Amnesia Rebirth - Its been 10 Years..

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 19 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
we amnesia now bros
check out amnesia rebirth for yo self:
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  • The children run fast 乃ㄩㄒ 乇ㄥ爪ㄖ 尺ㄩ几丂 千卂丂ㄒ乇尺

  • Finish the fucking game

  • Dam I was expecting this video as soon as I saw the trailer and I must say I’m one happy guy, I remember watching pewds, stephano,BARREL!!!!! 😂😭

  • but.. but... but where is stephano?

  • Please finish! This was so good! Just like old times

  • pewdiepie 10 years ago: Stephano pewdiepie now: Pillow

  • pewdiepie 10 years ago: Stephano pewdiepie now: Pillow

  • 25:59 Wtf was that noise he made lol


  • Michael Jalaluddin subscribe

  • Pewds please play

  • Pewds didn't like the game :(

  • Nice bro

  • @pewdiepie

  • Damn I miss Stefano now.

  • Pls continue!


  • PART. 2. PEWDS. :(

  • Continue the game

  • 48:21 OMG MR CHAIR

  • Its so sad that stephano was not there in the game.

  • I loved this please keep going i dont want to watch markiplier i love your vids dude.

  • He didnt do more of this did he ...


  • No amnesia, god of war, or subnautica. He even said he liked the latter two a lot. I guess making dumb reddit content is easier. Sigh.

    • I don't watch Pewdiepie anymore, mainly because he doesn't do anything refreshing and most videos for past year two have been just memes that aren't funny and Felix talking for 20 minutes straight.

  • i must poop brb

  • its fun seeing him scared for onced just a tiny bit

  • Who is longer on YT you or HandOfBlood

  • i think that willsmith will make an apperance


  • why are people asking him to finish this? it's dogshit. the Amnesia team is clearly a one-hit wonder at this point

    • It's just children who want something to watch. But it's obvious Pewds is finding this game boring

  • Play more man

  • Omg its been 10 years, don't mind me just crying in the corner

  • @pewdiepie Hey man can you please do a part 2, one of my favourite things is sitting down and watching you play horror games.

  • Play more please! It gets so much better!

  • bruh new ep plz

  • Let’s go!

  • Are you going to do another episode?

  • Pewds always give us a cliffhanger


  • Hearing how laudanum is actually pronounced after hearing Pewds say it differently for so long is the biggest mind blow of 2020

  • the game is f*** disturbing

  • Finished Rebirth, and the game is the weirdest shit I've ever seen.

  • Shameless Cash Grab

  • Intro erminded Bioshock

  • In his 2018 dark descent playthrough he also stopped playing half way through. Amnesia games are truly scary.


  • Commenting on every pewdiepie video until he notices

  • part 2 ?

  • PART 2 WHEN :(

  • Pewds! It’s been a month! We need more pls!

  • 49:22 Felix = Flora confirmed???

  • pleeeease continue playing this!! :(

  • Was that it?

  • Anyone else just thinking about him saying “I’m swimming around in a vagina” the whole time hes exploring the cave

  • When is part 2 coming

  • Play this more

  • okay now bring back Outlast!

  • felix its been for weeks plz

  • That would have to be some super strong ac current through the ground and other rocks to make huge magnets to vibrate like that

  • More plz!

  • When next ep ined ples

  • If you have time/motivation, please finish this series

  • Maybe in 10 years he'll finish this game

  • Still waiting for part 2.

  • 4 weeks later, still waiting for part 2

  • Uhhh... Part 2?

  • -Marzia 2020 @26:20

  • I remember being 7 watching your amnesia videos. I was so clueless to the world around me but your videos would always make me happy. I’m older now and watch you less but you play a big part of my history Felix. Replay conkers bad fur day.

    • He doesnt give a poop

  • Damn, this is when I started watching pewds

  • 26:51 for some reason this was calming

  • Haha this is the way from mandalorian and perfectly splendid from haunting of bly Manor

  • I wonder if you have something against my country algeria , yes pewds , it is in the original game and in this one too , nearly same places but a different part of the desert,you have been to Morocco which is our neighboring country 🙄

  • More episodes?

  • I wish he'd finish the game :')

  • part 2 ?

  • I hope they add in a good story to this game.

  • at 46:05 when pewdiepie stopped up driver easy started updating in the middle of the screen

  • Pewds I was literally a 12 year old watching the amnesia custom maps

  • cant u replay the old amnesia plz :)

    • @sophie wood He never finished it.

    • he has


  • i was so young watching you scream and run away from bro like damn

  • Sadly he stopped playing before the game even pretty much began. This one is a lot more focused around telling a story than causing constant terror though, unlike TDD. I've played TDD, MFP and Rebirth, I liked the story of rebirth, and there were elements that really helped with keeping the psyche in check. I used to play TDD a lot until the game pretty much broke my psyche in the way that I would get scared/panic-signs by just starting the game and preparing to play it, even though I really do love the game. I am surprised Felix managed it for so long with the OG game, but i can not blame him for being turned away from playing terror-inducing horror games after having played TDD myself :D

  • When's the next part?

  • I swear if he's not an Easter egg in this game I'm honestly gonna be disappointed

  • Pewdiepie pls finish the game😢

  • its been 10 years and he hasn't made episode 2 yet i'm sad now

  • bro I remember the good old days when you just started streaming Amnesia Pew: "Kept you waiting huh?"

  • Pog

  • 💕

  • Im unlocking memories i forgot i had

  • 😭😢 good times

  • Who’s still waiting for part 2😓

  • im glad he turned down/off the lights in his room. its so distracting when face cam is bright as fuck

  • when he said "i'm stuck" i immediately remembered the continuation from years ago: "i'm stuck, in this duck, it makes me wanna quack, like what the fuck is that?!" Anyone remember when he said this? :D

  • "WSAD" instead of "WASD"? monsters!

  • Waiting for GAMING DECEMBER!

  • bruhhhh upload part 2 ;-;

  • Pewd 2010: BARRELS Pewd 2020: PILLOWS