Am I Straight? - Jubilee React #14

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Pewds can call everyone gay in this episode and everyone would agree !

  • felix mate marcus is actually trans lmfao

  • he said cock ring not cock running

  • Sive, my own flesh and owuga, simp?

  • 1:29 when the blue haired goes up to men

  • ZA WAURDO!!!

  • 9:02 same

  • Everybody forgot the key point. My mans was a lesbian, and became trans. Idk why they all thought that he suddenly liked dick when he transition lmao trans men can be straight xD

  • Jk

  • I’m gay

  • this is like among us

  • i knew it

  • based on appearance right off the bat im thinking the guy second from the right looked the most "straight" damn wait no the "trans" guy said he thought he was lesbian..but now he gay?? i dont think sooooo u may be trans but if u thought u were a lesbian that means u straightttttt edit: i KNEW iT AHAH😼 STRAiGHT TRANSGUYYYYYY MY MANN

  • he didn't pretend to be trans lol

  • "Its so gay it's straight." That one guy called it

  • 14:01 GLORIOUS

  • If the guy comes out 3 times doesnt that mean he’s straight

  • How tf can a man be lesbian

    • He was lesbian before he turned trans cuz he was a woman before he turned trans

  • Among Us for gays

  • Of course he can’t say it with a straight face cause he is straight

  • I look at the Guys BLACK JAMES CHARLES they are twwwwwwwwins

  • Omg i realized those videos Among us in real life

  • iam Gabe

  • This is among us but very gay

  • Bro so I thought the blind guy with long hair was the straight guy for a second then I looked in his eyes and I don’t know how to describe it but the way he looked at the camera I could just tell like that he liked men I don’t know how to describe this I just knew 👁👄👁 maybe I’m psychic afterall 😳🤪

  • I’m guessing the beanie boi

  • This reminds me of Among Us

  • I ll be happy if they make one video for simps

  • Felix: Look me in the eyes, are you gay? Rick Astley: fuck

  • I know why they call her the Virgin Mary now

  • i knew who the mole was because he caught himself when he said he came out two times, once as a lesbian and once as trans and then corrected himself saying three times when he came out as a gay man B)

  • Why did they vote out Adrian?!

  • honestly I think its rico

  • *My friend*

  • Meanwhile in real life: Second wave Red Zone lockdown, Covid-19, bank account almost empty, no work at all. Bills piling up. My little baby girl is sad because she can't even see her school friends. My lady and i are so tired of each other that we sleep in different rooms sometimes. Government constantly promises and then refuses to pay any social aid, coming with bs excuses everytime we apply. It's fucking sad over here in real working people's life. Happy for these clueless dumb little birds. Hope they can afford to keep being out of touch with reality. cause right now it sucks.

  • Why are you gae?

  • he needs some milk!

  • U gotta out gay him dude 😂😂😂

  • POV: your playing among us

  • I'd give myself a concussion by doing that deathdrop lmao how they vote him out

  • This is among us but *backwards*

  • I think Peter's the mole lol

  • Plot twist they’re all straight except black James Charles 😂😂

  • Poodiepie

  • He’s gonna get hate from gays😂😂


  • The jojo refrences on pweds channel

  • Felix secretly said that he had se* Baby Felix confirmed?!

  • Pewds not understanding the pitcher vs catcher got me rollin

  • I bet I am more closely related to pewdiepie than nearly all of you, because I am Swedish and also have blue eyes, and all blue eyed people have a single common ancestor around 6-10 thousand years ago

  • 1:31 Peter sounds not gay

  • Wait...

  • Pew die pie: he can’t even say it with a straight face! Me: that’s awfully oxymoronic given the circumstances....

    • I mean the comment is already posted sooooo... I can’t really shut up if it’s already posted.....

    • Shut up cringe

  • Nvm I can tell by the leg shape

  • That plaid shirt dude was a woman??!!! Wtf I’m scared

    • No. Trans men were always men. They just didn't always know it. If you were to do a scan on a trans persons brain (non-binary included) you would see that trans men have male brains, trans women have female brains, and non-binary people have brains that aren't necessarily gendered. hoped this helped you understand.

  • Is that a gay metaphor or something

  • Pewds: DoNt jUdge sMone's peRSOnaLITY BASED ON WHAT THEY LISTEN TOOO SMH Also Pewds: Wearing these shorts mean you're gay I don't make the rules

  • The people subbed to t series: im gay.

  • PewDiePie thinks am gay😢😭

  • Jojo intro leta go

  • This is like among us

  • I'm confused, was that person a trans man and likes women; therefore, considers themselves as a straight man? or was he born a man and like women? The confusion comes because he said that the gay community considers him a lesbian?

  • My crush is gay

  • As a Japanese I laughed so hard at the intro

  • Who is the imposter

  • Among Us

  • Seriously what did i just watch?

  • "can a strai-pwuhuh" 17:25

  • wur hr no straight cause u lovvvvvvvvvwesffse me!

  • Look at peuds and the guy below him at 9:25

  • 🤢🤮 Ahhh guhhhhhh blah

  • Being gay is sexist

  • That wasnt a split that was called a death drop or known as a dip and it is a drag queen/king move.

  • PewDiePie is the gay one

  • Imagine being straight was wierd like WHAT UR FU**ING STRAIGHT

  • Black James Charles


  • Knew it was him when he said he came out as lesbian that he still liked women

  • “You gotta out gay him” lmao 😂

  • I just wanna say that im bisexual but idc what people think about me😂

  • I love that the intro was a JOJO reference

  • this is the weirdest among us game i have ever seen

  • he was a trans man but is attracted to women therefore making him a straight man

    • So underrated comment

  • This is exactly a cod lobby

  • Who is the Imposter?

  • Its not the Guy in the top right he’s gay

  • i think its peter idk why


    • no wait its peter

    • or wait maybe its rico-

  • Black James Charles I'm telling you is the imposter

  • "It’s black James Charles" 😆

  • 69k dislikes Nice

  • Can we talk about how the guy that came out 3 times, was a women didnt like men, now is a man and likes men

  • The intro was pretty. Good


  • Are we going to just ignore the fact that this is literally gay Among Us


  • It's just like among us voting people out😂😂

  • Can we talk about the guy with the red jacket? mah man looks like a gay skinhead from time after the berlin wall fell down.

    • lmao

  • I don’t know who it is yet but maybe the not gay one wore different close

    • facial expression, body language, tone of the voice, manierism, that what you have to look at, clothes are weak indicator

  • So that's gay money.

  • I got so hyped by the opening animation 🤣