't believe I didn't notice that sooner lmao

  • If Karen is equal to to the n-word then why isn't It the K-WORD

  • wait May happened? its went feb to nov there was no may

  • people type random commets to get likes so BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY

  • My grandma is a serious Karen and i got driven to soccer in a van thankfully not an suv...

  • The guy is spanish not turkish...

  • Karen...

  • When someone does something wrong and they use religious comebacks, that's a KAREN.

  • "What a fucking karen"

  • Karen

  • 12:01 : saying this just because he doesnt want to get murdered

  • Pewds goin back to the bridge: what a f*cking karen (sorry i had too)

  • What happens when a Karen is the manager

  • When they wrote Karen is equivalent to the n-word why did they not wrote Karen as the k-word?

  • It is EXTREMELY racist to say that “Karen is equivalent to the n-word”. I am white but I know and think saying *that*, and ignores all of the horrible things that black people have to withstand generally on a daily basis, that phrase “Karen is equivalent to the n-word” was also probably made up by a particularly racist Karen who was probably uneducated about slavery and the kkk. The n-word came from slave owners using it to slaves who they LITERALLY DIDN’T CONSIDER TO BE PEOPLE, compared to the word ‘Karen’ which was made up by bored and annoyed millennials as a way of sort’ve insulting women who were entitled ass holes. Speaking of, Karens aren’t people who, as that card says, stand up for themself, they are people who are extremely entitled, and if something doesn’t go their way, they attack. Basically the n-word was just to diminish black people *who didn’t deserve the discrimination* vs. millennials (who eat avocado toast, and are vegans) saying a small roast to people who do deserve it and can’t take an insult,

  • My last name is Karen......

  • 3:19 congratulations U played your self

  • Karen: I'm going to call the manager Me with a gun: do it... If you're brave enough