Among Us But IQ is -500 // #3

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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  • Pewds: talking and sussing Me: you have a fricking scan!!!!! Omg!!!!!!

  • lol, he got fucking pissed

  • dEaDaSs

  • Corpse's voice is like one of the best thing everytime i watch a pewds among us video

  • too many times had Felix forgotten to mute himself. 'let's get killin'' 'Felix you aren't muted' EDIT: IM CRYING THANK U FOR 3.1K LIKES WHAT

  • The last part was so stupid, it makes me wanna hate those fkrs

  • anyone: *exists* pewds: *liar voice*

  • wy are they calling Jack Septiceye, sean??

  • i feel the last round

  • What were they laughing at at 22:40 ?

  • you killed me in among us

  • Edgar must have been sleeping when he was playing because he is mad at Felix for being too loud.

  • P -----> pig , P --------> PewDiePie

  • Trying to read CORPSE in this game is like trying to read the abyss

  • manage you're websites @t

  • When pewds said let’s go killing time and he was a crewmate that was so funny

  • i love when julian plays, lmao i love him

  • Cool thumbnail

  • me: mom, i want harry mom: we have harry at home harry at home:

  • Dude How Stupid can they get🤣 That strategy in last round broke my brain

  • Life cycle of video game: people start playing it, pewdiepie makes a video of it, kids see it, kids ruin it, game dies


  • Felix should try to play among us with his subscribers

  • وش الشي الحبو فيه؟

  • Felix yelling and cussing at his crew mates for not believing him was my favorite part😂

  • Lmaoo the end 🤣🤣

  • Watching this after watching when pewds was playing with Xqc is soo refreshing. The mood is just instantly soooo light and fun 💕

  • E

  • Corpse laughing at Felix gives me life XD

  • 25:16 xD

  • 16:56 lol

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    • u really decevied

  • pewds is getting old man... Damn

  • the moment when pewds showed us charlie when corpse was talking

  • Pewds’s massive chaotic energy is hilarious is these early Among Us vids 😂

  • julien and pewdiepie! my hearttttttttttttt

  • Corpse's voice is the human equivalent of Grimm from Hollow Knight

  • Pewds " I always pick the wrong people " well atleast you're not wrong with marzia

  • Lmao they so dumb he saw it and they still didn’t believe him

  • And pewdiepies voice💖💖💖💖 Pewdiepies among us skin ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  • *_test_*

  • 28:06

  • Who else felt felixs pain when it was obviously Charlie but no voted him 🤧😂

  • Corpse laugh is like super kawaii and kiddish but his voice is so serious and deep

  • Felix: *sees Charlie walk over a body.* Everyone: *votes everyone else out except Charlie.* Felix: 👀

  • *PATHETIC JACK* that last game was unbelievable

  • Pewds calling Marzia a legend for bringing him a drink is so cute.

  • 28:06

  • Corpse’s Voice: 🔪🚬⛓ His among us skin: 💕🌸✨

  • too many times had Felix forgotten to mute himself. 'let's get killin'' 'Felix you aren't muted'

  • Whoever edits this Is showing greaseball when corpse speaks lol just saying 22:08

  • I was so mad at the end when they wouldn't believe him. Do they know how to play 🤣😭

  • "Everything I said checks out yet you vote everyone else" Summarizes every meeting in Among Us

  • I love how all of the comments are about corpse’s voice

  • I'm here for Corpse his voice

  • You can tell when Pews isn’t the killer. He protests so much and sounds shocked and hurt at the same time.

  • why are they calling Jack, "Sean"???

    • That’s his real name

  • GreaseBall Describes my hair lol

  • Felix: (Unmute) It's killing time. Charlie: (Kills Felix) Corpse: It really is killing time. 😂😂😂

  • Juuuuliennnnnnn!!

  • We need an among us series with marzia

  • unanse a mi canal amigos fukers!!! 🤣🥰

  • Corpse id forever sus lol

  • Good to see that Dave is alive.

  • the best parts of this video are when felix was unmuted and then the called marzia a legend for getting him water

  • Felix: “I saw Charlie kill on cams” Everyone: “Ok that’s cool, but how bout we vote everyone else out first, THEN Charlie?”

    • Where


    • That hurt me so much i had to watch it in double speed 😂😭

    • That was irritating me so much omg I wqs raaaaaaging!

  • Jack was actually on negative IQ on that last game lmao "Don't vote Charlie because he's the obvious impostor" WHATTTT

  • I just realized Julien is jenna marbles boyfriend🤦‍♀️

  • This was posted on my birthday and I didn't know cuz of college(T-T)

    • Happy late birthday 🎂

  • Omg felix in the last round raged out of control. "WHAT? YOU WON'T BELIEVE ME? THEN YOU ARE ALL DUMB OR THE IMPOSTER!" Who would want that kind of guy on the ship?

  • the last game was so stupid how could everyone think like that lol

  • Pewdiepie is the best MRslowr

  • Pewdiepie is the best youtubr

  • 70% of comments - omg corpses voice 20% of comments - I loved it when felixs mic was on 10% of comments - jacks doing the lying thing again

  • I thought you should know that when you die your voting screen breaks after you die I thought it was interesting and thought you should know


  • I love corpse’s voice sooooo much

  • Jack: Exists Felix: LIAR VOICE VOTE HIM OUT

  • hey, how about you go to corpse’s channel to talk about corpse. imagine making a youtube video and every single comment is about someone else.

  • julien: wHaT bOdY ASDFGHJK


  • 9:05 When they voted Julien 😂

  • I could fall asleep while listening to Corpse voice 🤩


  • 20:30

  • Hey can i get certified

  • I m a small youtuber I waste my time in recording... editing...and uploading I need your all help and support....plZ

  • i know jenna is somewhere screaming about how cool it is that julien is in a pewds video

  • Anyone else think Julien sounds like Shane Dawson

  • This hunger games guy seems to be popping off

  • lmao anyone notice at 22:00 the zoom was on charlie even tho corpse was speaking

  • how does he manage to find imposter with no logic lmaooooooooo

  • corpse makes me feel some type of way

  • Who tf is Shawn

    • Jacksepticeye

  • I think I watched the same game three times now from Corpse's, Jack's and Pewd's view.

  • 18:42 Corpse: You almost got away with it

  • Holy shit that last game was probably the most frustrating among us game I’ve ever seen

  • guys 20:32

  • Someone send the link to the video thumbnail the video.

  • why does charlie sound like wade