97% of people cant tell what this is #82[REDDIT REVIEW]

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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  • MRslow confirmed its a bug and no ban. Hoping it'll be fixed soon anyway. Let me know if any other channel experienced it so I can flag it to them as well.

    • E

    • 10 years ?! What?

    • Pewds you forgot to WHATSAPP marzia a meme with Italian reference. 10:33

    • Thanx Felix

    • "It's a bug" 🙄

  • There should be a r/wooosh that's like wooshing a woosh

  • the bird part had me dead

  • h

  • كلهم بواعيص

  • 2:16 Them are not gummies....them are the chalkiest things you'll ever chew in your life. I've had to take them flintstone iron crap and they were not good 😂

  • Lincoln slave owner? The Man ended slavery

  • pewdiepie has genes for legs, he just turns them off

  • felix, the italian part, i-

  • Guys why do you say rwoosh. Is that even Inglesh. Learn to speak bros

    • I know someone is going to reply to this and get r/whooshed. I see the bait you just set up here 😂.

  • How are these “wooshes” these people were making factual statements and then got made fun of for it literally makes no sense.

    • In case you actually didn't understand, it's funny to pretend a fake fact is true for the sake of the joke, instead of ruining it. Also I'm waiting for the r/whoosh.

    • I know someone is going to reply to this and get r/whooshed. I see the bait you just set up here 😂.

  • 3:58 What's the difference.

  • Sharks have toes?


  • Ive been to the castle at Sirmione before and ITS A FUCKING PORT BRUH


  • .

  • Pewds asking if those are toes Him pointing at my arms I’m confusion

  • I feel like maybe the comments in /r/woosh are self aware of it and make obvious comments. Or maybe I'm double wooosh. I've never been to it myself.

  • "are those toes?" "ARE THOSE TOES?" *marzia sitting behind the table*: O-O

  • I just feel like some of these comments weren't put with sarcasm nor malicious intent. For example, I think the Donkey one in Shrek was just someone trying to be polite

  • 8:40

  • 3:26 what cat?

    • What cat?

  • Why dont you review r/iamverysmart

  • I got membership today

    • Epic

  • it is i kakyoin

  • ZA WARDO 🤌🤌

  • this video is a perfect example of why even redditors consider r/wooosh to be cringy

  • This video has so many 4 eye comments

  • 07:11 *pewds gets double-wooshed*

  • Bantablack lol, easy Edit: WHY THE FUCK IS THAT A CAT?

  • yfw pewds bestemmia

  • whats the japanese type beat playing around 9:00?

  • Ok ok I trun off my toes 😂😂😂

  • Even 9 year-olds can understand this memes lol.

  • "They have fingers" *What the f*ck*

  • Pudidi

  • Evidence Elon time traveled :P

  • How many times did Pewdiepie get "wooooshed" by people double "wooooshing".

  • Are other people OK with not actually getting some of them.

  • nice

  • 10:53 pewdiepie ha bestemmiato

  • I hope that youtube fixes what happened to me because youtube said to me that the older people can't subscribe

  • Warning for you What I’m saying is they could sue you I don’t hate you or cocomelon but you gotta watch the gacha community they could win it’s true some has billions of subs

  • But idk if cocomelon can sue you cause the intro stealing but idk

    • What I’m saying is they could sue you I don’t hate you or cocomelon but you gotta watch the gacha community they could win it’s true some has billions of subs

  • 0:23 "Perfect for you!" Lmao. That may be true, but I don't take kindly to that offense, Mr. Kjeilberg I expect 1 hundred thousand dollars in compensation

  • Umm... seriously? There's no way 97% of people don't realize that the thumbnail is a cat and not a blackhole. Plus, how would you even get that number? No offense, it just doesn't add up to me.

  • The worst part of being on the internet is not being able to tell what tone people are using cuz its always like AM I BEING TROLLED OR IS THIS A DUMBASS I CANT TELL

  • We all know « don’t ask how « means the ranch

  • Insulting God in italian, very epic

  • pewdiepie i dare you to 1v1 yub at minecraft

  • You for got your eyes

  • I’m waiting for the next meme review. Why won’t you make it

  • 8:42 the 1€ plastic chairs in our school ( a private school)


  • I felt this video 😂😅 I feel like sometimes I things like this without realizing it😂

  • My cousin is exclty like this and he’s unbearable

  • 10:53 bestemmioneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nice vedio

  • 8:46 Cocomelon is driving him insane. We need to win

  • ❤️

  • My step sister is literally the definition of r/woooosh


  • Lol these are fuckin hilarious

  • 8:47 You don’t put ur mouse on ur face... You put it on ur monitor

  • Is that... is that EarthBound music at 5:00 in?

  • 12 minutes of pewds laughing over mentally disabled people i like that

  • I’m never wooshing anymore, too convinced it’s wooshception most of the time...

  • !Whoooos

  • bru we have been lied to. look in the reflection under his desk. 8:42

  • billie cant age

  • r/wooooshh

  • A woosh video, where it was missing the biggest woosh of all time - the JOHN CENA MEME.

  • pewdiepie should run for president in america

  • Sometimes I feel like people get whooshed on purpose just so they can get on r/whoosh

  • Was mast du, in der Playlist? 😕

  • notice me while making video tnx

  • At 9:14, in Malaysia we say Pokima (usually spelt as Pukima) as an insult to another. It translates to "m*thers v*gin*" and ne (Ni) is "this". So when Felix pointed himself and said "Pokima ne", its like him saying he's a mother v*gin* 🤣😅

  • Commenting on every pewdiepie video until he notices

  • Are you serious pewds gots no toes

  • A lot of these I think are double wooshs like the Elon and Billie Eyelash one

  • 3:32 its the pixling from tuber simulator omg

  • In 6:20 there is a cuckoo noise but around flies a kolibri!!!

  • Anybody who says: "I'm pretty smart" is probably not smart.

    • Anybody who says " Don't call me Karen " is probably a Karen

    • Anyone who says 'I'm a nice guy' isn't a nice guy

    • Anybody who says no offence is about to offend you

  • r/whoosh to Felix

  • 8:58 She's hot

  • Felix at 10:57: "Wow the woozier actually won that one." Do you guys want to tell him or should I?

  • best part of the video 8:48

  • Those aren’t gummies

  • Dr doofensmirtz is a doofus because his name start with doof

  • i feel like the woosh level is SO high, we can't grasp it with our monkee brains

  • My tooth fell out. Cool right. WRONG IM 23

  • Random dude on reddit; *corrects mistake* Pewds; *makes love to microphone to prove a point*

  • Clearly sarcasm doesn't exist on these people.

    • @Internet explorer Yes.

    • @Zilong Nez R/whoosh hahahahahaha

    • Yes

  • Reddit people be like:felix actually that's not how u live

  • m a doctors girI so i knew that ;) 2:19

  • Incase you didnt know pewdiepie does actually have legs

  • The sad thing is there are actually people like this

  • 10:50 pewds gets banned in italy

  • This came out around 3 weeks ago never got a notification just seeing it now

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  • I see why u take days off now 😹😹😹