$20 Vs $700 Drink Test.. (epic fail cringe)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 ऑगस्ट, 2020
The ultimate taste test
(For the record, I stopped drinking whiskey. It's just a choice I made for different reasons, Im only drinking in this video for the purpose of the test).
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  • How does it feel to know your viewers went from juice box to straight vodka 😂 19 now hahahah

  • Felix's kidney: My time has come

  • DK

  • cringe

  • why would u smell the water?

  • The great Japanese whiskey scam

  • The Bottle of Makoto is about $737.00 before tax


  • *cracked open jameson*

  • Voss doesn’t cost 2£ Im Pretty sure that isn’t $40

  • Jameson stocks just went up

  • Marzia watching Felix comparing the whiskeys: This man is gonna ruin his own tasting career 🤣


  • jesus, the border on the video was AIDS

    • This comment is !CRINGE!

  • Btw, Voss is actually Norwegian tap water

  • i love B@o rum

  • marzia should do a TAP.

  • yo imagine this with the among us squad

  • me, watching Marzia not being able to smell or taste the difference, knowing now that that's a covid symptom D:

  • neg-lick-ya-boll

  • "hey I just turned 16 and I can buy beer now.", Me an American who had to wait until 21 " What a flex."

  • .

  • Funny I blacked out last night from alkiboi

  • Pewdiepie loves Jameson😋😋😋

  • stop on 3:10

  • The SNEEze!!! And Marcia helping him sneeze lol

  • 'This one smells like when you turn 16 and can buy beer” and age 27 liquor and age 38 whisky etc..

  • cholke

  • 'it doesnt smell anything' ... Papa?

  • Felix- i have a big tongue Marzia - 👁️👄👁️

  • try grimbergen double

  • price and marketing doesn't guarantee a good whisky

  • Brother neolur your youtube channel and youtube credi card to me can you give neolur brother if you give most big my dream you will realize neolur brother okey can you say neolur

  • jack would be watching poods screw up on the jameson, and poods, it was the irish whiskey??? jack, always has been..

  • epic scam

  • Who else heard HxH in the beginning??

  • 13:00 pewds will make Marzia stronk.

  • Why don't he drink whiskey anymore?

  • Jameson is not cheap lol

  • Pewdiepie: "you turn 16 and you can finally buy beer". USA: "sad American noises".

  • poo poo

  • Wait.. how does something smell more like cola then the original cola that made cola? the fuck?

  • The brand of water pewds drinks here (Voss) was the same brand the rich family drinks in the movie Parasite

  • Why did I think their house would be so much bigger and fancier. That living room kitchen space looks like my first apartment and it’s been decorated by ikea

  • I've never been tasting any of these dinks, accept water...

  • i have the finest tongue of all time....... marzia is luckkkkyyyyyy

  • 14:24 closed captions said " damn i am smelly" LMAO

  • He has to buy coke now

  • Irish whiskey is superior confirmed

  • Denmark can do nothing good but what about your police

  • Hello 👋

  • casually licking nose with tongue But wait, you were trying to block your nose, but a lot of the flavour comes from smelling. So you shouldn’t have “blocked” it.

  • Its fizzing cola not sizzling cola

  • negluglbibel

  • Wait he was sniffing coke 🤭🤣

  • Why pewds no longer drink alcohol?

  • Still waiting for pewds to buy Coca Cola

  • shit talking denmark. you just wait ;) holger danske kommer.

  • Did he buy coca cola?

  • poods: ' am not gonna close my eyes cause am not a simp' next second poods: 'closes eyes' me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • From all the "get a wife that..." I've heard, it all adds up to. "Get a wife that can cook" and "Get a wife that buys you good whiskey" 😐

  • Im sitting here all excited because I know Carlsberg is Danish and Im from Denmark (we never get credit for anything Lmao) and then he destroys us by saying its disapointing :( so sad

  • did u buy cocacla

  • I do whisky reviews and studies, to truly taste you must focus your inner chi .... and drink whiskey all the time... morning, noon and night. It takes discipline, focus, hard work... and a strong liver. I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Finest tongue of all time you say

  • The negligible part feels like the kid trying to say subscribe

  • Why do you hate Denmark so much:,(

  • this just makes me thirsty

  • guessed the water cuz the expensive one was a cold bottle, while tap wasn't

  • The Makoto single grain 23 year old japanese whisky cost about US$750

  • I know that swedish and danish people haven't always been best friends. But that my friend That was low

  • Why don't you drink anymore Pewdiepie?

    • Diet changes

  • Jameson isn't even that bad

  • Jack would be ashamed at your whisky skills

  • Just love watching a pewdiepie video once in a while it feels like 2013 was just yesterday

  • The difference between coke, diet, and zero is pretty easy to detect. They all have different after tastes

  • Voss clearly tastes better than other waters in my opinion

  • Just grab a busch its the best drink

  • That super expensive whiskey is a fake Japanese whiskey. I noticed that "Bushido Makoto" is a Japanese name so I looked up the whiskey and apparently some are saying it's a total scam. And Pewds, you're not the fraud. They are.

  • I used to work for cocacola

  • Lmao I was drinking Jameson while watching this

  • bought the worst danish beer, if you want a good one get the tuborg classic

  • Imagine being so awesome your own ads are on your video

  • Your buying Coca Cola now

  • We don't have diet coke in our country

  • Pewds doesn't have a big tongue just a big nose

  • Company that sent him the whiskey we never sent him anything again

  • 1:33 markiplier would know

  • Hahaha slösar mit liv på MRslow där en vuxen smakar på vatten🤣

  • pewds: fu*k Carlsberg its danish norwegians: 0-0

  • The "age-old question" is meant to be Coca Cola vs Pepsi. Why is Coca Cola vs Diet Coke even a comparison? Obviously, the *full-sugar* is gonna taste better than aspartame (or everyone would just drink Diet and not worry about tooth decay). Diet drinks are the compromise: healthier (supposedly) but at the cost of slightly inferior flavour (obviously some prefer the taste of sweetness, but I mean overall).

  • 9 year olds cant drink underage ILLEGAL

    • @Manzabhad Mann ...

    • They _can,_ they're just not supposed to :P

  • Goddamn, Felix is looking jacked. Proud of you my guy. Also, Fentiman's drinks are so goddamn good.

  • Why is he weighing all of the drinks?

    • More grams = better... at least with most drugs, anyway lol

  • "I like the chemicals" Pewds 2020

  • Tuborg is best

  • Who else hit the like button with there pp Just me? Ok....

    • You not wrong

    • I'm calling bullshit; you'd need something that actually weighs more than the key to press it ;)

  • Jameson is my favorite by a mile. Expensive whiskey is an experience but not something to be consumed regularly. If I'm going for it jameson is my boy.

    • Nah. White Lightning all the way bro. With Aldi store-brand whiskey not too far behind :) (joke's on me, Aldi's own-brand single malt is actually genuinely remarkably good)

  • Hehehehe. Its a bitch to beat the taste of Jameson bro! I dont blame you for getting that one wrong! Good try though

  • Ahhhh. The war between Sweden and Denmark