Belle Delphine must be stopped... LWIAY #00127

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 26 जुलै, 2020
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  • Hii pudidi

  • Darn cant believe im not subbed hi pewds Me when the start of the video:peeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwdddddddddiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeppppppppiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee

  • 9:36 omg Into the Spider Verse background

  • Bruh....yesterday pewdiepie had 104million NOW HE HAS 108MILLON!!!!!!

  • belle depphin is pronstar?

  • 2020 🤗

  • Um this is true but I think belle likes u. I have proof.

  • Wtf whit the intro

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Epic

  • Guys watch penguinz0 The Official Podcast: Belle Delphine. Shes actually a great person.

  • Thanks pewds for making 2020 worst year and making it best year for us by closing all schools now your officially an angle to the kids

  • When pedi pie becomes a simp for his mic

  • Noob belle

  • Pewds and lazar teamed to make corona

  • can a girl get big PP

  • Belle Delphine Gets Banned 4 months Later from when this video was released, COINCEDENCE !!! I THINK NOT!!!

  • Pewds listens to the saying in spider man into the spider verse, Hero’s don’t wear their own merch ;D


  • She got stopped now lol

  • She's 69 wife

  • your videos is real trush mudja is vrery king of u

  • 3:37 is what you came for

  • Are there really 3 broken wheels on shopping carts?

  • Why would you stop Belle? She is banned from MRslow now😭

    • *S I M P*

  • Water sheep

  • Belle Delphine: *simps* MRslow: fine, ill do it

    • Ladies and Gentle men, we gottem

  • Yt already do it

  • Dude he has a wife

  • Libertarianism? 🤢🤧

  • Done

  • Pewdiepie is daddy

  • Dam it

  • No she does not u Do 👁👄👁 let people do what they want to do

  • what have I become my swedish friend lol

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Belle Delphine has been Terminated. Ladies and Gentlemen, we gottem.

    • Where?

    • She got reinstated

    • terminated? from where? and why is it good?

    • I can still see her on ytb

    • For now

  • Who is here after her account was terminated

  • I turned 10 2 months ago..........

  • she is now terminated... W

  • Belle Delphine --------------------------------------- Is Gone!

    • coffin dance meme

  • whos here after belle delphine was banned from youtube?

  • Belle dalphine got terminated yesterday 😂😂

  • this aged well.

  • 😆😄😃🙂😐🙁☹️😞😥I'm a kid. I'm Italy boy

  • Simp means: S- shit I- in M- my P- pants

  • Well you got your wish pewds


    • Yes

    • I deserve some credit coming here after knowing that and saying the future

  • @Pewdiepie did you know there is a *sus* emoji? 🆘

  • Well boys, we did it. She is banned now

    • I was about to say that

    • You was faster than me

    • Ww

    • Ww

    • Wa


  • We've done it Felix, she's now terminated

  • Its 3:45am, I'm alone in my room in total darkness. The intro made me scared 😭 And there is this noise at 12:17 maybe cause of his mic and it scared me even more 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • She's banned now

  • Pew die pie needs to go to deep throat rehab

  • It's everyday bro vs B**ch Lasagña Update: It's close, just 3M more views

  • REAL TITLE NAME: 16 minutes and 49 seconds of felix grunting obnoxious noises


  • I had to deal with spammers saying "ALL HAIL BELLS DELPHINE" Dang it was real atressful .

  • I dint know that sive is simp!!!

  • Her channel hot terminated

  • Bruh. Nah man, it aint your fault 202 is bad. Kings never do something wrong.👌

  • When he mocked the Irish flag I threw my phone, said this is how its done and sang amhrán na bhfiann in its intirety

    • Sea tá fhios agam! Chaith mé beagnach mo ghuthán amach lol na fuinneoige.

  • Pewdiepie: I'm so sorry guys, I caused coronavirus Introverts: You have nothing to apologize for

  • j

  • Fellow 19 year olds, as of today, It's Everyday Bro still has 3M more views than Bitch Lasagna. This can't be allowed

  • Her channel is gone..

  • What did he send here sperm


  • 107m now

  • In serium?

  • Is it just me or has life caught up with pewdiepie. It's the voice for me. 😭😭😭

  • Hahahahaha because of you she's a horror story now.

  • traduza ai pra mim

  • Im boy and even i think pewdiepie is handsome

  • 10 million views lesh goo

  • Samp semp simp somp sump Sabotage in A e i o u

  • Pewdiepie I'm with you We must stop belle delphine I see a pattern here and I Don't like it

  • Dude ur like a king

  • I'm simp for belle delphine

  • Me: "sees the title" Also me: ODIN IS WITH US

  • cocomelon pewdiepie Intros are getting weirder...

  • Select your payment option: 1.Japan 2.N/A 3.N/A 4.N/A 5.N/A

  • 12:06 Sive, remix this and make it a hit single

  • PewDiePie, i wish i could see that profile again when you hsd that many subscribers, once you hit 108 million subscribers because i used to have it in my gallery, now it's not, but i can still see it on Google, i hope you change back into that profile, i liked it it was cool

  • Belle Delphine made a video title Pewdiepie sent me a mystery box is that true ?

  • Creepy Intro

  • Hi me brazilian

  • lulu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What sive is simp? It's treason then

  • Pause the vid at 6:15 then look at the mirror. Now, realize this isn't a mirror, but there is actually another person in the room, sitting at a desk with a reverse setup, and they have legs.

  • everyday bro have more views its all because of mr beast

  • Bella delphine need to fix

  • The intros are getting better and better

  • Wt freak pweds!! i never knew you made 2020 the worst year ever

  • Can we talk about #82 foodphorn 7:22

  • *casually skips /r/foodporn*

  • God That Intro Is Scarier Than Most Horror Movies On Netflix

  • 8:32 when you forget to do homework for the 696th time

  • Sive Wat pewds said simpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • I agree she must be stopped she is the dirtiest girl I've ever seen